Thursday, October 18, 2012

NaBloWriMo #16~~Cross THIS off my Bucket List~~

Holy Crap!! There was a bit of an earth shaker, t'other night...For reals, not just a metaphor either...And it wasn't David Ortiz sliding into base.

I was sitting at the dining room table, minding my own beeswax, playing Bingo on Facebook...I know too thrilling for words.

My arm, I thought, started shaking...huh? I don't have Parkinson's or Huntington's Chorea or St Vitus' Dance or any of those...But the time I figured it out, the screen door was flailing on it's hinges, the inside door  was rattling around and the windows were shaking...HOLY SHIT!!

The sound was like a B-17 or a C-130 going over around treetop level. It was most like the rolling of thunder without the lightning...Just look at the SIZE of these things!!!

File:374AW C-130 exhibiting in Yokota 2005.jpg

New England isn't exactly the Earthquake capital of the world, thank the Gods, but we DO get them every now and again.  This was the first time I actually felt it too.

Earthquakes are rare in New England but they're not unheard of. In 2006 there was a series of earthquakes around Maine's Acadia National Park, including one with a magnitude of 4.2 that caused boulders to fall from ledges onto Acadia National Park's loop road. One of the park's trails was closed for three years because of damage from the quake.The strongest earthquake recorded in Maine occurred in 1904 in the Eastport area, near the state's eastern border with Canada, according the Weston Observatory at Boston College. With a magnitude estimated at 5.7 to 5.9, it damaged chimneys and brick walls and could be felt in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.East Coast quakes are rarely strong enough to be felt over a wide area. A quake of magnitude 5.8 on Aug. 23, 2011, was centered in Virginia and felt all along the coast, including in New York City and Boston. Experts say the region's geology can make the effects felt in an area up to 10 times larger than quakes of similar size on the West Coast.

We had a decent sized one in August of last year that was centred in Virginia. A friend down there who makes carved eggs lost most of his inventory, unfortunately. I didn't feel anything.
This one was closer, near Portland, Maine. My sister in an outlaying region of Boston felt it. She said it was like her house was "undulating." Her ex MIL felt it in Rhode Island too. My SIL in Laconia felt it too. My DH in the other room didn't hear/feel anything, nor did my DS who was wandering with a pack of friends. sheesh. Ruddy oblivious human males. pfft.

Originally they said it was a 4.5, but down graded it to a 4.0...

"Experts say the region's geology can make the effects felt in an area up to 10 times larger than quakes of similar size on the West Coast."
That makes me feel more secure...NOT!!!

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