Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Better Handmade Blog Post Ring #7- JudyCogoDesigns

This week's Roastee is Judy Cogo of JudyCogoDesigns. She resides in the Great White North...Canada, in case you didn't know. Around TO (Toronto) to be more exact. It's a nice area...I haven't been since 68, but that's what my friends who live there say.

She's from a bit North of there, in a cute little small town called Stouffville. I can only think of Stouffer's Mac and Cheese...Dunno why...maybe because it sounds like a comforting place to be creative. 

Well whatcha know: Stouffville was named after a guy named Stouffer and it was used for the filming of a 97 movie.  Nice claim to fame.

She's a gal after my own heart...she works in gemstones...drool. She wire-wraps, knits, crochets and sews too. She also loves to garden and read. 

Back to her shop...before I get completely off on a tangent.  
This gorgeous piece is from her Bead Crochet section. I just can't describe it. 
Bead Crochet Crocheted Rope Beadwoven Multi Color Necklace
It's like she wove butterflies and tropical fish into a piece of art!
I wouldn't even ATTEMPT that in my wildest and most coordinated dreams.

This wonderful piece is in her Valentine's section:
Aventurine Hearts Peach Pendant Jasper Gemstone Set

I think it would be lovely for Mother's Day too. Aventurine is SUCH a wonderful stone. I've seen it myself in Red and Blue and the usual Green and they're all pretty.

Utoh...I found my favourite colour combination!!!Orange Topaz Aventurine Blue Agate Double Strand Necklace Earrings Set

Here's what she said about it:

"I was inspired by the forecast of orange being the Color of the Year 2012, and knowing that there are many individuals who think they cannot wear this color, I softened the design by combining the lighter orange with green and blue. Anyone can wear this jewelry set. I am very pleased with the final result and think it is beautiful."
I happen to agree absolutely! 
Another of my favourite stones is Obsidian and she has a set of Rainbow in her shop too.

This one is really interesting also with the different textures and the colours of the Greek Flag...I would be touching it all day.
Howlite Gemstone Necklace Foil Lined Glass Pendant
And she's got Snowflake Obsidian earrings...drool...
Now I'm in trouble...hehe
Snowflake Obsidian Round Bead Gemstone Earrings
Oh jeeze, something else I love: Copper Goldstone. What a pretty bracelet!
Copper Gold Sandstone Gemstone Multi Strand Memory Wire Bracelet

Anyone wanna pass me a bib, plznthnx?

If you wanna see some more really pretty things like Swarovski Crystals, and Chain Maille come and check Judy out!

She can be found here on Artfire:
Her own site here:
On Pinterest:
On FaceBook:
And this is her blog:

Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Better Handmade Blog Ring Post #6 - Lisian Blue

On the hotseat this week is Kris from Lisian Blue. She called the shop after her favourite flower and it's colour. I've never heard of them...but by Googling I found out that it's a pretty "big" flower for bridal bouquets...They're very pretty, too See?

She lives in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico, another of those places I'd like to visit. According to her bio, she paints on all sorts of things with all types of paint, beads, photographs, works with wood, crochets, and works with glass too...all supervised by her 12 yo kitteh.  I know how it is to be supervised by a pet...I'm rather surprised Obelisk hasn't laid a Faberge egg yet, with my propensity to drop beads on the floor. 

In her Shop she has Ornaments which are available only until 24 July...They're all so pretty. She also has a spring collection of ornaments and heart shaped ones too. I really like this one because it reminds me of Fish Scales and I love and spoil my fish too.How many people do you know who would buy Xmas treats for their goldfish?
Handpainted Blue Lotus Flower Egg Shaped Ornament

This is my fave in her Stained Glass section:
Stained Glass Pyramid Glass Tetrahedron Aqua SG031
I'm an Egyptophile since way way back. I even tried to run away to see the King...and I don't mean Elvis.

