Thursday, February 12, 2009

Workety Work

I've been working everyday this week...Holy sheepdip Batman..I'm tired!!! I don't remember the last time I worked 5 days in a row...
Monday was a typical shit-ass day.
I got to work as normal and sat and listened to Men from Maine on ROR. Then I start to go in and the door's still locked. I check my watch and it's already 7:30. There's another kid there, Justin. He looks like a Viking. You don't know how small your car is until you have someone who's the size of a linebacker in her...LOL He had been there since 7 and the manager was late. So we sat in Xicoh until the manager came which was 20 of 8!
So I start to do the small critters. I'm on the evil Dwarf hamsters and she pages me to the front. Can you get a box and put the finches in it? UHoh! Finches and I donot get along well. MOFO's were always escaping at Hanover on me...but I give it the old college try. I put my sweatshirt in and snag one. The other is hieing off for parts unknown...bastage! I put the one I have in the box. So we try catching the other one...nope. Stewart, who looks like he could fit right in with System, and is the tallest one in the store is trying to get the little shit. No dice.
So I go back to cleaning the evil. Then I hear thud and clunk...oh Snap! I KNOW that sound too well. I have bird feeders at home so I know when I bird has gone into a window...
I call Amanda the manager and tell her that I have one...but it's not the one that was loose...The asshat let the friggin one that I caught out! He told me that the box was ripped. It wasn't when I put her in...THEN he has the absolute BALLS to say that *I* killed his bird! WTF? I was on the stepstool, nowhere near her when she flew into the window. Poor birdie is upside down with her wings and head hanging in the cage and her feet in the air...So I get her and put her back in the box and the guy is STILL saying I killed her...OMG! She's laying on her side, but she's still breathing. I put her on a shelf so I can keep an eye on her. I heard skittering sounds about 15 minutes later and she's hopping around the box...I take the box and find Amanda and Stewart still trying to catch the other one. They finally did later on.
She wound up returning the escapee and the cage and sending him on his way back to the Needham store where he bought them with the one in the box.
Late on, he came BACK and returned a friggin canary too!!!
He said the birds were annoying...grrr...HE was annoying.

Tuesday went pretty smoothly. Thank the Gods...I even managed to leave 15 minutes early.

Wednesday was alright. We were having a visit from our DM and Amanda was freaking out. It seems that my OLD manager, Durwood, can do no wrong, but she can't do anything right...and she's always doing things in the store. We're like the bastard child of the district...we got a remodel which sucked. We were supposed to get new habitats. Didn't get em. Then they say that we need to have more blah blah blah...We don't have an assistant to help out. Some of the workers don't give a shit either. I, unfortunately she vented to me for like a half an hour...and I said basically that's why I'm NOT a manager...

Today went okay too. One more day this week. We got female piggies, one SH male hammy, one each on Lg Rats, some medium male Rats. I put 3 that were bigger up there too because they've been there for a while and aren't small anymore. Got more mice too...
I guess I'll be seeing Justin more because he's opening I guess Steve has girl is out having rotator cuff surgery.
Justin comes out of the bird room and I just KNOW what happened. He's like fucking finch got out...I burst out laughing because it used to happen to me all the damned time!! We finally snagged the little dipstick...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Life-ish stuff with pets and gardens and cars

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Sunday, February 08, 2009
The GrammysCategory: Music
Wow! Alison Kraus and Robert Plant won a collaboration Grammy...DayUm! Ernie says at least he wore a clean Tshirt...LOLKid Rock was PISSAH!!! and I'm not saying that because of you being able to download RnRJesus for $4. He really WAS good.Keith Urban, Justin Timberlake and Al Green was sorta strange, but okay.Jennifer Hudson was good. Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift were alright...not my fave singers by any stretch of the imagination. Of course, I used to drool over her dad so that could be it...Carrie Underwood was good too. I really liked her dress.I really liked Coldplay until JayZ started singing, WTF was he doing there???But at least they played Viva La Vida. And they got a Grammy for it...I know it's good to be exposed to other music, but I fucking hate RAP! I can't stand it!!Yes, that IS a generality, but it's true...There are a few good rap artists, but not enough for me to say that I like that Genre.Stevie Wonder is doing a collaboration with the Jonas Brothers...Mike asked how he could degrade himself like that LOLIt's aggravating me that they're having TV/movie people doing introductions...aren't there enough musicians...I mean like WTF does the Rock...oops, Dwayne Johnson, know about music? Rock Album was Coldplay. I like the Kings of Leon though.. Metallica was there because they were up for it too. And Kid Rock...According to the Official Grammy score card, the Raconteurs (aka Jack White from the White Stripes) was up for Rock Album too, but they weren't mentioned...hmmm.I wasn't keen on U2's new song and Katy Perry needs to get a life...I liked Craig Ferguson's intro though...That Scot's brogue does it for me...He could read the phone book and put a tilt in me kilt as it were...LOLKanye West looks really different...Like Michael Jackson from the 80's without the paedophiliac tendencies. Ernie says he can't stand him...The girl that singing with him looks like she's wearing a BeDazzled Hefty Cinch Sak. Mike's comment was That song Sucks. no kidding.Best New Artist=Adele Never heard of her.But she looks like an English Mama Cass.Morgan Freeman is neat. He introduced Kenny Chesney. I love Morgan Freeman.Record of the Year was presented by Herbie Hancock, PDiddy( or whatever his name is today) and Natalie Cole. It was won by Robert Plant and Alison Krause for Please Read the Letter...hmm. I might have to look it up and see what it's all about.Queen Latifah introduced a flock of rappers...Kanye West, JayZ, M.I.A. who looked ready to friggin drop the baby, Lil Wayne and TI. The only reason I know Kanye West is because he's in the papers for being an arrogant prick and Jayz because he's married to Beyonce. The song sucked anyways. M.I.A. was due to have her baby today...YIKES hope there's a doctor in the house.Kate Beckinsale intro'd Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl...I'm not a Beatles fan much either, but I did LOVE Sgt. Pepper...both versions. LOL Mike didn't realize the Grohl was a drummer...well, duh! You can sing and be a drummer...Ernie was disappointed the McCartney didn't do another song.Jack Black and his father in law(Charlie Haig, a bass player) introduced the Pop Male Vocal. John Mayer won that one.Jay Mohr and LLCoolJ introduced Sugarland and Adele with another collaboration. Adele's really very good. Another new good female singer is Duffy, also from the UK, Wales, I think.Gwyneth Paltrow intro'd the USC Trojans Marching Band and Radiohead. Interesting combo...Samuel L Jackson introduced a collaboration of Justin Timberlake and TI. Thank the Gods for a mute button on the remote. JT's not bad. He's come a long way since his NSync days. Didja know that Barack Obama has won a Grammy? I didn't...hmmm.Smokey Robinson intro'd Neil and Jamie Foxx and the last remaining 4Tops to sing. I grew up listening to the old MoTown and love it still.I don't think I'm gonna make it to the end because I have to work tomorrow...dammitI'll stay up til 11, but 11:30's out of reach.Josh Groban is intro'ing Neil Diamond...Good Goddess if I hear Sweet Caroline one more friggin time!!!ARGH!!!I think I'll just go to bed now...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009
I HATE WINTER!!!Current mood: groggyCategory: Life
This crap has been going on for FAR too long!!! I want sun! I want green things!!!ARGH!!!! We've had more fucking snow the past couple of months than we usually get for the whole winter and I AM SICK of IT!!!!Last Wednesday, it snowed. They cancelled DS' midterm for the day. dammit! I still had to go to work. It started after I got to work, but going home was a NIGHTMARE!!! At the light at the intersection of School Street and the Parkingway, I slid through the red light...pissah!!! Then farther down on Quincy Avenue, I slid sideways into a snowbank. I might as well have smeared butter on Xicoh's tires for all the traction I was getting...she has a small scratch/ding in her passenger side, but at least the snowbank saved me from hitting a power pole or worse, going into the gas station...big BoomBA there...jes sayin...It wasn't like I was speeding or anything either. I was in FIRST Gear for the Goddess' sake, going like 10 MPH. We adopted out Penny the Bunny, so that's good. She went to a nice home. As for work, it's been alright. I was at work the other day and I went down an aisle I usually don't go down and I saw something on the floor...It looked like a little plastic lizard. I went to pick it up and it moved!!! It was a REAL Lizard!!! Holy Shit, batman! So I got a cage for it. Seems like there must've been a helluva party in the House Gecko tank. I cleaned mice, I swear I do it in my sleep too, and I picked on up and she popped when she breathed. Not good, so I put her in a container. Then I found another one. Same deal. There was a third, but the bitch bit me and drew blood, so I put her back in...see if I help her! hmmph! She bit someone else too...We need a volunteer to be fed to a snake...LOLI told you if I take pics of the critters they go..yep, still applies...Visine's gone, Chip and Penny are gone, the pretty grey male rat...I've been going through the cellar and going through my craft stuff. There's stuff down there that I haven't used, maybe used once or What the Hell were You thinking?! So I'm destashing through my Etsy shop. I've actually sold 3 items. Yeah! I relisted a couple of DreamWebs and I found out that I hadn't listed the Keltic Knot one...WTH? Was I doing drugs? With all the Irish in the New World, that's gonna sell LOL Now don't think of whacking me with your convenient shellaleigh...I'm part I can say that.Obelisk laid an egg on Sunday and she laid another one today. I have no idea what's up with that? She hasn't laid in the winter since she was 2! Sunday night into Monday night was Imbolc, Candlemas. I did a small ritual and set up an altar with a Honey and Oat candle, a cauldron with Fairy milk, a cow, a St Brighid's cross and some goodies. I also put out my Red Birch walking stick and a ribbon to be blessed. Poor Ernie was leaving this morning and was like What's the stick doing in the snow bank? "do you really want to know?" He usually says no, but this morning he said yes. so I told him. LOL He went to the car shaking his head.

Sunday, January 18, 2009
Catching up again.Current mood: blahCategory: Life
I'm getting sick of the every weekend snow storm...And the weather ijits can't agree. Aren't they using the same friggin radar as the other guy or what???damn!One said last week we were gonna get slammed on the South Shore and one on the other channel said it was all going North of Boston...even the other night. What we're getting today was supposed to be dumping all over us and now we're getting a dusting...I guess it's sorta wait and see...I've been working alot these past few weeks too. Which is good. Unfortunately, my Etsy store and my house are falling down around my ears. I get home and I don't feel like moving. Last Friday, one of the kids didn't show up so I had to stay later. That's good because it puts a couple more Zloty in my pocket, but I get asked almost every time when I have plans...pfft.Damn! 98% of the time, I'm just going home, but not when they ask me to stay later...last Friday, my sister was taking a half day because she had time owed and she had gone to IKEA to get stuff for when the kids come over. Yes, the world has stopped spinning. Asshole said that she can have the kids because he's tired of having all 6 all the time...hey, but at least she can have them over...which leads to a funny story.Thursday night, my sister calls and needs to relate her adventures in IKEA to me. I guess she went and got a whole 2 cartfuls of stuff, sheets, pillows, blankets, beds, the whole thing. She got her haul up to the registers and baGAWK! they don't take checks! She didn't have enough on her debit to pay for it all either and they wouldn't hold it she had to leave it and come back.Which is where I come in...I don't know whether it was for moral support or to fetch and carry, but I went...We got some of the things, then stopped for lunch. Their Swedish Meatballs are to die for...really and truly...and don't forget the extra 5 for a buck and the Lingonberry sauce. And Swedish almond cake...Here's where things went to Hell in a handbasket...We got our drinks and I was wondering about the plates. I can be as scatterbrained as a Scrat crossing the street sometimes and this was almost one of them, BUT I stopped myself in time...I picked up the dish that my cake was on and almost turned it over, with the cake still on it...My sister almost died...she broke up...Then I said, "That's good. I almost got my straw in my eye." That was it!!I then went onto to say,"Nope didn't see that coming, because my straw was in my eye." I think we are now personae nongratis in IKEA. You could hear us all through the store laughing our heads off. I'll have to wear a disguise the next time...But we had a good time anyways. And she gets to have the kids...This is her first weekend, so I'll give her a shout later on...My dearest pain in the ass DS, Mike still has headlice...he can't get rid of them, so NOW who has em? Yours truly. I am NOT friggin amused. We don't share hats or combs, cuz Goddess knows he rarely combs/brushes/grooms himself...but now with his girlfriend at least he showers more often. Which is also where he got HIS lice from. I'm 44 years old and have never had the friggin things...yuck!!! I wonder if it's because he's always on my cell. That's the only thing we share...I thought ticks were icky when I pulled the nice juicy one off of Taffy a bajillion years ago, but these are topping it in the icky factor...But we, his GF and I, finally talked him into cutting his hair. Looks like it was down with a weedwhacker and a goat, but it's short so he can do a better job. BUT if I have to cut MY hair. What's left of his is being dyed bright pink. Poor Obelisk has been stuck in the house because it's been below zero. her water keeps freezing and I had to go buy some more Chicken Crack aka Cracked Corn for her.

