Monday, October 1, 2012

NaBloWriMo~~National Blog Writing Month #1

Well, I found this from a friend of a friend on FaceBook. Hades, if I can do 50K words in a month, how hard could it be to do a blog post every day for a month? I guess we'll see...

First off, a bit of an intro:
I'm 48, having an Internet Troll as a DS, a computer geek as a DH. I am owned by a 9 year old Leghorn Hen. I also have 2 fish tanks. One has an Albino Tiger Oscar named Felix. I THOUGHT I was being original, but I found out I wasn't...pfft.  The other has a Snakeskin Gourami, a Blue Gourami, and a Pearl Gourami. My fave, the Honey Gourami went belly up, dammit.  There's also the Zoidbergs a pair of Corys, one's albino and the other's regular Cory coloured.

I am a crafter with shops on Etsy (HowlingCaterpillars and AKiwiSilkie), on Artfire (HowlingCaterpillars) and do TopHatter Auctions. I'm a member of the Paganteam, the Native Forum Team and the Metaphysical team, all on Etsy.

I make dream catchers, jewelry, t shirts and and altars in a jar. I add neat things to Xmas ornaments, like Frank and Myrrh resin incense, and purple and gold cloth or feathers with Mt Athos Byzantine Blend Resin Incense. Check out my never know what you might find.

Along with being crafty, of all sorts (I'm a practicing Eclectic Pagan, btw). I am also a writer. I've won NaNoWriMo (the National Novel Writing Month) every year I've done it. It's hard, but not, at the same time.
This is the first chapter from the first year:
First Chapter from the Third Year(I can't believe I don't have the second year up ugh):

This year, I'll still be working on one of these again.

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