Saturday, November 27, 2010


This is the last part of our Treasury Hunt. I really hope you've enjoyed seeing all the lovely items we've made.

First is HollyStorm She has fabric clutches, very interesting fabric bracelets and some jewelry.

This is my fave from her shop...I'm one of those odd people who happen to LIKE the colour Orange...

I'd wear it every day too. I still have a leather bracelet I made in 72 and all of the studded bracelets I wore in my metal days in the 80's...ahem...moving right along...

Next is another wonderful person. Barbrie777 This shop has her jewelry, and her famous EarthMotherCollection. These wonderful people can even be found at our illustrious Smithsonian Museum. She has a supply shop too, but I'm not gonna give you the addy cuz I just saw some neat goodies for ME, so there...
This is one of her people:

Isn't he just handsome?

This is her prize for the contest, some lovely lavendar sachets:
Can't you just smell that? Oh you can't? bugger...Computers should come with scratch and sniff options or smell-o-vision...

Third on this list is my alter ego, AKiwiSilkie This is my mundane shop whereas HowlingCaterpillars is more on the magickal side of things.

This shop has DreamWebs, destash that have been lurking in the cellar, jewelry and other goodies.

This is my prize for the contest, a Zodiac Bottle of your choice:

Our last tsunali is Promises,Promises Her shop specializes in horses of all types along with some paintings and neat scrollwork ornaments.

This one of her horses is soooo me!"Do these wings make my butt look big?"

Her prize for the contest is a set of wooden scrollsaw horse ornaments.

That's it...darn it!

It's been really fun for me introducing the NA forum folks. Hope you've enjoyed your treasury hunting...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This is our last one...sad face. It's been fun introducing all my NA buddies to the world.

Let's review:
In our first Treasury Hunt, we had:

Our Second Treasury Hunt featured:

Number Three had:
HowlingCaterpillars (me)

For our Fourth and Final Treasury Hunt, we have:
Dove's Native Designs
Dove's shop has rattles made from snails and turtles, Walking Sticks, DreamCatchers, Drums, and War Clubs along with jewelry and pressed flower cards and wands.

Her prize is a Prayer Twist. It sends your prayers to the Great Spirit as it twists around in the wind. It's made from a Vine, Beads, a Turkey Feather, and Pheasant Feathers.
What a beautiful gift for the person who has everything? A T-1 line right to the folks upstairs!

Next is MarinahLynn

Her shop has fabric goods, from scented hotpads to warm/cold packs in neat colours. There's also crocheted market bags, drawstring bags, and heart shaped baby washcloths, along with hats, scarves, shawls, pillows, a Dreamcatcher, and a couple of beaded goodies.

Her Prize is this really neat Zebra Striped Flaxfilled Hot/Cold Therapy Pack. Just try and let anyone take it and say I didn't know it was yours! Ha!
This would be the only way to miss it!

After her is Beading4U.

She has beadwork of all types. So her prize is a lovely beadwork bracelet. It's made of Clear, SkyBlue, and Chartreuse Green Glass beads with a Sterling Toggle Clasp. It reminds me of a clear summer sky and a lovely meadow.

And last for this group is VanFleetStreetDesign.

Her shop has neat paintings, photographs, ACEO's, and Nichos, sorta like printers boxes for your personal altar goodies. My faves are her El Dia Skellies.

This is her prize for the hunt, a mixed media ACEO titled Coyote Hears The Call:

Coyote is the Trickster God of the American SouthWest. He's one of my faves. He's a great teacher of What Comes Around, Goes Around...

Here's the link to this week's Treasury Hunt:

There's still plenty of time to look for the goodies. And still enough time to win!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


This is our third Treasury hunt with one more to follow...
Here's the link again:

These are our tsunali for this treasury.

First up is Aneurythm. This lady's a trip! Her jewelry is magnificent! And she always makes us smile.

This is her prize for the contest an Ojo de Venado necklace. Love the colours together.

I own a bunch of her orphans. And you never know what she might have lurking in her shop...but they're always special. Because she had a run in with a brain aneurysm (you don't need to feel sorry for her at all, she certainly doesn't) some of the proceeds from the purchase of her goodies go to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation in Hanover, MA.

Next is DreamWeaver Spirit. She's rather new around the fire, coming all the way from old Blighty, but is another wonderful member. Her shop has everything from Breastplates to pentacles, chokers to wands.

This is her prize, a Zuni Peyote stitch bracelet. That's another of those hard things I wouldn't even do on a dare...bead weaving...heck NO!!! I could put the bear on and the ponys, but the others NOPE!

Nikonman is next, another of the brave men who hang out at our campfire. (Yes I skipped me) He takes photos that I have no chance of ever taking, so I drool and be envious.
His prize is called Meditation and it just blows me away everytime I see it...