The one on the right is prolly more of how you've seen him...

Moving right along...Her Miscellaneous Painted Glass section has too many cool shinies. I especially LOVE these bears.
SW Fetish Bear Mountains and Valleys Handpainted Glass  Blue and WhiteFetish Bear Atlantean Fishing Bear Handpainted Gls007SW Fetish Bear Hand Painted Glass Art Nouveau Floral Design Gls003

Aren't they just gorgeous?!In Native culture bears are a very powerful totem. 

The last section of her shop has hand beaded appliques...better her than me, because the whole deal would go out the window if I was doing them...My Great Grandmother used to tat and I'd watch her and just shake my head...I don't have the manual dexterity and that just looks akin walking and chewing I'll leave that to the folks who can.
Purple Light Blue Aqua Lavender Handmade Hand Beaded Heart Applique
Just lookit how delicate that is...and if those teeny itty bitty beads are even life sized, I'd be so screwed. LOL

Kris can be found on Artfire, here:
This one has her crocheted goodies and an awesome quilt.
This one's got more glass shineys.
Her blog is here:
And she's got pictures on Flickr too.

Come over and check out LisianBlue...Her blue phase is NOT depressing and it's better understood than Picasso's.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Better Handmade Blog Ring Post #5 - GlassSculptureOrg

This week's victim is Joy Alyssa Day of GlassSculptureOrg.  She and her partner reside in Carmel Valley, CA. It's really beautiful there. Clint Eastwood was Mayor of Carmel by the Sea for a bit and DH and I visited the Hogs Breath Inn while on our honeymoon.  Carmel Valley is about 10 miles away from the seaside town.

They does glass blowing, painting, etching, carving, all sortsa stuff pertaining to glass. They also write books, have a cat rescue, do regular painting, and things with wood. Yikes...must keep 'em out of trouble to be so creative.

Glass and I have a tendency not to get along...I've broken all types from Porcelain(You haven't lived till you've glued a Heron toe to your finger) to Swarovski(proud owner of a crystal lute) to Correlle and Pyrex. Needless to say, I try to have a very small profile around ANYTHING of a glass ilk.

Going through her shop...this jumps right out at me...and I sorta wish it was real...cuz I'm rather hungry right now...
Red Velvet Cupcake - Blown Glass Paperweight - Eco, Made in USA
A Red Velvet Armadillo Cupcake sans Armadillo. Just like in Steel Magnolias.

And no Armadillos were harmed during the making of the cake...seriously...I swear...

I love this paperweight too. I used to live on a beach/resort town/tourist trap where the streets rolled up from Columbus Day to Easter.
Blown Glass Cresting Wave
So the ocean's in my blood.

She's got some gorgeous fused glass pendants too...
Fused Glass Tile Pendant - EarthFused Glass Tile Pendant - When Youre Hot....
Aren't they out of this world? Pun intended.

Another really touching and amazing thing that she does is Urns, and Paperweights, for you  to keep and cherish the cremains of your pets whom have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  I wish I had known this when my birdies crossed. :( I have some feathers and Slifer the Sky Dragon's spurs in a box, some of Tom Brunanski and Jerry Remy's and MissMoneyPenny's feathers too.
Kitty Memorial Urn - Orange Tabby with KittyFace Topper
I'll have to remember this shop when Obelisk the Tormentor crosses. Hopefully not for quite some time yet.

She also does Bottle Stoppers, Business Card Holders, Candleholders and Dishes of various sorts.  Along with glass furniture (steps quietly away) bowls for your babies to be dunked in, awards and windchimes...I swear to the Gods that if it's glass, they can do it! They've even made awards for the Planetary Society, including Professor Stephen who got one and  a "Lobby Sculpture" for the Space Foundation. NOW I am even MORE impressed!!! If that's possible...

She, well THEY, can be found here:
This is for the Bengal and Maine Coon Cat Rescue:
And on FaceBook: