Saturday, October 20, 2012

NaBloWriMo #18~~Free Reading~~

Last week I won a phone reading from a psychic...yes, a REAL LIVE psychic. Not like 99 cents a minute either. She does readings on line and she's also a team mate from an online handmade your own homework, I'm not gonna do it for ya, ya lazy bums. 

Well, I had it on Thursday. She was a bit late but it was the phone company's fault...

She reminded me of my husband's cousin...they have the same accent. oy.

She used the DruidCraft Tarot mostly:2
And the Silver Era Tarot:
Neato decks. I haven't found MY deck yet...
She wanted to know about what "Historical Accuracy" meant to me...
well, I'm a writer, non-published, and I research the SHITE out of things. 
Even if it's fantasy, I wanna know all that I can about what I'm writing about so that I can describe it accurately.  

She also wanted to know about a lake that was near me. 
I walk at a pond near the house and some of those musings were what made up my most recent novel I'm writing.
She said that I should start doing that again cuz I seem to be blocked and that would help get it going forward.

She went on to say about DH and DS and MIL and SIL...

She ALSO mentioned a female that had passed over in her early 50's with the last name that had a D in it. 
My mother's maiden name had a D in it and she bit the dust 2 days before her 54th bday.

Before you go off on Cold readings and all  that, she had a few more surprises...

Another person that hangs around had a fluffy mutt:

I have my Great Grandmother's taxidermied dog Kinxsie in the cellar. Long story. My Great Grandmother was the one who got me started on the crafting trail.
An older man with Blue Eyes and Blue energy:
My grandfather was the only one in the direct family with blue eyes and one of his Masonic Lodges was the Blue Lodge.
The last one that really absolutely floored me was that there was a man around that had something to do with trains:
My great grandfather, who died in 1950, used to work at a train crossing in my town. Only my friends knew that. 

Freakin freaky isn't it?

I've HAD a cold reading done and watched them being done. I've seen Sylvia Browne, John Edward, James Van Praagh, and good old Miss Cleo. I watch the Mentalist faithfully and understand people's tells when a comment hits the mark. 

I'm a skeptic until proven otherwise and I DO believe in this gal. You KNOW who you ARE!

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