Saturday, October 13, 2012

NaBloWriMo #12~~Speaking of Book Hoarding~~

Well, I needed to move some books. They've been on the floor for the past, well, depending on the bag, 6 months to a year to almost 2 years...well I DID have a pretty decent excuse...I've been having surgery when I shoulda been doing other stuff.

In 2010, I wrecked my shoulder moving a fucking tank of evil hamsters off a shelf in the back room of work...They heard me swearing next door I'm sure...what a pain rush...After cortisone shots and stuff like that I had to have surgery on it. ugh

Whilst I was waiting for THAT to heal enough so that I could do Personal Torture, I ended up on the dining room floor. Then had a pacemaker put in because of my wonderful arrythmia...ugh. So I couldn't lift the bags to move the books...

In 2011, I finally bit the bullet and had the work done that my heart needed...double ugh.When you've had your chest taken apart and your giblets rearranged and some things replaced. It took 6 months before I could cough or sneeze without fearing my scar popping open and my guts pouring onto the floor...that and the fact that it hurt like a bastard. So carrying 30+ pounds of books was NOT in the picture, or the frame or anyplace ELSE in this particular art museum.

SO yesterday, I decided that I FINALLY needed to move some of them and put them in the cellar so that I'd have some room to move in the parlour.  So that I didn't forget what I had, I got the lightbulb idea to put them into my Shelfari account! Easier said than done though. Shelfari got bought out by Amazon...great. I could LINK my Shelfari account and my Amazon account...BUT I forgot my Shelfari account password.

I hadta do the old "forgot the password send me a new one" deal. That took a long time...But it finally came through and I was able to put in some of them. I still have 2 bags that had been on the floor, carried 40 pounds of books downstairs in a box, and have another shopping bag full that I took out of the car. The other shopping bag is for my sister's bday and Christmas, so that doesn't count.

Out of the two bags that I listed, there were only TWO that I couldn't get to go in either by ISBN or ISBN 13 or title or by author...I wasn't in the mood to put in a whole thing about them, so I figger that I'll accumulate a pile, then do them all as one batch.

I have, according to Shelfari, all the books that I've listed on my page, is 305! eek...

I think the link will work...if not, take my word for it...

I got a shitload of books...

I'm actually trying to sell some...TopHatter, an auction site has a group that auctions books. I have a flock in this one here with the Enchanted Arts group:
This was today's for the Book group...I got out bid on the King Tut book...pfft.

We'll see how things go...

I am a biblioholic...and there is no cure...


  1. I am also a biblioholic. Soon I will need a second house just for all the books because they're starting to take over.

  2. Yays...It's time we've stepped from behind the book piles and told the world of our addiction. hehe