Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NaBloWriMo #9 ~~Fall~~

I really LOVE fall. The leaves are changing to fiery bright colours, and we don't have the heat and humidity of the summer. You can wear a light jacket or a sweatshirt in the morning and take it off in the afternoon.

I have TONNES of Sparrows, Doves, and BlueJays hanging out at my feeders. I even have a Carolina Wren who ratchets his/her displeasure when I come out.

This is Obelisk the Tormentor and Miss MoneyPenny way back in '07.  Obelisk is the one in the front. The funny thing is was that Penny was so small that she could get lost in a big pile of leaves and you'd see a little head pop up like a periscope.  It was too funny.
This is Pond Meadow Park. Where I love to hang out and walk. I even got hubby walking there after his hip replacement.

These were taken last fall, because I was going into have open heart surgery in November. Originally it was sposta be in October, but they hadta push it back because the doctor had some other patients that got put in ahead of me. We they WERE kids and it WAS at Childrens...I asked for Samhain. I thought that was pretty fitting, but he was off that day. pfft.

There's deer there, chipmunks galore, snapping turtles from Woolworth's size to Gamera size, squirrels both red and grey.I haven't seen any garter snakes in a while, but I DID see a Northern Water Snake this past year.
She was hanging out in Great Meadow. One time I saw her feeding her fawn. It's wonderful to see them up close. Except when they're coming after you, but that's okay too. We've had em in our yard too because our street backs up to the Park.

I hope that one year before I go I get an antler, even a piece of one. I got coyote fur this spring. Looked like there was a difference of opinion.

My wonderful DH got me a wicked pissah gift this past week: A Troybilt Push Mower...that's right. One of them old bastages that you hafta do all the work with. I used to mow my lawn down the beach with one growing up.  Ours was yellow and white and green with no bag so you hadta rake after you were done. This one has a bag and levels!

I can't wait to use it! My front lawn needs to be mowed this week and the back one too...

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