Sunday, October 14, 2012

NaBloWriMo #13~~How To Get Double - Takes~~

You all know that moment in time when you're like "What the PEACHES did I just see?!!" And you stop dead and look again...
This is the Wiki definition:
double-take is a specific body language gesture that sometimes occurs in reaction to a surprise.
The double-take occurs when a person glances at something, turns away, then realizes that what he has just seen is unusual or surprising in some way, and turns back to look at it again, often adding additional body language to express surprise.
Double-takes are used much more frequently by actors during theatricalfilm, or television performances than they occur in real life, and double-takes in performance are most often used in comic situations or contexts.

I've double-take'd myself a few times...

Driving down Quincy Avenue and I see in front of me, a guy riding a bike with a really cool shirt that looks likes he's got a parrot's tail painted on the back of it...
I pass him and he really HAS a parrot sitting on his shoulder as he's riding his bike down Quincy Avenue...

Or when I see a man that reminds me of a character in a story that I'm writing...I saw his name on his card. I follow him out of the store and call him. "Ari?" He turns around, smiles and walks away.

Lotsa a times, it's when you go to the store, especially WallyWorld where the true meaning of double-take really comes to live.These are all from Massachusetts so we've got em here too.


This one here is quite local, Hanover, or Plymouth, I think...That really IS Steven Tyler. My DH has waited on him a few times at Lechmere. I waited on his missus/ex-missus at Petco. I've waited on Troy Brown of the Pats, and Ben Orr of the Cars in other stores. And YES they DO cause double takes if you know who they are.

I got Double-Take'd when I went into Petco for the first time with my Pet Chickens: Slifer the Sky Dragon and Obelisk the Tormentor.

I had some women call in and complain that she'd get Psittacosis from having chickens in the petshop. They never touched the floor, and I had newspaper in the bottom of the she could just go pound sand. That, and the fact that PARROT family is the usual culprit that give/carry Psittacosis, bloody twit. The mgr that liked me told her that they were leashed and were more than welcome to be in a pet shop since they WERE pets.

I HAVE a picture somewheres, but I can't find it...pfft. This pic of a cute piglet on a leash will hafta suffice...cuz I betch s/he got the same reaction.


 Yesterday I got a couple too. I wore my Black Death T shirt to get my Flu shot.
Black Death T-Shirt Black Death T-Shirt

C'mon, you GOTTA see the irony in this! Wearing a piece of clothing advertising an historic pandemic to get a shot to help prevent another pandemic...

My second double-take of the day was when I walked into Papa John's wearing a long, denim duster...It's PERFECT for hiding your sawed off shot gun, axe or blasting rod. 

I mean please, I don't look like one of the Trench Coat Mafia, nor Harry Dresden...Harry's so much cooler though. This duster I think is made out of's heavy as Hades too. It might just be spell infused or bullet proof, but I'm not gonna take any risks either...

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