Saturday, October 20, 2012

NaBloWriMo #17~~American Horror Story for Reals~~

Well it started out as one would have expected...messed up!!

Little Latex boy from last season(Tate) played by Evan Peters is a new character.
Jessica Lange is as deliciously evil as she was last year, being a sadistic nun.
Zachary Quinto didn't show up yet. But he was AWESOME last year as part of a gay couple.
Lily Rabe (Nora) the wife of the loony psycho Dr Frankenstein wanna be, is playing a nun.
James Cromwell is new and playing a doctor who makes Nora's hubby look like a boy scout.
Joseph Fiennes plays a Catholic Monsignor.

There's a couple of other new characters, too...We'll see how this unfolds.
Adam Levine was in the first episode too. He sorta got into an armed robbery so to say...

Instead of a creepy gothic house with really neat stained glass in bright sunny California, it's now set in a creepy gothic asylum for the criminally insane...Insane is certainly true.  There's sexual suppression, alien abduction, complete nut jobs, lesbians and all sortsa other lunacy.

I might just enjoy this one even more than last season.  I've read a couple of reviews on line where they didn't like it:
It was too slow.
Poorly acted...
How many liked the first season after the first episode. I mean it's not like this is Mob Doctor or Animal Hospital or any of the other crap that gets cancelled after the first episode.

As for me, I'll be staying up late for the nightmare induction of Asylum. But for now, here's from here.

And it's set on MY coast...hmm. We're typical for creepy asylums...There's one in Danvers, right near where the Witch Trials were. Built in 1878, it closed in 92, only 20 years ago. Eek. The frontal lobotomy was special of the day there.

It's rumoured to be haunted, no shit! Flickering lights, apparitions, footsteps and doors that open and close by themselves...
There was one in Worcester too. It was built even before Danvers,(1870) and closed in 1991.
Worcester State Hospital

This one I didn't know about but it's rumoured to be haunted as well. I'm gonna take folks' word on that.
It's in Taunton. I guess it was a hop, skip and jump away from Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen on the atrocity scale.  There were "blood baths" don't even wanna know, and shock therapy. It was sposta have cured the inmates by the green and serenity, but there were murders and suicides galore.  Allegedly you can hear the screams of the escapees who got caught, lights flickering and hands in the windows.

There's sites and books on some of these and other asylums in the States. So feel free to look them up...I've done my part to freak you all out.

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