Saturday, October 6, 2012

NaBloWriMo #6~~PC Is Getting Ridiculous!

My son sent me this link because he KNEW I'd be like WTPeaches?!!

"Stop selling ThunderCRACKER toys

This is an online petition to stop Hasbro from selling toys with racist slurs.
It all started last week when my husband and son got back from the store. My son proudly showed me his new toy, a blue jet robot.  He told me that its name is "Thundercracker."
I was taken aback.  If you don't know, "Cracker" is a racist slur used against people of caucasian lineage.
It's the equivalent of the "N" word. I told my son that it's not right and we gave the blue jet a new name.

I couldn't think of a reason why Hasbro, the company who made the toy, had to attach a racist slur to their products.
There are certainly better choices to name a toy and besides "Thundercracker" does not even mean anything.
And as a mother who wants to raise a decent family, I find it unacceptable to attach racist slurs to any product, especially toys aimed at our children.

Let us all unite and urge this irresponsible toy company to cease promoting racial discrimination and corrupting our children.
We are asking Hasbro to recall all of these offensive "Thundercracker" toys before it does more harm than good.
We are also asking Hasbro to change the name and find a better choice that will not offend people of any race, nationality, or creed."

REALLY Lady?! Aren't there better petitions to be made than over a toy's name?!

I really LOVED this reply:
"So, for 28 years, after G1 Thundercracker, some paranoid dipshit is screaming that his name is racist.
And for the past 3 decades, no Caucasian (who're the main fanbase of Transformers) has felt offended or insulted by this. And yet this dipstick of a human is here ranting and raving that it's OHNORACIST.

Stay Classy ma'am.

Funfact: Thundercracker's name is derived from him producing loud cracking noises like thunder.
Funfact2: Crackers are a form of snack food.
Funfact3: You're an idiot, honestly."

Another great one is this:
"Next thing we know, this nutjob's gonna be screaming that Cliffjumper is promoting suicidal tendencies, Sunstreaker is promoting streaking around naked in bright daylight, Warpath is promoting warfare, Blades is encouraging folks to slash stuff, Hardhead has blowjob connotations, Thrust has to do with thrusting, ahem, Dragstrip is linked to dragqueens stripping, Swindle makes children cheat, Onslaught promotes violent massacres, etc etc."

This is the toy in question...he's a freakin JET!!!Sonic Booms and all that:

You can get some more headshakes about this dame's complete disregard that the name  means squat...Hell I AM a cracker! and a Mick and a Polack. Doesn't bother me in the least. I am comfortable...I KNOW most of the old Irish and Polish jokes.

BUT I can and will say that if anyone calls anyone the "N" word that is bad!!! Even when they call each other that. On Parenthood the other night, Crosby and his wife had to explain to Jabar why that isn't a good word. 
I dunno...political correctness is making things so difficult. Gods help you if you say "Merry Christmas" to someone who's not a Christian. I won't jump down your throat. You could tell me happy Kwanzah and that would be okay. "Happy Holidays" sets my teeth on edge.  But some folks get all bent outta shape. You can't even have a public Christmas tree anymore because an atheist'll bitch...I won't even get started on all the holidays that used to be pagan and got glommed onto to keep the masses happy...


  1. Um yeah how is this racist?? I am dying here I don't get it!
    I am just blown away with this petition, people need something to bitch about I guess. You are right about the Christmas tree too, I mean seriously!! I call it my YULE tree and guess what don't like it, I don't care is my motto. You go girl!! Let it out!!

  2. This atheist has a tree that is decorated religiously and is thinking of setting up two. Many atheists enjoy Christmas. It's not the decorating thing that most atheists object to (I will not speak for all).

  3. No offence Danette. I wouldn't have thought...It's religion part of it then?

    Yeah, I don't get it either, Rae.