Saturday, January 03, 2009
Happy New Year!!!Category: Life
Hopefully anyways!!!
I got Xicohtencatl back yesterday after almost 2 weeks without her. On November 19, I got in ANOTHER car accident. Yes, my 2nd one with in 2 years...ALSO not my fault.
I sold some stuff on Etsy and needed to mail it to the buyer. The Landing PO is a bitch to get in and out of so I go to the Braintree one. I was at a stop on West Street to make a turn onto Summer Street and some asshole hit my car. "i was like NO Fucking WAY!!! YOu Fucking Idiot!!!" I turn her off, put on the Flashers, take the keys and start towards the asshat. Thankfully there was a FedEx guy that prevented me from murder. Every time I took a step towards the other guy he steered me a few farther away. I finally cooled down a little and by the time I got to the other car, he was also out. He was an old geezer and he was telling me it was his first accident. He was shaken up. I wasn't really hurt. Xicoh's bumper was wrecked and her muffler was hanging down. But his Infinity Q3 was FUCKED!! the front end looked like the Pyramid of Giza. He wasn't going anywhere. I couldn't believe that anyone couldn't see a stopped car WITH a directional on waiting to make a turn!
I crawled under Xicoh and looked and couldn't see any other damage. A passing MeatWagon with EMT's came by and had to stop and see if everyone was okay. I told the guy just very pissed. LOL I had a 4-5 inch Seatbelt burn on my neck.
I called 911 on my cell and they showed up in a few minutes. The cop was like "is that your car?" pointing to some guy who stopped Space Shuttle. I was like "No THAT's mine and showed them Xicoh. And he was looking between my car and the Infiniti. Then a school bus comes by and it stops. It's Mike's bus and he told the bus driver, Let me off Bitch! That's my Mom!" And she let him off, thankfully.
He looks at the old guy's car and was like "Dude, you ARE Screwed!" LOL
I finally got her into the shop at the end of December and got a rent-a-beast from Enterprise. They're pretty nice there. And their assortment of rentals is good. This time I got a Kia Optima. What a nice car?! I'd put it on my short list of next cars.
Waiting for the insurance is a pain in the ass though, but it's gone smoothly. We got a check from our company to get her fixed after I had taken her for an estimate. At least she was drivable for that long...Tlaloc was a tuna can after his accident. I miss that poor boy. sniff. But I love Xicoh too. I will attest to the toughness of the Focus.
I was waiting for a call for the repair place and waiting. Finally I called and the guy had been out because there were family things going on and his wife was sick. I called the next week and I get the bad news that I can't get my girl until New Years. There was more damage underneath her than what had shown on the outside. Crud. Her rear panels and the trunk were all messed up and they needed to put a whole new exhaust on her.
So the guy calls on Wed and there's no way I can get there before he closes and turn in the rent-a-beast too. pfft. So I ask about the next day. Oops, it's New Years..nope and then there's a ton of snow and argh! I want my CAR!!! So I dropped off the Kia, asked for a ride up to the Autobody and got my car. Everything that was in the trunk was still there. Unfortunately, one of my beloved BYC magnetic stickers has gone missing and it's my favourite one too. Dammit! I call up the autobody and it's not there. so she suggests that I come by the Carwash right next door and sift through the basket of lost stickers. Ernie's like Yeah, It'll be there who would want THAT on their car? Ass hat!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
NaNoWriMoCurrent mood: determinedCategory: Writing and Poetry
I finally bit the bullet and am doing the NaNoWriMo. The National Novel Writing Month. You have to write 50K words between November 1 and November 30.
Since I've been doing creative writing since cuneiform LOL I still have tons of old stories that I had put aside. Of course, I had to find them. I went straight to my nightstand where I had the latest two that I hadn't started. I certainly didn't want to do the 684 handwritten page one. That one will be broken at least in half, maybe thirds. I had one where I didn't like the Male Main Character, so I never finished that one. I have a scifi/adventure that might've worked, a fantasy/thriller about Selkies one I wrote in 79 and another I got an A on in college. They were in this humungous file that I had stuffed in the cellar. And because it floods, the edges of them all got a bit wet. If I have strange dreams that might make an interesting story, I write them down. Cuz you just never know...
So I decided to use the one that was the most heartbreaking romance I had ever read, next to Knight in Shining Armour. It's based in the present day. The FMC(Female Main Character) is an orphan and the MMC is a reincarnated soul making up for pastlife misdeeds. It's based on a dream I had way back in 93 ish. The person that I based the MMC died soon after I started the story and when I put it aside he came to me and told me that he was disappointed in me that I hadn't finished it. Depression even hurts dead people. sigh. The FMC isn't based on a real person, not even me LOL
I even won a contest for the first week for having the most words at 15K. I won a sweatshirt that says "Renegade Writer". The head of the region where I am is really a writer for Silhouette. Lucky!
There's some Etsy people who are doing it also:
A couple of the people that I've been corresponding with on Etsy are doing it also and they deserve a big shout out because they've already got their 50K in.
Liz Staley
I did almost 3K on Sunday and a thousand last night, so I have a little over 25K. I think I should be able to finish.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Chickenstock was a bust!Category: Life
I sold NOTHING!!! But I got a nice sugar high from the gal next to me that was selling baked goods. Her pumpkin whoopie pies were to die for. But I had a couple of nibbles anyways.
I met another Weymouth Chicken Person, so that was nice and we were shooting the shit for a while.
The worst part of the day was when an Oriental couple walked up to this beautiful Crele rooster and his Barred Rock cage mate. They had originally been sold to someone else and I guess this guy, who I found out is a "dealer" bought them off of him. So I was talking to Natalie's DH Bill and the roosters are being taken out by their legs upside down, thrown to the ground and having their ankles ziptied together. You know me. I wanted to kill all of them!! The Oriental couple walked away carrying the guys upside down by their ankles.
I KNOW that roosters aren't extraordinarily useful, but DAMN! there were Natalie's kids there and me and we were watching this go down. I was in tears. These gorgeous birds who had been walking around and crowing were gonna be someone's dinner. And I KNOW that's what happens to most roos, but in the middle of the parking lot of a place where 90% of the people treat their birds as pets was heart breaking.
So it wasn't a very successful or happy day for me.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008
Up and Down, Down and Up!Category: Life
Well, in the past week or so, I've done a trade on Etsy. I love what I often can you get a lovely pair of bison picture?
I sold my Celestial DreamWeb to a EASTie, an Earthpath Etsian. I've done a couple of contests, scavenger hunts, and just been very active over there...
I've made 5 more DreamWebs too and 3 more shirt designs, 2 are roosters and the other is a horse.
Mike's costume for AllHallow's was pissah!!! He went as an Akatsuki member called Sasori...he had the cloak and the hat and just looked awesome! I didn't get a pic of his girlfriend though: she was a cat girl. I was Dr. Kliener from HalfLife2 complete with Heddy Lamarr. LOL Some little kid that looked like SweePea from Popeye goes,"wooowww,nice hat!" LOL
I worked yesterday, and it was just shitay! Everything that could go wrong did. The animals bit me and I managed to cut my finger open when I was trying to open the bag of Lab took 20 minutes before it stopped bleeding.
Ernie had a hip doctor appt yesterday and he doesn't have to go back for another year!
On a higher note, I have a Chickenstock to go to on Saturday except I have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to be in NH for 8. But I have the hope of selling something!
And the best thing is: I'm doing the NaNoWriMo! the National Novel Writers Month. I was going to last year, but put it off...this year I just felt that I had to do it...there's a flock of Etsians doing it too, so you KNOW misery loves company!
It goes through the whole month of November and you get a prize if you write a whole 50,000 words. I'm already at 12K! All the years of creative writing classes have certainly done some good...
On Sunday, I bought the Alice in Chains greatest hits, so now I'm putting that, both my Foo Fighters, and Mesmerize on my MP3 player! I asked Mike if he wanted to put on the Alice in Chains and he was like "OH HELL NO!" It's not like it's Lawrence Welk ferchrissakes.

Saturday, October 25, 2008
Health woes...Category: Life
I'm a cardiac patient with corrected Tetralogy of Fallot. Twice actually with a couple of shunts and 6 catheterizations...blech.5 Years ago, in the summer, I started having dizzy spells and arrythmia...very scary, but I thought it was stress from Tom's being killed, Jerry crowing and all wasn't...When your heart is worked on, the electric impulses that control your heart can make new and different pathways and mess things up...I rehomed Jerry and the next week I was in the hospital for more surgery. It was called a Cardiac Ablation...basically zapping the screwed up pathways and leaving the good ones.And I had been fine since. Until the last cople of months...I had palpitations, sort of, feelings like my head was beating like a drum, and sort of dizzy...nothing big...I went last week for my annual female physical, blech...and the doctor found something odd. My BP was very low, she couldn't get a pulse, checked my O2 and it was okay...I got blood taken too. 4 whole vials. I really DID assure her that I was alive...She sent me out to make appointments, an echocardiogram on Tues, a Carotid ultrasound on Thurs, and a follow up with my cardiologist tomorrow...I got a call from my doctor on Thurs. Cholesterol fine, kidney and liver fine, Thyroid all screwed up. 170 when it's supposed to be 50. Red blood cells up, White blood cells up, especially the allergic reaction type...duh. Later, I get a call from the cardiologist's nurse, I have pulmonary stenosis...lovely...If you look at the lovely pic on the top there, you'll see why that's rather serious. The Pulmonary Artery carries the blood from the heart to the lungs to be oxygenated...and if it's not doing it's job, neither will you...I'm very upset that I have more heart stuff going on...I knew that something wasn't right when I found myself sleeping sitting up because I was wheezing, crackling and gurgling when I was laying down...I KNEW it wasn't my asthma because the inhaler AND the nebulizer weren't doing a darned thing...So tomorrow we'll see what the deal is...they might have to rotorooter the carotid if that's clogged, and the only cure for the stenosis is a stent...meaning more flippin' surgery...So I'm majorly bummed...sigh

But there's some sort of good news in all of this...
Well, it looks like I'm gonna be able to be some comic relief to BYC, Myspace and YUKU for a while longer...The Cardiologist couldn't really hear anything due to the lovely asthmatic wheezing I was I go back in another month. pfft.The Carotid Ultrasound showed some gunk clogging the works, but nothing major...which is okay I guess. So I'm on prednisone for the asthma and a cholesterol lowering drug drug to help that...snap!...I don't want to be on the same med as my 89 year old mother in law...I'm sorta relieved that it's not worse, but we'll still have to wait and see.

Saturday, October 11, 2008 in GeneralCurrent mood: hungryCategory: Life
DS is back in school and has been for a month.
DH goes back to work on Tuesday
I've been working for a couple of weeks now...I miss the folks in Hanover: Merra, Janice, Jenn, Amanda, Dan...sigh...Goddess knows there's been one helluva turnover there...
I like the Quincy store...and it's closer to home...
Let's catch up, shall we?
I need to cut back some more things in the yard...but I would rather let everything go and veg... DH is already making plans of what *we* have to do once DS gets back in school... Depressing TV this morning...GMA isn't on because the Jerry Lewis Telethon is on. There was just a segment on Mike and Juliet about kids being bullied as young as second grade. WTF?! the only good thing was ghost hunting on the USS Salem, a WWII ship in Quincy.
I cut back some of the multiflora roses...shit's like everywhere... And another type of vine that if I threw a body into it, you'd never find it...
heheheh...rubbing hands in glee...
DH had his PT this morning and after lunch we're going to the Mall to walk around a little.
DS started today...he was up before 5 because he said he couldn't sleep...well, Hell, it's the first day of High School, so there ya go... DH has his 6 weeks post op appt. I have more DreamWebs to's therapy too. LOL And it doesn't cost us a buncha $$ for 50 minutes...
DS first full day of school...he wasn't thrilled to have to go on his birthday, but tough shit... We gave him some gifts and he needed a string replaced for his guitar for tomorrow's class. And they tuned it too for the whopping cost of a BUCK!!! I'm feeling very headachey and I can feel a migraine lurking around the edges...
I need to have my stove fixed...the oven lights when it wants to. I did laundry today, then we went to the mall and walked around...After that it was lunch at Chipotle's. We pigged out. We went out to Chilis for Mike and my birthdays. I went to turn off the alarm this morning and got a cramp in my calf...YOUCH! Happy friggin bday to me!
DS's Bday was Thurs and mine was Friday. My inlaws brought over a cake and the gifts for Mike and me...
He got a Gift Card for Best Buy. I got a GC for ACMoore, a really neat Sterling Crow ring and some witchy stuff.We really didn't get as much wind or rain as they thought, which is fine...I still got a little in the cellar, but not enough to float ducks.

It gets harder and harder to have to deal with my InLaws...My FIL saw Mike's guitar case and got it stuck in his mind that he's playing the bouzouki and is ready to play like Eric took us 10 minutes for it to finally get into his head that he just started taking classes on Friday...sheesh. Then MIL and FIL got into an argument over a friend's name... When I talked to my SIL the other day she said that he couldn't find the numbers on his cell phone even though they were put in...I told Ernie that we'd have to fix the danged thing again and he's like no, he'd tell us...Guess what? I was right...I had to play with the stupid phone...The last time they were over he brought a phone over so that *I* could program the numbers in...The thing is he buys the cheapest things and wonders why they don't work as well as the brand names...sometimes a deal isn't a deal... My FIL started to say something and my MIL was like oh my knee...I'm in pain...and it had nothing at all to do with what he was saying...My FIL had a CT scan to see if there's something going on in his brain for the balance things, but who knows. Mike went and got all ready for school without being told this morning... Nothing else going on today, maybe the market.

DH and I tag team mowed the front lawn...

PT for DH today. DS got ready for school without me having to use a cattle prod...wudupwidat? I posted the last of the DreamWebs I made last week on my site... Here they are if you wanna look:§ion_id=5225238

I'm going out with my sister today. Of course, I have a sinus headache from my allergies...figgers...she wants to go down the beach and see the house we grew up in...I'm gonna take my camera...I really miss living down the beach though...nothing like seeing a Noreaster coming across the water.

My sister isn't feeling well, but we went out anyways...She's got the same sniffles as me... We went down the beach to see the old homestead, but it looks different...We talked to the neighbour's kids and got some gossip about the kids we grew up with. Then we went out for lunch at Panda Palace. I brought home a chickie bag LOL But DH called and his car wouldn't start. But he was waiting until we came home until he called AAA for a jump. Now he's a Sears getting a battery. And my sister doesn't know if her kids can come to the party because her ex is a dick. So we might be eating a shitload of cake. And because she's not feeling well, she's not going to Chickenstock...I don't know if I wanna go by myself either though...shit.

It's really muggy right now..YUCK!!! My sister's kids can't come...shit. I have to work on Monday. If I go to Chickenstock I have to leave at 7:30 to get there by 9. They're having a craft thing so I can try and sell my stuff, but I don't's from 9-12 so I'd be back home by 1:30-ish...but I don't know...sigh... ~09/15~
Well, I bit the bullet and drove all the way up to the TSC in Milford, NH. I saw lots and lots of chickens, and my stand was between two stands of bunnies, and I ate fudge and patted a real Polish chicken and saw an Aracauna, and met some chicken people from BYC. There were people giving away their roosters because they had too many and I was just in love with them...but I can't have roos...sigh. But on a happier note, I sold 3 DreamWebs and 1 Petroglyph Pendant. DH says I'll have to go back with more chicken things. LOL
The funny thing was I only sold *1* Chicken DreamWeb...The other one's one was Halloween and the other was a Dragon. Ernie suggested I get (or find mine) a Chicken Stamp...Sounds like he had a good idea... No cavities for any of us! Yeah!!! We went to the dentist today...blech.

Ragweed and grass season is upon us...watery and itchy are the buzzwords for today.pfft. Neighbour's stupid GSP was barking in our driveway around 5...What was he doing out for one and WTF was he chasing around in my driveway?
DH had PT this morning...I was so bushed I was falling asleep while I was waiting for him. Then laundry, blech...another exciting day in the life of Susie friggin homemaker...

I don't know whether is because it's getting light later or the weather's getting colder, but it's getting harder each morning to drag my ass out of bed... I had to lock Obelisk on the porch because DH was afraid the heat would come on.
I was up around 3 this morning, coughing and sneezing...not fun at all.
It's going to be a very very long weekend... Between the two boys, I'm gonna be running away from home... Originally, his mother was supposed to bring him over at 4...we get a call at 4:15 asking if we could bring him over, because his mother's already gone and the boyfriend won't be home til 8. So we did. So we're getting pizza. Pizza Hut has a deal where you can get 3 1-topping pizzas for $5 each. He wants two toppings. Nope...well, I guess I'll make do...Ernie was ready to push him out the door. We finally get back home and their on the computers and we have dinner. Next thing, they're on the computer and Mike's on one and I'm on my laptop and Mike's not getting off so that Kevin can use it and so I let Kevin use my for a now it's competing videos that are getting louder...ARGHH!!! I was ready to go to bed by 8...Just not up for it, when I'm trying to watch the ball game. They finally go in the other room and I go to bed. Kevin's walking around with his shirt off. Now mind you, he's not George Clooney, more like Rodney Dangerfield...and it's just not something to be looked at. And he STINKS!! It's like he's never washed his sleeping bag...Ewww... They were up early too. We went and bought donuts for them to have. Mike had one, Kevin had leftover pizza...ARGGHH!! And he's prowling around the house, looking at stuff...driving Ernie out of his mind...And in and out of the fridge...Ask, don't just stick your head in...sheesh... I keep reminding myself of all the Good Karma Points we're getting but it's wearing thin...
I have to call work and see if I'm on next week...

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Kevin is DS's friend that stayed over the weekend...Never Fucking again!!! I would rather have bubonic plague, and Ebola and Flea festation than have to go through that again... Here's the whole story: shkOn Tuesday night my DS's friend says that his mother is going to New Hampshire for the weekend and since they've been butting heads, he doesn't want to go with her and he doesn't want to stay home with his mother's boyfriend who's a he's basically got nowhere else to go. So I tell him that I'll talk to DH and see what we can come up with...We feel bad, so, of course, we say alright. The plan is Friday night for his mother to bring him over around 4, and for the mother's boyfriend to pick him up on Sunday between 5 and 6. Friday and we're waiting, it's past 4 and we're still quarter past 4, he calls and asks if we can pick him up because his mother's already gone and his mother's boyfriend won't be home til after 7:30. So off we go. We tell him that we're doing pizza for supper because Pizza Hut has 3 mediums for $5 each with one topping...this is where the weekend heads straight into the cesspool... We ask Kevin what he wants on his pizza. Pepperoni and Black Olive. It's ONE topping...Can I have two? NO! it's one! Supper time: this kid INHALES his WHOLE pizza. It's bed time and the living room smells like the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, AND Patriots and all their farm teams have left their sox and undies's the other kid... ewwww...
DS winds up burning incense the whole weekend... He was roaming all over the house, in and out of the fridge, drinking our sodas after we told him that we had bought some for the kids, and just being generally nosey. DH was getting po'd. Neither of us ever acted this way at anyone's houses. We would've been killed if we did. They were up early this morning. I was like I am NOT getting up at 7 on a Sunday! I got up around 8:30 and was just in time to hear that Kevin was telling his mother to pick him up at 7 tonight No friggin WAY!!!! So DH and I are getting dressed and he says, "What is the worst thing that we can cook?" I went out and bought sauerkraut and we had hotdogs, and baked beans and sauerkraut. LOL They're playing around with water bottles today, shooting the caps and I'm worrying about my car...sheesh...There's things all over the floor in the parlour, snacks, bags, waterbottles, clothes, etc... DH and I are cutting the hedges and Kevin comes over when we're almost all done and asks if we need help...oy. We were actually gonna take them to the mall and let them walk around, or to the cheap $4 a seat movies or the arcade, but with Kevin just getting into everything, it put the kibosh on the whole thing...we sat in the house all weekend... I'd be doing something and he come in and ask what I was doing. He wanted to use the computer and Mike, DS, wanted to use it for something else...argh... He shit all over the back of the toilet seat and left it. He didn't brush his teeth or wash up the whole time he was here either...blech. I was cooking supper tonight and he was underfoot. I was out with Obelisk and he was outside wanting to see where she was. The blue jays were making a racket and he had to follow me out and see what was going was the red tail again. He was sitting on the couch and complaining to Mike that he was hungry...jeeze. There were still donuts left, but neither one of them got off their arses and got anything to eat.
We had just finished supper and I hear DH talking to someone. It's the mother's boyfriend and he's actually on time to pick him up...oh thank the Gods... On the way out he says, Thanks for letting me stay and I had more fun here than I did at another friend's house." WTF?!!! I even smudged the whole house after he left...just too many bad vibes to be left hanging around...
I wheeze and crackle when I breathe. And I'm coughing too...and sleeping sitting up. DS hasn't said a word about the weekend. And yesterday afternoon, I'm at the computer and I hear, "Hi, Kevin". I was like "oh no fucking way!!!" but he was just picking up his controller that he left. DH and I took the air conditioners out of the windows and put them on the back porch. And I vacuumed the dining room and the chicken room. Last night was also the open house night for the high school..OMG! we had to go back and forth between two buildings and up and down the stairs and all over friggin creation..
And DH had PT today too and he wasn't in the mood for it...and they gave him another hard exercise to do. LOL Mean bitches!
I had to spark up the nebulizer yesterday afternoon...I felt like there was a herd of elephants on my chest...afterwards, it was just a mixed flock of Standard Brahmas and Jersey Giants.
I don't want summer to be over yet, but I love the crisp days...

I shoved Ds out the door and went back to sleep...DH got up at 8 and I slept until 9. Off to PT and to get water, then the market... I had found a gift card to one of the local markets on the floor at Staples and it didn't come from the person that was ahead of I went and had them look up what was left on it...usually my luck is a zero balance, but it's got $25 on it. Yeah! Gonna do some craft stuff this afternoon...I bought some stamps and I think I'll do some Halloweenish pendants and put em up on my Etsy store....It's gonna be raining for the next 4 days...blech...and I'm gonna need to be doing something besides cleaning. LOL

Right now Weymouth High is number 18 on the list of 50 best high schools right after Newton South and North so he's not pissing and moaning as much...With the new High school, it's really great...there's less than 30 kids per classroom. There's a language lab and a Nautilus room and I'm really amazed at how it is...

GM everyone... We almost slept through school this morning...oops. I reset my alarm, but it was for PM, not AM. If DS's GF hadn't called at 6:38, we would still be asleep...
DS has a new girlfriend. She was going to school in Quincy and he met her at the Library and they've been coming here and going to her house, and to the Library...and now she's going to HIS school. As long as he keeps doing well in school...he can keep seeing her. She's sorta short and round with butt length hair that's pink in places. Dresses like she works at Hot Topic, but that's okay. She's polite, which is more than I can say for one of the girls that called him at 11:30 one night and gave me shit because it wasn't EXACTLY 11:30. Wrong move...
We had to put Extra Texting on my cellphone because it was gonna cost us a small fortune otherwise.

I had one of those surprise, toss your cookies, migraines last night... I so wish I had died in my sleep this morning.

I really felt like going to my inlaws in the rain today...not!!! The ball game's starting an hour late!! We're on Storrow Drive and the guys at the park are talking about it clearing and we have the wipers on high...we were like where the fuck are they? Aren't we playing at home?
I worked today. Then off to DH's doctor's appt. DS's girlfriend came over and stayed for supper... I have to have her home by 7.

I got DS off to school, then went back to bed...I got up after 11...ooopss...guess I needed it. I've been having a problem with heel spurs on my right foot. And now if feels like my arch is fallen...youch.. Tomorrow's gonna be fun...

We had Niagara Falls in the dining room and a swimming pool in the cellar...and I was at work!!!Poor DH had to empty the shop vac all by himself... I was supposed to pick up DS and his GF at school...and I waited for almost an hour to come out...I called DH who had gone intown to get his free flu shot at work, and supposedly DS had told me that her mother was driving them home...then WTF did she text me at 11 and want to know where I was picking them up? My arch had fallen and my heel spur was throbbing like a toothache, by the time I got home. My head was pounding and I didn't need that shit too. I was ready to cry... I just bagged DH feeding a cracker to Obelisk...shoulda got it on film...LOL
I have a full shift at work today...I'd rather stay in bed... They can tell you and tell you that your body changes as you get older, but DAMN! a period that's heavy that lasts a fucking week shouldn't be allowed... DH closed the top of the Dutch Door on Obelisk this morning...poor baby...she's okay...he was apologizing up and down because he didn't see her.Duh..she's um, BLACK!!! and it was still dark out... I've been sneezing and wheezing since I got up...happy happy joy joy! NOT!!! It's gonna be really fun doing Small Animals this morning.
Glad it's over...It was a long week. LOL

DS's Girlfriend is coming over at 11. DH is at the market and I would like to hit the craft stores..but I have no ambition. I tossed Obelisk, but that's about it.
I finally did the craft rounds and stopped in at Hanover...I was looking for some Dwarf frogs, but they were out...We don't carry them in Quincy and we lost Sasuke... So I bought another Betta instead...I don't know whether I'm gonna call him Orochimaru or Jaraiya...I won a contest on the Pet Page and got a Petco Giftcard as a prize.~10/05~
I was up around 3 and had a hard time getting back to sleep. Of course, today I coulda slept in too... The dog officer came to inspect Obelisk's living quarters...she splorted on me...he was doing all the folks today. There's 15 people that have unique critters...he says the goats are a pain in the ass. One gets out all the time and his favourite treat is cigarette filters..I told him it saves on the work release people. LOL I passed the inspection even though the place is a wreck. I need to vacuum. But having a litter box helps.

