Thursday, October 11, 2012

NaBloWriMo #10~~Time to Change the Air in my Head~~

I completely forgot to blog yesterday. I wound up cleaning in the kitchen a bit...I found lids to 3 pans that I had been missing Yays!

I had been wondering where they had gotten off to! I can honestly say that I am NOT Suzy freakin homemaker. I don't belong on Hoarders though, or some OCD programme where they have their canned goods alphabetized. I'm somewhere in the middle.

Hoarding is classified as an anxiety and panic disorder by the Canadian Mental Health Association, but will be named an official mental disorder in the newest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. 

There are 'clean' hoarders, who become obsessively collect things like books or newspapers and the other type which are the ones who make the news...
In recent years, psychiatrists had suggested they have a specific type of OCD, but hoarding may be moved to it's own class of psychiatric ills. 
A researcher at Yale gave brain MRI's to hoarders and seems to be leaning towards that new classification.
Hoarding is defined as 
“the excessive acquisition of and inability to discard objects, resulting in debilitating clutter,” Hoarders don't have to LIKE their stuff, they just don't want to make a bad decision and chuck something that might be useful...which is why they're drowning in STUFF.

I actually HAD an OCD compulsion in my teens...the counting thing...ugh. I dunno whether I "outgrew" it or it fell by the wayside as I was led astray by alcoholism instead...Sorta one bad habit for another, savvy?

My newest "obsessions" are Beads, Fabric, Markers, Coloured Pencils, and Crayons. But that's to be expected cuz I'm a crafter.  And I USE these things.
I get pissy when my DS uses my markers and doesn't put them back into Colour Order, starting with Red, going through the Rainbow and ending at Black, Grey, White, then the Metallics.

I can honestly say that I am a book hoarder too...but it's a good one...It keeps me out of the petshops, adopting fish...Unlike my best friend who has a Betta obsession. I think she's got 5 or 6 now.

I think I've used this picture before...hmmm.  That's still fits. I have 5 bookcases and stacks next to a couple of them...I AM a voracious reader though. When I'm finished with one, it goes into one of 3 piles. Keep it, give to my sister or give back to the library for their book sale.  

The good thing about Ebooks is that they sure don't take up much room on the night stand even when you have 20+ on your Nooks. ;)

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