Sunday, October 7, 2012

NaBloWriMo #7~~I think I'm gonna go with #12~~

What trend(s) in pop culture turns you off?  (I think things like this are AWESOME in list form.)  

1) Bikinis for little kids Really? Why? Great for the kiddy porn industry but for the rest of us...not so much.

2) Wandering all over the bloody place with your coffee. Can't you make this at home and sit like a human being?  I don't want coffee all over myself or my things. (Yeah, I've ranted about this already)

3) Cellphones attached to your face. Ugh. (See above)

4) Wearing your nightclothes outside. When did THIS become okay? Unless your dog/chicken/fish has escaped or you are chasing the rubbish truck, put some freakin CLOTHES on!

5) Twilight. Ugh...Obelisk writes better and I'm pretty sure chickens are illiterate. 

6) 50 Shades of Grey See above

7) Rap Music 99% of it is shite. I like Kid Rock, who's sorta rap and Coolio's Gangsta Paradise. 

8) Reality shows. How much of THIS CRAP is unscripted?.Prolly hardly the real world most of us are crashing bores. Noone except for anthropologists would pay to watch us otherwise.

9) Clothing for kids The boys can look like hoodlums and the girls like streetwalkers...c'mon! 

10) Wearing clothes just because they're "in." Why why why?! Dear Gods, why?!!! 
Skinny jeans - no thanks, I'd look like a sausage. 
Tube tops - last time I wore one, I had no chest...
Thong underwear - I wore them when I was 70 pounds lighter and you couldn't see them because I didn't show them off.
Wearing clothes that maybe fit you 70 pounds ago...
Thank you people of Walmart for these do's and don'ts


That my dear readers is exactly why you wear what you're comfortable in, that fits and makes you feel wearing...

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