I got up, got DS off to school and went back to bed...I'm coughing and sniffly and just feel like shit. I'm only working Friday this week, so I'll have time to recuperate.
DH had PT this morning and then we picked up his new glasses... I went back to bed after DS got off to school... We shut off the TV when the score was 2-2. That was a nice surprise to wake up to.
I had the female physical this morning...blech. I was in there for almost 2 hours...DH was a wreck... I have to now have a carotid artery ultrasound and a cardiac ultrasound...she heard something that she didn't like...pissah...I had 3 EKG's, blood taken, peed in a dixie cup, and an O2 taken... The most feared words during the female exam is, "I need a different sized speculum..this one's too short" "This next sized one is longer, but it's wider...let me know if it hurts" Next time use a fucking umbrella why dontcha??!!! I've been having dreams about all of my relatives who've croaked..
The first one was my mother, my grandmother, my grandfather and my aunt Donna...we were going to Target...and I was picking Butternut Squashes off the vines...shrug...
The second one was about Miss MoneyPenny. She hopped up on my shoulder and I was walking around asking people if they saw the little bird...and if they did, could they pat her and see if she was really there, and after that to see if they heard her talking...oh boy..
SO last night when I get a phone call that DS answered saying it was Maybell or something" my heart went into my shoes...That's my Dad's wife's name!!Oh, Fuck! But it's not bad news, it was good news...They're coming up for his 50th High School Reunion. They'll be up from the 9th to the 16th. Which means I have to clean the house...which is what I should be doing and not on the computer. playing POGO, going to Chicken sites, or MySpace or Etsy...

It started out rainy and now it's sunny. There's leaves swirling everywhere...blech...I'm NOT READY!!!!
I worked a full shift today...and I'm beat! I'm gonna hafta to do the wormdance around the house because both feet hurt and I have a torn labrum in one shoulder and arthritis in the other...

At the beginning of the month I ordered DS's halloween costume...he wanted to be an Akatsuki's from Naruto. I try NOT to buy from out of the country, but I goofed. He got his cloak from Hong Kong, but I'll be damned if it isn't the pissah-est thing I've come across...It's lined and it's just plain great work, not crappy at all...I actually wrote to the company the day before we got it asking when it was gonna come and they said that it was sent out on the 2nd...well I hadn't gotten a note back saying that it was shipping...come to find out, I did. It was in DH's email file, because he thought it was junk!!!Now I feel like an ass! The hat the goes with it is coming from California...sometime...It originally said shipping between the 24th and the it's up to the 13th, so I'm just gonna be a wreck until it all gets there...
If you have a problem overseas, you're sorta screwed, cuz it's not like you can knock on their door and ask WTF?
But I was pleasantly surprised by AllAnimeDVD! Yes, I did just mention them by name...that's how happy I am with their mdse.

Can't believe that I'm caught up. LOL
We did the market and mowed the front lawn...
Still waiting for my dad to call, so that I can call my sister and let her know. I spent the night that they called trying to get ahold of her...but shit for brains had the number wrong...D'OH!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Catching up, hopefully!Current mood: grumpyCategory: Life
08/05/08~ I'm going out with my sister, don't know what we're gonna do yet.
We watched 2 movies and went out for pizza. We watched one on Enron and a really great one on 09/11.
Papa Gino's is getting outrageous with their cost almost $30 for 2 large when I can get a better deal at Papa John's or even Domino's...sigh.
08/06/08~I betcha dollahs to donuts it'll be fucking pouring buckets when it's time to go to the doctor's to have DH's staples removed...he told me I can't bring the Easy button to press when they're done...darn...pouting. DH was up early and talking on the phone to his boss...I was still half asleep and I heard a horrible sound...once, then twice, by the third time I KNEW it was that dippy Leghorn trying to crow because she was being ignored... A couple of minutes ago, I was hearing noises from the backporch...a thump and a running...I asked DH and it wasn't him...I was hoping it was just a chipmunk again, but it was a stupid tree rat...thankfully he got out on his own.
08/08/08~I've been up since 6:18...Obelisk was giving me a wakeup call...Ignorant Slut!!!grumble... DS was a first class shit all day yesterday. We were nice enough to let him stay over his friend's house, then they wanted to come here...I wasn't really in the mood, but since this summer vacation has sucked shit we said okay. DS acting like an ass...then he wanted to know if he could go and sleepover again last night and I said NO. I had to get the tub ready for DH's shower with the OT (that didn't sound right, but whatever): take down the shower doors, hang the new curtain rod and rehang my Flamingo shower curtain. DS had a friend call and want him to go over to her and her friend's house and I put him off...especially since he was giving me shit about NO not being a reason...fuck that!!! So I don't think he's gonna go...which means I'll get more shit...argh! It's also the 3rd anniversary of Slifer dying and the 5th anniversary of Tom's beheading by the raccoon...sigh... The grey and gloomy day sort goes with this... The nice light show also gave me a lovely wading pool in the cellar too...pfft.
His "girlfriend" called when the nurse was here and he was giving us attitude about that...the nurse was more important than his friend...jeeze...we had her call him back and it wasn't even 5 minutes when she called again...finally we had him get the so that we could talk it over and have him call her back. After all that, the fucking wench decided that she was doing something else..grrr.
08/09/08~I stayed up til midnight to watch the Opening Ceremonies...Obelisk let me sleep I got up at 8:30. Yeah!!! DS just got up around 11 and he's watching the Indoor Volleyball only because it's us versus Japan...He's rooting for Japan... DH got up around 6:30 and we just finished his exercises. I have laundry going, but that's about all for today...nothing major going on.
08/10/08~I was mauled by a pair of white turkeys yesterday...we were talking turkey back and forth and I petted their little heads and they tried to eat my hands...poor things were covered in shit and missing toenails and were debeaked...I was soo close to stealing...taking them out of furlough...from this tiny cage, giving em baths and just luvin on em...I think it was a's horn on it's beak and face and wattle looked more red than the other one...I've never petted a live turkey before either...
08/11/08~Did I tell you that I DID bring the Staples Easy button with us when DH had his staples removed??? I did it because he told me not to... I'm just so bad.. PT came this morning and DH made it all the way up the stairs and all the way down the stairs...I can't wait to sleep in my own damned much as I love my couch, I want my bed!
08/12/08~Another gloomy, chilly, rainy August day...
We've had one non-rainful day this month, WTF?! DH and I slept in our own bed last night...This did NOT happen LOL
08/13/08~It's been sunny and warm so far...prolly the best day of the week. DH got up at 6 and I helped him down and went back to bed. When I got up, I tossed Obelisk, sparked up the computer and sat down...I looked out the window just in time to see little birds scattering... I ran out back to get Obelisk back in, but the Ignorant Slut wasn't budging from under the snowball bush. so this morning's breakfast including a cup of coffee, my meds, an adrenaline rush and a faceful of hawk...yum! I flushed the hawk from out of the hedges and he went to the neighbour's fence and glared at me...
08/15/08~Inlaws coming on Sunday...I'd rather have Ebola...
08/16/08~I've already spent a shitload on school supplies...yuk. I don't even take DS anymore...less of a fucking hassle that way. DS went to the late movie with his cousins last night and didn't get in until after 12:30. He was still up around 2:30!! I helped DH down the stairs around 7 and went back to bed and didn't get up until after 9:30!!!YIKES!! DH told me that he was gonna drive himself to get the paper and something to eat if I didn't get up soon... DS's friend called and I told him that he probably wouldn't be coming over because he got in so late...5 minutes later DS got up....figures. I'm just doing laundry and watching the Olympics.
08/17/08~Inlaws are on their way... There is FINALLY Equestrian stuff on TV...sheesh. One of the Americans knocked down a rail on the last fence and she was under time too...shit. It's beautiful and sunny out and just a touch cool... Obelisk escaped again...the gate's closed so I guess I'm gonna have to walk the fence and see where she's getting out...I found her grazing under the bird feeder in the front yard when I was looking out the window. At least she knew she was busted and went out back without too much trouble.
08/18/08~Got the PT coming this morning and the bloodsucker coming this afternoon...Market in between. I found out where Obelisk is getting out...she's squeezing out under the she's on house arrest until I fix it.
08/20/08~My sister and I went to the fair...had a great time. We enjoyed ourselves.
Another story goes with that:
I was looking at the Narragansett and the Bourbon Red turkeys and the male NG was doing his dance for me because his gal was ignoring him. A yuppie came over with his offspring and was like "Look at the Peacock, kids". Didja ever realize that turkeys could laugh hysterically? Me neither, but that's what he was doing...I was rolling myself as I walked away...I called the guy an idiot too for good measure...sheesh.
08/21/08~They picked up the hospital bed today. So my parlour looks empty. I have to clean off the front windowsill and the stairs.Just dust and vac, nothing major. I fixed where the Ignorant Slut was getting out, but she was out again!!Fucking Leghorns... The people down the street have/are watching a Merle Australian shepherd...It got loose tonight and the kids were all chasing it...If she's their's there's gonna be trouble. The parents both work. All the kids go to school and there's gonna be noone to walk her or play with her during the day. She's gonna get in trouble because she's gonna be bored stiff. I know that I should'nt care because it's not my dog, but I love love love collies of any stripe or spot.
08/23/08~Another night of strange dreams, waddupwidat? Egyptian Gods, the End of the World and Christie Brinckley's possessed house... I'm gonna start drinking again if this keeps up... Nothing big planned today, just have to get water and go to the market later on...
08/24/08~I have to mop the living room floor and gather the furballs off the stairs...sigh. I didn't sleep really stuffed up and couldn't sleep. finally around 4 I got my reading pillow and slept sitting up. At 7 Obelisk was crowing and DH thought she was in the house. She was actually sleeping on the Dutch door...I went down, patted her and told her we were going back to sleep...and that was that.
I also had to pick up my things that went unsold at the Fair... I actually sold 2 CellPhone Charms, 2 Tshirts and 4 DreamWebs. I was happy...and my Woodland Poppet I put in as Specialty Doll won 2nd place! She was pleased with herself.
08/25/08~I just had a Tufted Titmouse hanging off the screen of my front window scolding me because the outside birds need to be fed...sheesh...LOL My bag of Layena is a quarter full and it's got pantry moths...dammit! I think her Ignorant Slut-ness should be able to eat it still, don't you? Orientation at the High School went well...DS made a new friend and he says he's not Emo anymore...
08/28/08~DH had PT again...
Obelisk got out again...argh! the neighbour just came over and told me, so now I have to do something to keep her back in...they don't mind her, they just don't want the dog to eat her because he cuts through there all the time.
08/29/08~I made French Toast for breakfast. It got the chicken slobber seal of approval. LOL We've went to the market and got water. It's TACO night!!! I've got a load of laundry in too... $60 for a Keychain...Dang!!! It was a nice thought anyways, P.... I had a buddy all of last night. Friendly, furry, 6 eyes, 8 legs... Some sort of a spidey. He helped us watch the Obama thing and he waved his pedipalps when the audience was too cute. I turned on my laptop this morning and he greeted me. He sat on the top of the screen and watched me.
08/30/08~We've asked DS what he wants to do for HIS Bday on Thursday, but he's got no clue. I cut down a whole buncha things...of course they ALL had THORNS. I'm scratched and punctured even though I had long pants on...I was at the market and a thorn came out of my hand...jeeze... AND I found out another place the Ignorant Slut was getting out...I was sitting out with her and she was grazing and looking around and grazing...then she looks around, looks over her shoulder, looks at me and scoots under the fence....SONUVABITCH!!!!! So I go and retrieve her...I put a piece of tree branch between the fence and the ground so it closed the hole up. Yeah me... She's been sulking all afternoon because she can't get out.
And that's about it from here...