Next is Soulful Stuff. shop has mostly beautiful jewelry but she also has a section honouring the Cherokee people, along with fabric arts and photographs.

This is her prize for the contest, an earring/necklace set with dyed blue guinea fowl feathers and turquoise.

Guinea fowl aren't from guinea...but they look like mini cassowaries...see?

This is another of our newer Tsunali: Beading4U. Her shop was mostly bead work, but she managed to get her hubby to make some goodies for her too. My friends' beadwork just amaze me...*shakes head* I leave it to the experts thankfully.

This is her prize, a carved bear pawprint/arrowhead ornament carved from Red Oak.

Bear is a good strong medicine in Native Cultures. Plains Indians thought that shamans with bear medicine were the most powerful of them all. It also represents direction and was considered a good omen by some. We feel an affinity to bear because we also walk on the flat of our feet not on tiptoes like most other animals.

Next is HandyAnn, the Queen of our Treasuries and our other Tsunali from across the Pond. She is a conservator. She makes antiques and other precious objects look like the day that they were made. She does some beadwork, some jewelry, and stained glass, but her niche is Temari tutorials. Temari are a traditional Japanese stitchery. I haven't tried it...mostly because I'd be sewing myself to the little ball...

This is HandyAnn's prize, a 5 pack of Tutorials so you can get addicted too!

Temari originated in China and migrated to Japan where they made it an art form. They're gorgeous when they're done...

Our last tsunali is the DH of GrannieGirt, aka RodgerandDelilasplace Lots of lovely jewelry here. And affordable too. And some neat supplies.

This is the grandprize for the treasury's just amazing

There's still plenty of time to get in on ends at midnight eastern time tonight.
Good luck and have fun.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


There's 11 awesome shops to look through for this one and one where it's a raffle prize.

Here's the link:

So here we go!
First up is SpiritBearCreations.
She's a Down-Eastah! Her shop has a great mix of items. She has bead work, totem/medicine bags, herbal goodies, fetishes, and her cookies are to die for!!! I think almost all of us tsunali have gotten some.

Her prize for the contest is a full dozen of her Leckerli.

The Name Spirit Bear refers to a rare type of Black Bear that is found in British Columbia. Instead of being Black, their fur is a creamy white with dark eyes, dark noses and light claws. They're not albinos or Polar bears even though they're white. It's a double recessive gene particular to these bears that gives them the odd colour if both the parents carry it.

Next is Sagehealer.

Her shop is full of wonderful and helpful shinies. I have one of her Totem Talismans as does my son. She has minerals, smudges, all sorts of goodies to help and heal.

This is her prize for the Treasury hunt, a Quantum Quattro Crystal:

Isn't that a gorgeous blue? Sorta reminds me of an iceberg...The stone is great for meditation, and clearness of thought, along with healing and communication.

Sage is one of the four Sacred Herbs of Native American culture along with cedar or juniper, lavendar, and sweetgrass. They help to purify a person, place or thing and bring in the good spirits.

Next is KickingBear, our Teacher.

He's teaching us Tsalagi...I hope we're coming along okay. We know one of the most important words.'s a necessity of life.

This is his prize for the contest, a Selu Ayatlidi (Corn necklace).

According to Cherokee myth, Selu was the Corn Mother or Maize. Her consort was Kanati, the Lucky Hunter. They were First Man and First Woman.

KB's necklaces commemorate the Trail of Tears, when the Cherokee people, along with the Muskogee(Creek), Seminoles and Choctaws, were forced off their ancestral lands and left to their own devices in "Indian Territory" also known as Oklahoma. 4,000 of the 15,000 Cherokee died along the way. Most of the Native Americans leaders and the people themselves never acknowledged the landgrab.

Last is WolfMoonTraders.

She has pencil drawings, Smudge feathers, jewelry, Medicine bags, rattles and other neat items.

Her prize is a Turkey and Pheasant Smudge feather. It's lovely!
Smudging Feathers are used for wafting the smoke from you smudge sticks around the person, place or thing you're smudged and lifts the smoke to the Great Spirit.

They say to use a feather from a bird that you feel an affinity too. Feathers that are gifted to you are the most powerful because they came from the affection that the bird has for you. Never pluck your bird to get a hurts them. It's like if your bird pulled out your hair by the roots. Except for dyed turkey feathers, the ones that I myself use come from the year's moult.

Don't forget to play and send off your answers. This treasury hunt goes until Sunday. So there's still plenty of time.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tsunali Treasury Hunt #2 part 3

This is the last bunch for this Treasury Hunt.

First up is CandyThomasGourdArt. This gal really IS out of her gourd! I eat pumpkin and squash pies and she makes ART out of the shells of all shapes and sizes of these magnificent fruits.

