Sunday, October 21, 2012

NaBloWriMo #19 and 20~~Boringness and Tedium~~

Nothing much happening this weekend. It went from cold and wet to muggy...ugh. But typical New England.
Autumn In New England © Bob Englehart,The Hartford Courant,fall,autumn weather,New England,climate change, environment
I saw folks going around with sweat shirts and long pants with those horrid Ugg shorts and t shirts.  Until it starts snowing I have sandals on.
I'm one of those hot blooded people...I even sleep with my feet out of the covers.
One person sleeping with feet poking out of blankets Stock Photo - 5143268

The only really good thing is that my work called and I can come back for training...I won't have any hours, but at least I've got my foot back in the door...

And I'm doing a Craft Fair on this up-coming Saturday. It's a Fund Raiser for a woman with a tumour.  So it's for a good cause.

Today was also visit MIL day. We hadta stop on the way because DS wanted a specific coat from the Army/Navy Store...
Bulgarian Military Wool Overcoat - Front View

This is quite similar to it. He looks awesome in it.  But then again he looks awesome in everything...just ain't fair...

Toldja I had a boring weekend...

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