Sunday, October 28, 2012

NaBloWriMo #27~~Craft Fair W00t!~~

An old work friend what's on FB wondered if I sold my handmade goodies at craft shows or just on-line. I hadn't done a craft show in way too long. Last one was Pagan Pride Day in 2010 and I only sold 1 Item, a Dionysius flavoured DreamWeb with grapes and a wine bottle.

It didn't even cover my table fee...pfft.
The next two years I was too busy having surgeries...

The last non-witchy craft fair I did, I wanted to just take everything outside and burn it...they were selling cheap CRAP and Stuffed animals dipped in scented wax.

They were selling like hotcakes!!! I don't get it.

And Swarovskiy crystal enough to singe your retinas...ugh. Not that I don't like crystal, but not every freakin table!!

I had my DreamWebs and Tshirts...sigh...I sat for 8 hours playing tiddly winks with my bellybutton and some M&M's...I was SO disappointed and sad and discouraged. I wound up talking Tarot cards with a teenaged girl who wasn't having any luck either...

But YESTERDAY was soo different!! I actually did well!! And I enjoyed myself! which should be the name of the game...

It was easy to get there, though I did have trouble actually LEAVING town. I hadta stop at CVS and get a mirror. Bloody things have gotten expensive!! THEN I started out again and realized that I didn't have my I hadta head back home again...

I was sposta be there at 9 to set up...I got there at about quarter past, so that wasn't too bad. I didn't bother with the misbegotten EZ Up. I set up and arranged my stuff, then the gal in charge, Jodi who was hosting, called for a circle. We walked a labyrinth, then held hands and said prayers...I could feel the energy...don't be was really good!

This was our hostess. She owns Blue Angel Healing which is where it was.

It was a fund raiser to help a gal who had a brain tumour and to help with her bills.

There were psychics and readers and massages going on, but I didn't get a chance to get anything done *pouts* I DID manage to have a taste of some really pissah was almost as good as sex. Pulled meat, no beans, chunky cheese, and then cornbread crumbs on top...dear Gods it was wonderful!

There was kid yoga, and belly dancing. My sister and her niece came and belly danced...I didn't take any black mail pictures...The second troop of bellydancers did it with Scimitars...yeah good luck with that...They put them on their heads and danced...
Warrior Scimitar Of Persia

I could see myself giving me a splitting headache...

There were drummers and African drummers and dancers. The African Dancers were spectacular!

You can see part of my display and my head...hehehe

In addition to having a great time in the sunshine, enjoying the music and company, I also had SALES!!! w00t!!
I sold 2 necklaces, 1 DreamWeb, and two Witch Bottles.  I was THRILLED. I even made back my table fee; which is ALWAYS good.

And at the end there was a double rainbow. One was rightside up and the other looked upside least to me.

I wanna thank Danielle for thinking of me...It was nice to see her and her friends.


  1. sounds like you had a good time and yay for sales! that rainbow is truly amazing - that would have made being out there all worth it! I have never seen anything like that!

    1. I really DID have a great time. And the rainbow was just the icing on the great day.
      Sales are always a good thing.