Sunday, August 03, 2008
Operation UpdatesCategory: Life
07/18~I Obelisk crowing this morning, thank the Gods. She was in all day too...neither butthead felt the need to put her out so the floor looks like a black feather pillow exploded...We sold the DDD Black Euro was cute and sweet and I named her Peter Lorre because she looked like him. And we sold the bunny that looked like Miss MoneyPenny. sigh. We had 17 dead Kois in the tank this morning. We ordered DH's hospital bed and it's covered by insurance! I nevah woulda guessed that. And we put in for his meds for the operation.

07/19~We went and saw HellBoy2 this afternoon...not was more effect driven than character driven than the last one... I now have a dining room table too...It's very nice. LOL don't get to see it too often, cuz it's always got stuff on it. I went out to the porch and Obelisk was on my shoulder and I fell asleep. LOL My back now looks like hamburger, but that's'll heal eventually.
07/20~My inlaws have finally showed up...they were supposed to be here at noon...I guess they forgot how to get here...the last time they were in my house my mother was still alive. So it's been like 10 years... But I'm not running around like Mike the Headless Chicken...I've been on the puter and listening to the radio because everything was done and I even got a shower in...Yeah me! Thank you, FlyLady!!!
We survived the visit and we went out to Outback...yummy...DH's Last Supper. LOL We had torrential downpours and got water in the cellar...Today is supposed to be more of the same...blech...It wasn't too bad when the sun wasn't out, but now that the sun's up, it's like the farkin rain forest.
07/22~I haven't stopped until just now... DH went in for his hip today... We go to leave and I hear something in the tree and it's one of Mr. Rumpled's great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grand chicks. He's caught in the hawthorn by one of his feet...and he's hanging upside down and flapping like crazy...DH is saying, "OH NO YOU'RE NOT GOING INTO THAT TREE!" I apologized and we got up to the hospital. He got a lovely semiprivate johnny...LOL At 20 of 10 I'm off to pick up DS at Summer School. I drop him off and go back for the bird...who managed, thankfully, to free himself. Back to the hospital I go with a bag of books, my MP3 player and a sweatshirt. He gets an IV and then around 11:35 he gets the good stuff...LOL Within 2 minutes his eyes were crossed. LOL And then my fun started...the WAIT!!! He went in around 11:40 and came out around 2:40...At 10 of 3 I get a 2 voice messages from DS saying that there's a wasp in the house and he's been stung by her and I need to come and get her out. But I'm waiting for the doctor to talk to me so I can't leave! The doctor comes in and he tells me that the operation went well, but cutting into his leg and sewing it back up were a bitch because he's he needs to lose weight...and depending on how he does, he'll either come home on Friday or go to a rehab.
I thank him and beat feet to the door...I get the number for recovery and call them when I get home...I think the wasp has gotten out, hopefully, because I don't want to do this again. He's still in recovery; I can't find that damned wasp and I'm ready to collapse. I don't wanna cook so I order from Dominos. They have a buy one large get a second large free on Tues. Just as I'm ready to leave, I get a phone call...they fucked up my order...they made 2 mediums so they're tossing another medium in for me that's half roni and half extra cheese. We inhaled one whole pizza and have leftovers for the rest of the week. I call at 5:30 and they're getting him ready to go up to a room...DS and I get there and he's not we have to wait...At about 10 to 6, I send DS in and he's finally up there. He's still dopey! okay, he's fucking stoned!!! He's on a dilaudid/morphine drip...He kept falling asleep and shivering which is part of the anaesthesia... We didn't stay long so he could get some rest. I need some too. LOL
07/24~Hi everyone...I'd say good morning, but that's rather debatable...I slept through a huge thunder and lightning storm, and I'm propping my eyelids up with toothpicks... Here's yesterday's adventures: Yesterday, was more of the same... We saw Ernie this morning...he was much better than yesterday...he was sitting up in a chair and they had taken him off the morphine/dilaudid already. They gave him an Oxycontin, but he's doing okay. While Sandy and I were there, my inlaws came in...they walked by the room and went around...oy...they KNEW the room because I gave it to them twice yesterday! So they stayed for a little while and left. Of course, Marie had to tell about how much pain she was in. And Larry had to ask if we were coming over on Sunday...ARGH!!! He hasn't even WALKED yet!!! So my sister and I leave and we're going out the front entrance and there's my MIL sitting on a bench. I was like WTH happened? And she says they can't find the car...and now she can't find Larry either...he's walking around the parking lot looking for the car...Finally he comes back and my sister goes to get HER car so we can drive them around to look for it...We're at the Main Entrance. Not there. We go to the Emergency/South Entrance. Nope. The only thing that they can tell us is that it was in a handicapped spot and you just walked in...not much help there...And supposedly you could see ambulances. We go to the ambulance dock. Nope. Back through the South entrance. Still now my MIL is ready to cry and my FIL's staring out the window...BUT, there's one more place to look where you park and limp in for PT! BINGO!!! It's only taken a half an hour and 4 parking lots...AND he's left the lights on... So now that they've found the car, they need to know how to get back to the Xway...not that they didn't come up that way, because they did!! So my sister has them follow us since we're heading down that way...We get to the exit and we turn to go back to the house and they're STILL FOLLOWING us...we finally pull over and they figure out what they did wrong...Oh My Everloving God and Goddess!!! It was so sad, but so funny at the same time...because we tell people how they are and I'm sure that noone would believe us. Then we gathered up Mike and went to Bugaboo Creek for supper. It's nice, but the talking animal heads can be a bit unnerving...we all had really delicious burgers. After she dropped us off I sat down for a bit and read mail, then Mike and I went up to see Ernie again. He was eating supper, but I fed him some because he wasn't eating...of course I had some too...It was like a turkey noodle thing with mashed potatoes. It's really amazing how far hospital food has come. It used to be almost inedible and you were happy to get home and eat your own food. We're home now and I'll be going back tomorrow afternoon and probably at night too. I think I'm doing the early beddie bye again tonight...I'm still beat... It got even better: we have water in the cellar. And we're supposed to have torrential downpours and thunderstorms today too...blech...
Today, the hospital bed is coming too...Yeah. I have to go downstairs now and try and shopvac up some of the water so that I'll be prepared for the next round. sigh
07/25~They had DH up and walking yesterday. He made it the whole way from his bed to the door and back again...They're shipping him to a rehab this morning...depending on what insurance says he'll still be close to home which is good...his choices are the same ones that my Aunt went to to be rehabbed from her stroke... DS was sleeping in the hospital bed. He says it's very comfy...shows ya what he knows... DH got moved today...The insurance paid for the better rehab place. He gets cable, wifi, free local Goddess, it's like a hotel!!! Except for the PT. So we called his parents from my cellphone and told them that he was moved...and gave them the room number and the phone number. They called the house and were all in a panic because they thought the hospital was calling because something had gone wrong...Then they called the rehab room and they were talking to him like it was they didn't know who he was and like he was an employee...he finally had to ask them who they thought they were talking to because they were really talking to him!!ARGH!!! They had him all I called them when I got home and let them have it...I mean he repeated the number twice and said that HE was calling and giving them the number...I mean ARGH!!!! I'm going up after supper and bringing him his laptop. I also have to call his sister and give her his number.
07/26~My IL's called last night wondering what the matter was because they couldn't get through to him...Holy fucking shit people!! Ernie gave them the number twice! We gave it to them again!! Didn't they write it down??? they were punching in a 2 instead of the correct 3... My SIL called and wanted to know what was up and I basically told her that her parents need to be tied into chairs and fucking spoonfed because they should'nt be allowed out loose... I was in bed by 9, got up to pee at 5 and DS was on the computer already saying that he wasn't tired, couldn't sleep etc...he's still asleep now...Wish I still had Slifer; I'd drop her ontop of him and, with one HOOO! he'd be up PDQ! LOL I still have to call my Aunt...I haven't had the emotional fortitude to have to fucking deal with her too. I bit the bullet and called my aunt and listened to her prattle for almost an hour...She was hinting that she wanted me to come over...she kept asking what I was going to do today...I told her that I was going up to see DH and that after that I had other things to do...finally she was outright asking...and I said in the hell can I drive her all over the fucking place AND see DH and take care of DS and Obelisk and make sure that the house isn't falling down around our ears and make phone calls and shit. The PT came in and she had him walk all the way down the hall and back and do a couple of stairs and practice getting in and out of bed...there's even a fake car to practice getting in and out of...whodathunkit? DH called and gave me a list of things that he wants me to bring him...some cheese, crackers, a can of I'm watching the second Naruto movie with DS and he's making ramen...
07/27~DH called...he wants me to bring him coffee.. My SIL called because she can't get through to their's probably off the hook like it usually is...then they'll say that it OUR phones even if we've all tried calling with our landlines AND cells...sheesh. DS is still asleep...think I'll poke him with a stun gun...if I had a stun gun...
07/28~DS is off to school and DH has called already. He wants to be sprung...They were doing the floors at midnight. and they wrecked his toast and his pancakes were awful..And he wants MY cooking and to be home...oy. Noone's come around for the PT/OT schedule and he's getting crabby.
07/30~DH is home and we're both dead... We had all three of the visiting nurse people come between 10:30 and least he's gonna take a nap in a bit and DS is going to the library to hang out with his harem. So it will be quiet around here for a little bit.
07/31~We both finally slept, thank the Gods! too bad it's muggy and gross right now.. We're waiting on a call from the person who's supposed to draw blood for the Coumadin. I've already been to the market...
08/01~We've got the joyous news that my inlaws are coming on Sunday...and my MIL's making Greek soup...which means that we'll hear about she was up at 3 chasing the chicken to make the soup and then having to harvest the rice or pasta herself., and grow the lemon tree and produced the eggs herself..and my FIL just asked if DH was having "real" pain,WTF? which caused speechlessness for a few minutes...oy. We just got the bath done and the bandage change...DS is still asleep...He wound up getting an A in Summer School...
Stupid forgot to make the coffee last night so poor DH had to hobble on into the kitchen with his walker and do it...sigh... It didn't help that I couldn't find any of my tags, markers or I just tossed everything back in the bag... But I changed my mind once again and will do the fair after all.Then I went to drop off my things at the fair...I took the long way because the Xway was backed up...I was the only one there...I checked the date and it's NEXT week... double dumbass on me.
08/03~Now, my MIL is making a roast chicken and potatoes too!This is just gonna be a long day, sigh... My head is still screwed up...and now my stomach is too...dang...

We were expecting the inlaws to show up at noon...because DH had TOLD them that DS wanted to visit his cousins...My FIL CALLED at noon and said that they were getting ready to go... ...So when they got here at one, I started dishing out the food...My MIL was like "I'm not having any" when I gave her the I passed it on to my FIL. Then when I dished out the Chicken and potatoes, I got, "I'm not eating" Well fine, Fuck you too, sulk somewhere else...I wolfed down my lunch and took off to bring DS to his cousins.
The last time they came over the was the Sunday before DH's operation and they said that they'd be here at 12...once again, they didn't show up until after 1!!! My FIL had to "watch his shows".... It's not like Meet the Press or some other shit is gonna go off the friggin air if he misses it for a fucking Sunday... It wasn't like we hadn't told them to come over early...DH had specifically TOLD them!!! AND, they were still here when I came back...guess they were afraid DH was gonna fall or something... By the time they got here we were really pissed off and I'm sure my FIL got it all the way home too.
08/04~Been a busy day already. We've had the PT and the nurse already and we're waiting on the lab person to take blood.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Gonna be busy this week...Current mood: tiredCategory: Life
A couple of weeks ago, I had the absolute NEED to make this tree person...she wouldn't leave me alone until I made her up!!!Jeeze dontcha just HATE that?! If you're not a crafty person, I'm sure you're saying that I need some serious psychological help, but really I don't...well, not much anyways...
I just went back and looked and DANG! I haven't been on here much, but I've been doing other things too.
I made 5 DreamWebs and a Forest that's why I haven't been here...wanna buy a bridge?
I also spent most of last week cleaning the Chicken Room AKA My backporch. I took everything out and vacuumed and swept and vacuumed some more...some spots it took 6 or 7 was all feathers and bits of feathers and a little chicken food,but I didn't come across any mice, thank the Gods...that's another story this past week...
Anyways...Amanda from the Quincy Petco called and there was some sort of meeting that the folks there need to go to so she needed someone to work..I called her back and I have 2 days this week. Yeah!!!
But at least it's something coming in...makes me feel a bit productive...
Yesterday was Father's Day and we went to the inlaws because we were going out...My FIL had lost his cellphone so we tried looking for it...Goddess only knows where he lost, He doesn't even "nermal" people would leave it on and then you could call it up and find it that way, but not him and by now the battery's dead anyways. My MIL swears she heard it under the way am I gonna look under that humungous thing.
We went out to the 99. We enjoyed our dinners. My MIL was complaining that she was cold and when my FIL was gonna give her his jacket she got pissed...
And my FIL thought that the GPS talking was Mike...oh boy...
Today we didn't do anything. I'm tired anyways. Wish the damned basketball was over earlier...yes, I went to bed early. I missed the end of last night's game and the one where the Celtics came back from 24 points down...I figured they were toast!
This is Mike's last week of school. He graduates, hopefully, on Thursday. We'll find out tomorrow when the school calls about the slackers who have to go to summer school or have to repeat the grade...oh joy!
Tomorrow also we have a class on hip replacements at the hospital. We need to see an occupational therapist and a physical therapist before that! So we're gonna be up South Shore for at least 3 hours. Maybe I'll treat him to lunch at the hospital...the food isn't anywhere near as bad as it was when I had my heart surgeries 30+ years ago.
Then, if Mike has to go to summer school, we have to go to the school and shell out $170 for the priviledge of slackerdom. There's another chance to do it too, but that's on July1st which is when summer school starts.
Wednesday and Thursday I work. Thursday is also 8th Grade graduation and a dance after that...oy
Friday is a half day of school. And then the fun begins...when Ernie gets his hip done that's when the fun is REALLY and TRULY going to start!
Back to the mouse story:
I was hearing noise from under the sink...I was like WTF is that? so I go under and there's a mouse in the trap, but she's still alive! She's trapped by her head and she has a hurt foot. So I grab the trap and take her outside...I go to put her in the compost heap, but then I was like...maybe she can get better. I called the wildlife place and they only take patients from 10-2... So WTH am I gonna do with her until the next day? AHA!!!I have George's empty Kritter Keeper. So I catch her and put her in that...She never even tried to bite me unlike the animals at work...sheesh. I put in some water and some chicken food and some sunflower seeds. I fully expected her to be a deadles by the morning, but she was still hanging in...I gave her some water from a syringe and it looked like she had eaten some of the seeds. I had a class on the Reserve Medical Corps to go to so I didn't want to leave her in the car. I had to go back and get her. It turned out that she was blind and probably brain damaged to boot...even if she had survived she never would've been happy as a pet mouse, since she was wild.
Between the techs and myself we figured it was in her best interest to have her put to sleep. It was the kindest thing to do...I didn't even make it all the way up the stairs before the water works started...I felt so guilty because I had hurt her. Okay, so I'm a sucker...but I love animals.