Gourds were one of the earliest plants to be cultivated by humans and were used as containers even before clay or pottery and are sometimes referred to as "Nature's Pottery".
Gourd skins were sometimes used as replacements for skull pieces in the NeoLithic period.
There's an old tale called "Follow the Drinkin Gourd" that tells how escaped and fleeing slaves would follow the Big Dipper to reach freedom in the North.

This is Candy's prize for the Treasury Hunt, the Turkey's Token pyrographed gourd with turkey feathers and horse hair.
Turkey was called the Blessing Eagle in many Native cultures because he gave everything of himself when asked.

Next up is SweetGrassValley. This gal does wonderful hairpipe and gemstone jewelry, and she paints too!!!

She has another shop called BumperstickersnMore, which has

Hair pipes were introduced in the 1860's when the Native Americans saw the whites smoking pipes with bone pipe stems. The Native Americans made it hair pipes there own using them in breast plates and jewelry. Original bone pipes really were bone. This is QuannahParker wearing a hairpipe breastplate from the Smithsonian Collection.

Here's Sweet's prize for the Treasury Hunt: a leather anklet with silver bells and a silver feather:

Last friend for this Treasury Hunt is NightOwlMarket. She works with Pendelton fabric. And her goodies are just gorgeous! She has Christmas stockings, small goods, totes and possibles bag.
Pendelton Fabric is still made in Oregon in the good old US of A and has been since 1909 when the first Indian Trade Blanket rolled out of the factory.

If you go to the Pendelton site and click on the Legendary Blankets section I PROMISE you will be as speechless and overwhelmed as I was...
Pendelton is made from 100% virgin wool: wool that is sheared from the live sheep. It does not hurt the sheep. It's like when we get a haircut....

This is Owl's prize for the Treasury Hunt, a lovely turquoise with sun design possibles bag. You can put almost anything in them: roots, leaves, stones, feather, endless possibilities.

You can still get in on all the lovely goodies for this week up until Midnight eastern on Sunday.
Here's the link again:

Here's all the shops that are in this Treasury:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tsunali Treasury Hunt #2 part 2

First up is Vikotas aka Lavinia's Room. She does painting and multimedia art. She's been coming to the campfire for quite a while...bringing with her LOLcats, funny looking food and general fun stuff.

The prize from her shop is this really lovely beaded and leather piece of art called Rain Blessing.

In most cultures, NA or not, rain was considered a blessing. It helped the crops grow and the animals and people to thrive. You think of the rain dance, which DO work, I can tellya...which called on the Great Spirit to send the rain down...

Next is ForTheBrand. Her goodies are made of all sorts of semiprecious and gemstones...Turquoise, Coral and Sterling play a large part in her creations.

This is her prize for the Treasury Hunt: Hannah Earrings

I love/adore Turquoise. These are simple enough for everyday. Turquoise has been a highly valued gemstone for ages. It protects travellers, or against unnatural death. It's also a lovely calming stone.

Last for this group of talent is Sirocco, another of our gentlemen. He has jewelry for everyone. There's beaded, gemstones, Swarovski crystal, bone and sterling. Another drool worthy shop full of eye candy.

His prize is Native American Styled Tubular Peyote Stitch beaded earrings in Turquoise, White and Silver.

If you've noticed, beadwork is an important part of the Native American culture's type of adornments. You can find it on their clothing, in the ceremonial garb, as jewelry and as art on medicine bags and dance sticks. Some types of beading such as porcupine quilling was considered a form of prayer.

The original beads were natural items like antlers, bones, claws and teeth. Now the beads are usually glass seed beads, not that there's anything wrong with that. The only ancient type beads that are still made in the traditional ways are the Heishii of the Pueblo peoples.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tsunali Treasury Hunt #2 Part 1

So here we go with our first friend(oginali) from the Second Hunt: Native Beads.
To be majorly obvious, she does stuff with beads. She's even written a book about beads and techniques...

This is her prize for the Treasury Hunt:White Buffalo Calf Beaded Earrings.

White buffalo calves are Strong Medicine to the Native Americans. When White Buffalo Calf Woman returns, the world will return to beauty and harmony.

Next is Oh Claudia. She's one of the newer Tsunali but has fit in so well around our fire like she has always been there.

She's another beader. She does round ones and flat ones and you couldn't pay me enough to even pick up all them little beads...I think I'd miss so many that Obelisk would be laying Faberge eggs.

This is Oh Claudia's prize, a Turquoise, Red Jasper, Howlite and Silver beaded bracelet:

Last of this group is SonoraKaysCreations. Her shop has Dream Catchers, Virginian Creeper Wreaths, Jewelry, and even Dog Collars...sort of something for everyone.

Her prize is Chandelier Earrings. They'd be really awesome to wear out for New Years!

I'll post the next batch on keep them eyeballs peeled, but please keep them away from Obelisk...