Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NaBloWriMo #3~~Shit That Gets Under My Skin part 2~~


Unless you're starving and you steal from Stop'n'Shop to feed your family, then fuck you! Stealing because it's a dare or because someone else was doing it too, does NOT make it right. I've been clobbered by a shoplifter and knew of a kid that chased an asshat who stole the money from the register and had a gun pulled on him.

My biggest peeve on this was my boss at Fossil Hell who thought he was entitled, yep THAT word again, to take stuff from the store because he was the manager. I told him off and quit my bestest evah fucking job...I got to play with ancient dead things and fondle rocks...could it have BEEN any better?!Well except for Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Gerard Butler or Adam Lambert under glass...but that's another story.

My DS got busted stealing a $1 drink from WallyWorld. Can you even IMAGINE that? I wanted them to press charges! I was so mad that I left smoke trails to the security office. They didn't wanna release him to me because they thought I'd do him harm...but he KNOWS my thoughts on thieves in general and shoplifters in specific. They should be hung, impaled, or auto de fe'd right outside the shop doors as an example to any other asshats that might wanna chance it. Except for the starving family scenario.

The worst ones are the asshats that steal from churches, the disabled, and pets from peoples' yards.
I might not like what churches stand for (exclusion, hypocrisy, sheeple-ness) but you steal from one and you deserve to wind up with your Soul being eaten by Ammut. Isn't she just the most beautiful critter?

She's part Crocodile, part Lion and part Hippo. If you lied during the Negative Confession, she got to eat your soul and that was the end of you...

That's even better than eternal torment of the Judeo-Christian traditions because if your soul died, it was if you had never lived...

Just this past week in Las Vegas, a pair of custom wheelchairs were stolen off the front porch of two college friends with Spina Bifida, which means that they can't walk. So some fuckhead/s decided to swipe them and turn them into a scrapyard for a negligible amount of money. The cops weren't any help so they checked it out themselves.  The two guys play competitive wheelchair basketball so that's why they needed the top of the line ones. Thank the Gods, insurance will pay for new ones and they were able to get the names, addys, and plate of the culprits. Unfortunately it's not a rare case. I just did a search and there's like 10 freakin PAGES of wheelchair thefts...ugh. They're swiped from kids, veterans, anybody, that uses a wheelchair to get around...that's fucking disgusting.

Around here, people are stealing copper from the churches, let along breaking stuff and stealing the Poor Boxes. (Do they still call them that?) There's been like a dozen break ins in my area in a month. pfft. One local priest says that he forgives them...wish *I* could say the same...That's sacreligious! No forgiveness for defiling someone's holy place! Even if it's not mine.

Then there's the people who steal pets! WTF is up with that?!! In some cases, they're stolen by low level drug dealers and sold to medical researchers for cash. Their profit is 100%.  Even microchipping isn't exact. They're not registered or the overworked rescuers, vets etc, don't have the time to check.
In this very sad case, the little girl saved up to buy her own purebred puppy. It was swiped and someone else bought it...and the cops are like nope, it's this guy's...fucking lousy. 

I think this is a do unto others case, eye for an eye and all that...
NOONE should EVER do this to an animal or even a child,which is another story all together.
They come into your fenced, locked yards and swipe your dog, cat or even your freakin BIRDS!! If you have chickens in your yard, some asshat might steal a couple for cockfights. If you have a Parrot, they'd steal it to sell it.
I won't even go into all the free pet scams on places like Craigslist. I've read of a few myself...just disgusting.
This one, at least, had a happy ending:

Before you go thinking I'm one of those PETA nutjobs, I'm not! They want people to have NOTHING to do with animals...NOTHING. not as food, not as pets. NOTHING! 
They're gonna hafta pry MY pets outta my cold dead hands.  I grew up with a dog and a cat and guppies, a fucking TONNE of guppies...ugh.
I think that animals need to be treated right, trained and not just used as an ornament to make some on look good because X is the pet of the moment.  
I mean THIS NOT a spoiled and well loved critter?!

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