Friday, May 23, 2008
Roller Coaster ride of life...Current mood: tiredCategory: Life
It's been an up and down month starting with getting my new laptop, and selling something from my Etsy shop that wasn't to someone I knew ...then it went downhill with Miss MoneyPenny getting sick, then getting killed by the redtail.
I miss her a lot and I think Obelisk might too. She was quieter and cuddlier when she figured out that her little shadow wasn't coming back...She even laid three eggs the day that Penny died. One at 7. One at 9 and another one at 6 or so...It had a softshell...she's never laid like THAT before. It was probably stress.
I haven't been back to work again... Which is sort of a bummer...I liked the store and I thought they liked me...sigh...wonder if Durwood had something to do with it...Okay, so I MIGHT be paranoid, but I could be right...of course, she could just be trying to train the new people that she hired.
It doesn't help that Ernie's getting his hip replaced in June sometime. We go in to find out when on his birthday, the 28th of May. Then Mike, aka Mr. I know fucking everything and the rest of you are fucking d-d-d's. WILL be going to summer school... He's failing 2 classes and AND there's no bus, AND the first class is a 7:30 to 9:50 and the second one is not only can I not work when Ernie's recuperating, but I'll have to be home to drive Mike to and from Summer School.
And he tells me that I WON'T be able to go to Chickenstock in NH on June 29th...NO, I WILL B E GOING! We didn't have a MA one last year because I got in the car accident, and he put his foot down that we couldn't have "chickenpeople" come here. Not like they're serial killers...hell they just like Chickens!
I've been hanging out with my sister for a couple of days this week. She had the week off. We went out on Tuesday and hit Building 19 and Borders, then went to lunch at Olive come I NEVER EVER manage to hit it when there the never ending Pasta Bowl? I think it's a Karmic Conspiracy...So we both got the same thing, a tour of Italy, with "Fake Beef" parm, Fettucine Alfredo and a chunk of Lasagne, and Soup. We actually had to take things home...the waiter looked like a cross between Alex O' loughlin from Moonlight, and Josh Groban with Marfans...he was very sweet though...Then Sandy and I got to laughing and we almost got kicked out...It started off with lightbulbs and ended with Toilet Eels (Use your imaginations)...The manager kept circling and every few circuits he would ask if we were doing okay...
I had a gift card for there that I had gotten from MyPoints and I hadn't used it because Mike doesn't like Olive Garden because they have salad...oy...and I KNOW he wouldn't eat anything from Smokey Bones, and I'm allergic to lobster so Red Lobster was out...
We spent $50!!! I almost fell over...but it was okay because we had a good time.
Wednesday I wanted to buy something for Ernie for his birthday at Lowe's, an Azalea to replace the stick that used to be one next the front stairs...the thing I wanted they didn't have so I disappointed. So I went to the Staples next door for a potty break. I wandered around the Staples for a few minutes then went back to Xicoh. I saw something on the ground next to her. I picked it up and it was a $10 bill. There was noone parked next to me, so I said some Thank Yous. I went to Penniman Hill to get some plants and spent $30! I got 2 kinds of Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Eggplant, Cukes, Summer Squash, Lettuce and Corn. And I got Dahlias and Marigolds, too.
Thursday, I went out with Sandy again. We went to the Lowes in Pembroke and they had that elusive Azalea!!So I scooped it up and then we went to Kohls and she got some shoes and then to FYE and she got some videos...after that it was lunch time at Hearth and Kettle...we had Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes..Yummy olde Yankee comfort food. I has butternut squash...I love squash, okay, so I'm weird...not like you didn't know it in the first place.
She dropped me off and when Ernie got home we had to go pick up a guitar in Scituate that Mike's gonna need if he makes it to High School next year and actually gets the beginning guitar class that he wants. Ernie used his new GPS...It took us all over creation...I had my map book, just in case, but we made it...we got Tacos on the way back LOL
Today was another lovely adventure. Ernie was off he decided to take down a steak for a BBQ. We have a 3 pack of steak that is frozen...Mr Genius decides to smack it against the sink to see if he can separate the steak that he wants...So he washes his hands and put the steak on a plate...I come in from checking Obelisk and I'm like, WTF? why's there water on the floor? "I dunno" Considering my house is 60+, is held together with chewing gum and bandage tape, it wasn't a brilliant move on his part...I look in the cabinet under the sink and Mr Smartie managed to knock the pipe out of the fitting...So I'm tossing things out of the cabinet and putting the really wet things in the tub...AND it went into the cellar too!!!
Then Obelisk got in and she didn't want to walk through that obstacle course so she went right upstairs...ACK!!!
So DH was mowing the lawn and I was using Pinesol for disinfecting the cabinet and floor...I'm gonna be smelling of Pinesol for a few days...I did the cabinet 3 times and the floor twice...I fixed the pipe and used some Goop on it for good measure...Now I have to wait for the cabinet to dry so I can put everything back...
I finally have everything back where it was not fun...Then Mike's friend calls and wants him to come over....then it went to a sleepover...oy...So we're childless for a whole 24's quiet, too danged quiet...
My best friend called during the week and she's coming up from hopefully I'll be able to see her.
We're just gonna see what tomorrow brings I guess.

Thursday, May 01, 2008
Fucking bummer....
The trials with Miss MoneyPenny have now ended...and she's in a better place.
She was just up and down. She'd be good in the morning and crappy at night...
I had a double Optical Migraine on Tuesday, so I had her laying on my chest so I could take a nap..Obelisk came in and well all napped together...awww...
I made her up some food that was part Baby Bird handfeeding formula, PolyViSol baby vitamins and Applesauce. The first day she wasn't interested, but the next day it was like Crack and she couldn't get enough...
I've been keeping her in with me so that she wouldn't move around too much...she'd sort of flutter her wings, mostly the right one to scoot around on her I did a lot of holding her this past week...she's so darned cute you couldn't help it anyways, not like her Friggin Leghorn buddy...
Yesterday it got nice in the afternoon, so I took her down the stairs and put her on the ground so she could eat the green dingleberries from the maple tree. They're much better than the red ones from the swamp maple,
I brought her in so she could eat more of her food...then when I went to check on her, she was starting down the damned stairs, by herself...I put her down on the ground again. And she stayed out until it was getting colder...I brought her back in and she sounded awful, hoarse and raspy...So I sat with her on their chair and she gave me a chicken hug and spread her wing out on my shoulder and we sat for a while.Even Obelisk came and sat with us.Finally, put her on the chair and wrapped her up in the blue and white fleece thing that I wear at work all the she'd stay nice and toasty...and I said my goodbyes to her...
Well, when I got up at 6 this morning Obelisk wanted to go out, so I put the both of them out...Today is ALSO my 20th Wedding Anniversary...It was nice and sunny...And that couldn't hurt her.
Mike left his Spanish homework at home so I took it to school for him...I'm sure I'll be yelled at for that... and I stopped to get me and Ernie breakfast at McD's.
We ate and I went on the computer...then something tells me to go and check on the birds...I open the back door and start down the stairs and there's the Fucking Redtailed Hawk plucking Miss MoneyPenny right by the steps!!!
I scared the shit out of him, but I was too late and she was dead...
He just must've gotten her because she was still warm. Her neck was broken: that's how they kill and he was just starting to pluck her...And NO, I haven't stopped crying...and NO she WASN'T JUST A CHICKEN! She was a beloved pet!!!
The next question is Where is Obelisk? Ernie went out front looking for her and I held Penny and looked out back, under the porch, under the rabbit hutch, under Mike's bike...I finally found her under the other chicken chair on the back porch...
At the very least, Penny won't get sicker, and it was quick and painless and I couldn't have brought myself to do it, even if she had gotten I have to thank Mr. Hawk for that at least...and I'm so thankful that a predator who would've EATEN her got her rather than a dog that would've killed her for the pure sport of it...
I wonder if Slifer's sharing the Spicy Habanero Doritos as we speak...
This is how I want to remember Miss MoneyPenny, aka Miss Pinochle and Sauerkraut of 07, aka Penny the Periscope,(because she'd pop her head up when you call her name)December 07-May 08. I miss you, little girl...

Friday, April 25, 2008
As good as last week went this one's made up for it...It was vacation week...sigh and we did absolutely nada!!!
I worked on Tuesday a full shift...I didn't feel like moving when I got home. LOL
On Wed we went to NH to see Magda and cousin George...that went okay...I bought my nephew his Bday gifts and got me a Serj Tshirt...I was torn between Eddie on a camel, but Serj won...
Thurs worked sent home an hour early, but at least I got to see the start of the ball game.
Also on Tues, I noticed Penny having trouble getting up on the chair...I figured she was tired or something...all that free ranging..
Wed she was sitting on her bum bones, not a position that a bird usually is found in...But we went to NH anyways and I was a wreck. I fully expected dead bird when I came home, but she was alright. But she had both legs stretched straight out in front of I posted on BYC...and waited...I didn't get any responses so I called the VCA down the street...$95 to see her before 8 and $130 after 8...Ernie was pissed! But I stuffed her in the car carrier and off we went...I gave them all the info and they took her away...I sat and cried for over an hour in the waiting room...They had me sign paperwork with all sorts of high numbers, YIKES!!! If she was going to stay over night I could've put her up in a hotel for cheaper...forget Xrays and meds...I'd be on the short track to the poor farm. Finally I was called in and the doctor on duty had me take her out and let her look at her...Penny was being a lump on the slippery floor...I got her to stand and walk a couple of steps...The Dr. tested her hip and we got a lovely crunch! sound on the left one, which is the one that I thought was hurt...I felt a strange lump where there shouldn't have been one...
The Doctor put in a call to the Exotic/Avian specialist. He tentatively diagnosed her with Marek's Disease, which is a fatal (to birds) herpes virus. Unless she was vaccinated as a chick, she'd be susceptible to it...I don't know if Obelisk was either...either way, they'd be giving it to each other...So they could keep her overnight. (NOT!) Then anesthetize her and Xray her hip...I said no, because I couldn't afford it...If it really is Marek's there's nothing to do anyways, except to wait for the inevitable...More critters, and people die while their under than I want to think about...
She's eating well and drinkin and wanting to be outside...hell, if I was on my way out, I'd rather be outside too...If it IS just her hip, somehow I've got to get it back where it belongs. I just don't want to hurt her more. I don't even know how she could've gotten hurt. Maybe she flew and landed wrong or one of the neighbourhood darlings threw something and hit her. I dunno...

Right now it's just wait and see, but at least I'll be home to keep an eye on her next week because AGAIN I have no hours...I guess they took the fish girl back, so off I am again...

