Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Better Handmade Blog Ring Post #10 - Icehouse Crafts

Okay, so I lied or maybe I couldn't count...but this is the last victim of the Blog Ring Post. Seriously...I mean it this time...*crosses fingers*

This week's roastee is Icehouse Crafts.  She lives in Baltimore, Maryland and has been a full-time professional crafter for a good long time. She hits up and down the Eastern shore doing shows. Good on her. I'm pretty localized, except for when I go to Chickenstocks, but that's another story.

She paints and stencils signs and home decor goodies.  She's got a great sense of humour...I giggled looking at some of her work.
How true is THIS one?
No Soliciting, We Found Jesus, We Love Our Vaccuum, We Gave At The Of

This one too:
If It Has Tires Or Testicles Theres Going To Be Trouble Sign

Obelisk could use this one for her chicken bucket aka cat carrier because that's her attitude:
Queen Of Everything Sign

This is too true for here:
Danger Beware of occasional foul words and flying debris sign

I could use this one for DS:
The Beatings Will Continue Til Morale Improves Sign, Pirates, Little

This is another must have for my place:
The Witch Is In Sign, Halloween, Witches, Wicca, Wiccan, Black Hats

Wrong Answer Sign funny sign for the wicked women in your life

I like this one too:
Earth Air Water Fire In A Circle We Conspire

Being a Pagan, I'd have these out all year long...The neighbours are already afraid of me...sheesh I never thought I was terribly scary, but I guess so... :(

She has a section for the spring holidays, for pirates, kids and adults. She has one for pets, even.  Basically something for everyone. I suggest that you guys come in and check her shop out.

Dear Icehouse Crafts can be found on Artfire:
Her own website is here:
There are some other neat things here, like Rag Dolls, pie tins, blocks, spoons, wreaths, all sorts of kitcheny stuff.
She's got a cute little blog too:
And she's on FaceBook:


  1. Hey Howling - You done it again. Made me smile because your descriptions fit so perfectly with those great signs from Icehouse Crafts.

  2. Those signs are great! I'm not sure I can even pick out a favorite!