Monday, April 21, 2008
Roller Coaster weekendCategory: Life
This has been one of those weekends where it's just been really screwy! Maybe it's just the month in general...
Mike got his report card on Friday...he came home, went upstairs coming down only for supper, dessert and pee breaks...That was when I KNEW his report card sucked...sigh...
Saturday, I got up and let the girls out...then my SIL called and I was talking to her a while later and I saw something in the volleyball net that I had so that Obelisk and Jerry wouldn't fly out and eat Mr. Gormley's grass seed..that's how long it's been up there...with no problems...I went over and it was a robin... She was so tangled that it took me over 10 minutes to cut her out of the net... she had been dead for some time because the body was cold...she was caught by her neck, one wing and her tail...I couldn't hardly see what I was doing because I was crying...and telling her that I was sorry... I think she might've been chased by a hawk or another IS that time of the year.
Then we got to see Mike's report card...At least he's consistent in History...straight F's...he's told me his teacher is so bad that she made the Black Death boring...
He also got an F in Spanish for not turning in homework.
He got a C in English up from a D.
He went up in Math from an F to a C-.
But went down in Science from a C+ to a C...
ARGH!!!! We KNOW he can do the work, but there's other things that he thinks are more important...
Onto better things though...
I got up on Sunday and checked my Hotmail and I had a SALE from my Etsy shop!!! How Awesome was that??!!! I had sold my Thunderbird T-shirt.
Then Ernie and I went to Best Buy...he was going to look around, but then he asked about a LapTop...I figured it was for his sister because she's looking for one, but NO!! It was for me!!! For our Anniversary, My Birthday, Xmas, Kwanza, Hannukah, Beltane, Earth Day and save the mosquitoes day. LOL
That's what I'm typing on now! Not well because the stupid positioning of the CapsLock button, but I'm doing alright...We went to Staples today and we got an Optical mouse for the much easier than the pad thing...I'm so not that coordinated...
THEN!!!Merra called from work and I actually have hours next week!!I'm was on on Thursday, but Corrine, the fish girl quit, so I'm taking over one of HER shifts too...
Well, considering everyone thought that *I* quit...hmmmm....I wasn't even gonna call this week...
I made some Shrink Plastic pendants for my Etsy Store and incinerated some Fimo/Sculpey amulets too...Some of them turned black and one of them sorta blew up like it had elephantiasis! The heart one I made looked like it was made out of olivine basalt...
And I made some Scarabs too...I made some from a mould and others just by hand...I adore Scarabs...Didja know that Japanese Beetles are members of the Scarb family?
I'll put up the links for my Etsy shop and my blogspot blog too..That one's got pics...
AND I'm having an Earth Day sale in my Etsy shop, so come and take a peek!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008
April’s Fool’s Days just SUCK!!!Current mood: aggravatedCategory: Life
In my numerous years of living, I have discovered that the Universe has a funny way of showing that it’s control of you...You could call it a Karmic Joke or the Gods have a strange sense of humour...which is more like it...
Way back in the early 90’s, I had a lovely little Pontiac LeMans. I was driving home up Quincy Avenue. Doodeedoo...lalalala..what’s this coming towards me...AWWW FUCK!!!! I slammed on the brakes and it didn’t do me any good...
This old bag in a Ford Taurus was late to drop off her flowers for her meeting at the Swedish Club, so she was speeding and not being careful.
There was a tanker truck pulling out of his depot to go up the hill... since it’s humungous it should have the right of way...not according to this dipstick!!! She pulls AROUND the cab of the truck onto the wrong side of the road and plows into me head on. I had no place to go. I wound up going through the windshield with my forehead...I wind up looking like an extra from Nightbreed...
And the only thing this bitch can say is, "She’s not hurt that bad, I lost a tooth and might have to cancel my trip to Hawaii."
That was an April first.
The next year, I’m finally sorta back to normal...or nermal I’m driving going somewhere, and I go to stop at Ricky Smith corner...nope the car ain’t I wind up going to somewhere and getting a ride home...
Also, April First.
Now comes today...
Mike is complaining that his head hurts and I can tell he doesn’t want to go to school...he’s not bleeding from his eyes so he’s going...But since he’s moving at the speed of glacier...I just KNOW that he’s gonna miss the bus. He not only missed HIS bus, but the one that comes later on the other corner... That means I have to leave the house and DRIVE him to school...crud...I start to pull out of the driveway and I hear the dreaded thumpathumpathumpa that usually signifies at flat tire. Having blown out a tire at 85 MPH I know what it sounds like...damn damn damn...but I gotta get him to school! So I was going to go back to the house, but I call Ernie and he says to just take her to NTB. so I get out and look around. I don’t see anything. The four tires all look fine. So I get a greasemonkey to come out and take a look and there’s a huge BOLT that looks like it belongs either in the Frankenstein Monster’s neck or holding railroad tracks together...
So an hour and a half and $30 later, I am home safely. And THAT is where I stayed, for the rest of the day...

Thursday, March 27, 2008
grrrgle...grrr...blech....argh...yeah!Current mood: grumpyCategory: Life
Let’s start from this morning then I guess. LOL
My DS is rubbing on my last nerve...the past couple of days has been awful. Migraine City...
He comes in from school, planks his ass on the computer, then turns the TV to whatever HE wants to watch...HELLO! I was fucking watching something!!!
Then he’ll turn up whatever AMV he’s watching so you can’t hear the TV I turn off the TV and leave and he gets mad because you’ve turned off the TV because you can’t hear what you’re watching...
I really can’t wait for him to grow out of this phase before his emo carcass goes into the compost heap.
This morning I asked him to take his water bottle into the kitchen and I got a ration of shit...I’m feeling because of the migraine anyways and I didn’t really need that too...
I was gonna take a shower and it’s just too much effort to do that too...
DH is home and he’s in a shitty mood too, so I don’t WTF I’m gonna do...except use Shellder’s "hide in shell" attack.
I had egg from both spoiled brats most days this week, which is really good, even though they were fighting over that prime space of real estate on the couch yesterday. It’s like watching a kid waiting to use the bathroom and in a hurry. LOL
I made 6 new DreamWebs yesterday and were showing them to DH and he wasn’t impressed at all...His only comment was "Don’t you have more already that you haven’t sold?" That’s not the point. The point is to keep putting your hook out there and someone might just take a nibble...
I had to take my Aunt out on Tuesday. She had a cat now... one of the people that she knows in the building was having trouble with her two fighting and gave my Aunt one. It’s a pretty Tortie, but I guess it’s got issues. Doesn’t like to be picked up; doesn’t like to be held; doesn’t like strangers...why might as well have a pirahna. I was sorta snappy with her because my head’s been hurting this whole week. And I feel bad. Her daughter’s moved farther away and only comes up every two weeks to dole out her meds. Her exboyfriend has married the one that he was cheating on my aunt I’m basically IT again to help her out...pfft.
Sunday was Easter. We went to Long John Silver’s because Greek Easter isn’t until next month...We didn’t do an Easter Basket for Mike this year. I asked him if he wanted one for both or just one and he said just for Greek and I was like okay. Easter morning, I get yelled at because he didn’t get a basket WTF?! he was mad because it wasn’t the same day as regular Easter and that it’s next month and he has to wait...
We went to LJS because we’ve been telling my inlaws about it and they’ve wanted to go. They’ve went by it; driven through the parking lot even and never even seen it! So DS and DH took our car and I drove theirs and we finally got them there. Of course the idiot on the register screwed up our order and we got chicken rather than fish...but it wasn’t worth the aggravation of having them fix it. DS got some burrito-cheesy thing at the Taco Bell side...They’re actually talking about putting a KFC/TB right down the street from us. There’s already a KFC so I’m hoping for a LJS instead.
On Monday, I got a SALE from my ETSY shop!!! A member of one of the boards that I go to bought 4 DreamWebs. DH saw that email from PayPal and wanted to know what I bought...I was like nothing! It was saying that someone sent me money!
I was very very happy! Psyched Even!! thank you PnP!!!
That’s been the highlight of my week...

Friday, March 21, 2008
I’m getting discouraged.Category: Life
I haven’t had any hours at work for the past month!
So I’ve been keeping busy decluttering the cellar which really needs it and Freecycling the good stuff and tossing the really awful stuff.
I even had a lady write back and say that she was proud of me and it wasn’t even Flylady which made me feel really good.
What’s been pissing me off with that is that they’re not picking the stuff up so you have to keep it for a while longer while you repost, which ISN’T getting the shit out of your house OR they want you to drive to meet them...I DO NOT FUCKING THINK SO! The stuff is free, avail yourself and come and get it! I am not UPS or FedEx and I don’t deliver!
And I’ve also been working on my Etsy shop...for those of you NOT in the know, it’s a place for folks who make handcrafted items to sell them and to buy from other Etsians.
It’s a Helluva lot cheaper than Ebay and the people will at least talk to you in the forums. You can search for a particular item, or where you want to buy from and you can even list to have something in particular made custom for you!
TerrieLacy from BYC told us about it and at least a half dozen BYCer’s are on it now!
I have around 30 items up and haven’t sold ANYTHING!!!
It’s very discouraging. I think it’s the time of year and the fact that things that people NEED are going through the roof..."Thank you, Idiot in Chief". I’m on the forums, sometimes in chat, and I’m now in a BNR which is Buy and Replace. You buy something from a store and you take their place.
I have free shipping too which if someone’s overseas is gonna cost me more than the sale...pfft...
I got my shop critiqued yesterday and the biggest thing was pictures. Well I take shitty pictures. Always have, always will...
I spent an hour making a banner which was another thing that they said that I needed...
The next thing will be reducing prices and just plain outright begging...

Only a couple of bright spots.
Both Obelisk and Penny are laying.
I saw one of my nieces in her high school play and she was fantastic!
And My Pet Chicken is hiring...

Monday, March 10, 2008
Blah blah blahCurrent mood: aggravatedCategory: Life
It's been a buys few weeks...and it's not work either because I haven't had any hours for the past three weeks.. That's such a great way to make money...That's not a good sign, when people are working one day a week or two days a week and I have NONE!!!
So I've been cooking my fingers to the bone, instead. I've made Stifado, Buffalo Chili, Pastitsio, and Lasagne. My Lasagne took 4 hours to cook because the oven's on it's last legs...It took 2 hours for it to get to 200 degrees...shit, a flame thrower would've been quicker..
Mike is still being a pain in the rump roast, but that's teenagers for ya...ya can't beat em and you can't give em back to the Martian mother ship that he came from...Even though Ernie has started to agree with me that chickens are a helluva lot less aggravation.
He's supposedly doing better in I hope that's true. If not he's going to repeat 8th Grade AND/OR go to Summer School. That'll screw things up royally...especially since all the neighbourhood little dumplings will give him shit for staying back.
He's not stupid either, just lazy as hell.
He'd rather be on the computer or watching TV than doing that boring homework, but when I went to school, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I'd come home and do MY homework right away so it would be out of the way. I wouldn't let it sit until the minute before it was due.
Obelisk is being a fucking pain in the ass, ignorant slut. She's picked Penny raw on her back. One place was down to the meat! I never would've kept Penny if I knew that she'd be such a bitch all the time...and it's not ALL the time either, just when she's bored or stuck inside. I can't find my Better Bitters, but sprayed Penny's back with WoundKote, so now I have a purple backed birdie, a rare species. LOL
Penny's also been laying for about a week. Yeah! And Obelisk started yesterday. I moved the chair cover and heard,Clunk! OOPS! It didn't break so that's a good thing. I gave them both some cat food, especially Penny to help grow her feathers back quicker. Right now, Penny just laid HER egg and that dippy Leghorn is sitting on it...Guess she didn't get the memo that Leghorns don't go broody...
I've also been getting rid of all sorts of shit in the cellar. I've FreeCycled 10 bags of stuff. And I have more to go through.
I have my Etsy shop (Howling Caterpillars) up and sales, but I've been networking over there as much as I can. Come and take a look...Free shipping on my first sale!
I've donated a Tshirt to an Etsy Charity and did a Tutorial on how to make a DreamWeb on another site...
Ernie's gotta see a Rheumatologist for his hips...they're getting really bad.
My cardiologist says I don't have to see him for another year. Yeah!
My Aunt wants me to do her taxes, but she doesn't have anything from Social Security or Brinks...I think her asshole ex has taken it all and put her on his taxes as a dependent. I told her to call SS and get a statement...she says she has something that says 3rd party, but I've got NOOO idea what the hell that's all about...H&RBlock here she comes.
My sister called the other day around quarter past 7. Luckily I was up anyways. something told me I had to get up at 10 of 7 after I finished dreaming of her and me on the back deck of hell house.
She ALSO got up at 10 of 7...Weird Twin thing going on. LOL
So what happened was, she went out with some of the ladies from work to celebrate their new jobs and they got crocked. Sandy got a cab home and left her PT Cruiser in the parking lot right out front of my old Shoe-Town store...can't get away from Quincy...
This Saturday, one of her daughter's Grace is in her school musical "Grease" I love Grease. We saw it in New York with Barry Bostwick playing Danny..that was a bajillion years ago...YIKES!!!
So far, I'm looking for another job, but noone's hiring where I'd want to work...even Ernie's old Staples doesn't want me...but then again, they're opening a new one where CompUSA was...and I've heard rumours that they're opening a PetSmart right down the street from my Petco...that'll be much for our business.
Speaking of that, the price of everything is going up. A gallon of milk costs as much as a pack of cigarettes, gas has been a roller coaster...And that asshat in the White House thinks that giving people a few bucks is gonna make a difference. He doesn't seem to realize that the people that it's gonna help aren't going to spend it, but the rest of the folks will spend it and then some. BUT it's basically no more than one of those fly-by-night deals where you get a pre tax loan, because that's what it is...We're gonna get taxed on it next year as unearned income..not fair...I wanna say keep your fucking money, but we could use it.

Thursday, February 21, 2008
This was how my lovely week started...Current mood: lethargicCategory: Life
My Monday sucked, if that helps...I've been sick, so I finally called the doctor. Because I was coughing up weird coloured stuff and am asthmatic, he told me to go to the ER...I left about 20 past twelve and I just got home at quarter to 9...Triage, where they weed out the really bad ones from the ones who can stew for a while, had a 2 and half hour wait...Being a cardiac patient also, I got triaged in about an hour. Yeah!Then I waited and waited and waited and waited and waited...then I waited some more...I got my temp, O2, and BP taken finally...then back to the waiting room...I am the only one there who doesn't have ANYONE sitting near them...I wheezed when I breathed in. I gasped when I breathed out. I coughed like my lungs were gonna hop onto the floor...At about 4 I was taken out back and had blood drawn. I got 2 nebulizer treatments which seemed to help some. A bit later I got Xrayed too...Back to the waiting room...Mind you, it's a Monday, a long weekend, the weather's been crappy, and*I'M* was standing room only.I'm parked in a corner in a wheelchair...still hacking up gunk.Yeah me!FINALLY at 20 past 7, I get put into a bed in the wait some more...Ernie by now has called twice and is ..EZCODE EMOTICON START :se -->..EZCODE EMOTICON END--> The phone is off the hook or busy at home and he's ready to loose his mind...AND my phone needs to be charged AND there's no service in the ER.The doctor finally comes least he's cute. LOLI get examined and he gives me the lowdown. No fluid in the lungsBlood gasses are fine.You're still wheezing...(No shit, Sherlock)No pneumonia, but we'll give you some antibiotics and some prednisone and another nebulizer. Because there may still be an infection in there.8 hours and three Rx later, I am home to a kitchen that looks likes Sherman's March to the Sea.....EZCODE EMOTICON START :cry -->..EZCODE EMOTICON END--> Mike made himself hash and it's on the stove and on the floor and just everywhere and he just informed me that he managed to catch his hash on fire, but only a little...that's sorta like being a little pregnant...dontcha think?The phone was busy because he was making plans with one of his "girlfriends"...So if anyone's looking for me, this is where I'll be ..EZCODE EMOTICON START :turtle -->..EZCODE EMOTICON END--> hiding in my shell.

Saturday, February 16, 2008
Blech!Current mood: pissed off
Man it's been a crappy week!
DS was sick last weekend and now I have it...even blowing my nose with Puffs hurts.
I had to call in on Wed because school had a 2 hour delay and Mike had 2 tests and I was only working 2 1/2 hours anyways.
So I was feeling crappy so I went back to bed...I've spent so much time sleeping it's not funny...
I always know when I'm getting sick because I start sneezing, then my sinuses fill up, then it goes into my chest.
The only saving grace of my cleaning small animals on Thurs was that I couldn't breathe anyways, so they didn't do too much more harm.
Today I get up and we have to drop a movie back at the library...Obelisk is pecking Penny again...ignorant slut that she is...We weren't even gone an hour and I toss the girls out when we come back..
Penny's back is all naked and bloody! Obelisk pecked her right down to the bone! I was sooo pissed! I cleaned her off with soap and water and some hydrogen peroxide. Then I put on some have to be careful with that because you can turn yourself purple til Doomsday. I can't find my bottle of Better Bitters, so I may have to buy some more...I used it when Obelisk used to peck Slifer, but she never pecked her this bad...
I think I'll put Penny in the cat carrier for the night, just so that she's safe and warm...I'm so angry at Obelisk, I'm amazed that we're not having Leghorn for dinner.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
I’ve been busyCurrent mood: nauseated
It's been a long few weeks...I've been busy with work, if you can believe that!! I actually have been getting a few hours. woot!
Too bad it's now when I'm trying to get some work done on my Etsy store...a sale would be nice. LOL
I've had more migraines this month than I've had in a whole is up with that?! I had one Saturday spent the afternoon in bed. Then I got another one yesterday along with a bloody nose and a less severe one today.
I broke out and had an asthma attack doing small animals on Monday.
Yesterday, I had to go and put my Aunt's over the toilet shelf together...What fun that was...
I got there about 11 and every five minutes it was, "Do you need help?" "Can I help you with anything?" The best was when she was watching Maury and was asking me if I had seen what had just happened on the TV...I happened to have had my head under the fucking toilet installing the damned thing, so NO I DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING!!! I was very close to going home and bringing back Slifer's muzzle and slapping it on her. No wonder I had a migraine...
I know she's had a stroke and stuff and her short term memory is shot all to Hell, but I've seen those pictures of my cousins and their kids 5 times already! And NO! I haven't heard from your lazy worthless tramp druggie of a daughter, or your fucking worthless piece o sheet boyfriend or your brother!!!And I could give a flying Ostrich Splort less...SO STOP ASKING ME!!!!
She thinks my son is 8 and he's 14. She thinks that my sister has 5 kids: she's got 4. She's wanting to get her car up here so that she can sell it before her daughter does. But she wants me and her friend to drive her down there to get it AND ME to drive it back up here...UMM, NO!!! It hasn't been driven in a year, let alone started...I can imagine all the crap in the fuel line...And I can just picture myself being stuck someplace.
And she was calling and asking about a piece of paper that she got in the mail that looked important and might be for her taxes...Couldn't have been THAT important because she couldn't find it yesterday...
Her friend from the building is a insult to those beautiful birdies...But at least she takes her out when she goes...except that she doesn't like to get up before Noon! By noon, I'm half done!
The only thing that I'm looking forward to this weekend is the Super Bowl...GO PATS!!! LOL
They were showing some snippets of ads for the game and there's another Anheiser Busch one that I know I'm gonna cry over...I really hate when they do that. Tom Petty's doing the halftime show so the FCC can be assured that he'll keep his clothes on...But then again I heard that that pedophile extraordinaire will be doing something too because it's 25 years of Pepsi or some shit. Wasn't he filming a Pepsi commercial when he hair caught on fire?? I think I'd avoid that again...

Monday, January 07, 2008
Hello again and Happy new year...
So far, the sky hasn't fallen and things are going as smoothly as they can...We've paid off the house, so ProSeleni is now ours!
The only crappy thing, so far, is that the cute odontologist who looked like Serj wrote in his report that the post for the crown on my root canal is off centered and crooked. To fix this, they need to take the tooth out...and do an implant to the tune of $2000 US... I would like to go back down to Dr. Locke's daughter and just smack her one for fucking it up...if she didn't know what she was doing, she shoulda left it alone...
I have two days this week. A whole day tomorrow and a half day on Wed. Then Friday back to the dentist...I've never had a tooth pulled, ever! So this really just pisses me far this tooth is gonna cost me almost $4,000 and it's not even gonna be there to be chewed with...grrrr....
I still wanna get my hair done...most of the styles these days look like a week whacker got ahold of you and some of the others look like the southbound end of a northbound chicken...DH seems to think one of those might be appropriate.
Speaking of that, Penny's still broody...It was soo cold the other day that Obelisk went and sat with was cute except for the fact that she put her big fat Leghorn ass on Penny's head!!!At least she wasn't pecking the snot out of her...sigh...
With the writers' strike going on, the repeats are gonna drive me crazy...but tonight there's new Medium, and some other new shows this week. But it seems like they put them all at the same damned time, so what the hell are you gonna watch?! Too many decisions. LOL
I'm down to one fish tank, the community and Sasuke's tank...I'm very sad, but these things happen...Now that I have the big Corey, Giles in there too, I;m gonna use the 20 Gallon Filter and put the 10 away. I want to give Kevin, Mike's friend a 10 Gallon tank for his baby snapper. I have 2 in the cellar and a 20 Gallon Long that I'm not using right now...someone at least might as well get some use out of them.
It's been typical New England weather too. Snow, rain, sleet, fog, below zero, freezing, 30's, 40's and tomorrow and the next day 50's! Jeeze.
Nothing much else to report. I need to check Mike's homework and sign his sheet.

Sunday, December 23, 2007
It’s 2 days before Xmas...
Is YOUR shopping done???
Mine's been done completely for about a week. Wrapped and ready to go...
I finished my baking on Friday.
I had to take my Aunt to a Doctor's appt on Tues. Asshat had us waiting for over an hour! We got there at 20 of 11 for an 11 oclock appt. She wasn't seen until 20 past 12! I was soo pissed! But at least there was a cute Marine to look at...he looked all of ten and spiffy in his uniform. I smiled and winked at him on his way out. Hopefully I made his day...
After the doctor we went to the Independence Mall because it was right near the doctor's. My aunt had to get a couple of Build a Bear GC's for her granddaughters. I had looked on the map and it looked like the place was right outside of Target, so we parked there. Seems like they decided to move it farther towards the food court. But there's another story here...
We pull into a wrinkle space. And she tells me to get the carriage that's right there. So I do and there's a pocketbook in it...Crud...I was so hoping that someone had shoplifted it and it was such luck...It had money and charges...I went through it for the license and we went into Target. I immediately headed to the service desk where I got tude because I asked the bimbo to page the person who's pocketbook it was. So she finally paged her. I told my Aunt that I'd wait ten minutes then we'd go to the mall and ask security to page them. After that, I'd take it home and get the person's off the computer and call her.
While we're waiting I tell my aunt to go to get the GC's. It was getting close to one and I needed to be home because Mike didn't have his key. So off she goes and I'm waiting. The cellphone in the woman's pocketbook rings and I answer it. "Hi this is your cellphone, but I am not you and I am lost please come get me..." The woman was like "I'm on my way" took her about 10 minutes to get there. I was sitting at the employment kiosk, considering filling out an application. when this frenzied looking woman rushes in. I ask her name and say I have you pocketbook...I haven't been so "God bless you" and thanked so much...I warmed the cockerels of my heart...and I left Target smiling like I was the Joker from Batman...oy.
Of course, my aunt had to ruin the moment by asking if she gave me a reward... That wasn't the point!. It was the right thing to do, especially at Xmas time. and if she had given me a reward, I would've given it to the Salvation Army guy that looked like the Gorton's fisherman standing outside anyways.
I got a card from my Grand Aunt. I had sent her and her hubby an Xmas card. The first tip off that something was wrong was that his name was scratched out of the address label. And when I read the card, I felt really awful. My Grand Uncle had died way the hell back in March and I hadn't even known. Their kids didn't even tell my dad!
I had plenty of help baking, yeah right! On Wed, I did the Oatmeal Scotchies, the White Chocolate Chip Craisin cookies and the Pumpkin Craisin Bread. Yummy! On Friday, I did the Yule Log and the Cherry Winks...Obelisk was helping...Not! As soon as I was putting the slices of cherry on the top, she was eating them...and I was packing up all the things that I had used and I was like where'd these dates come from...I had forgotten to put them in the Cherry Winks.. But they still taste okay and it gives me an excuse to make more. LOL
I have a full day tomorrow at work. We sold Slifer, the RedShoulder, Il Divo, the Canary, and one of the Pacific Parrotlets. The friendly Dusky is really sweet. I'm calling him Buster, like in Buster Poindexter...He took a headfirst dive into the parrot food keeper on Thursday...I just burst out laughing...It was precious. BooBoo, the ringneck always wants to get out, but not get back I'm on his shit list. There was a yellow parakeet with no feathers around his eyes, so I put him out back just in case it's mites...birds don't usually peck each other's faces...they're more likely to go for the tail feathers first.

Nothing much else to report...
Except for Happy Yule, Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwanzaa and Happy Hannukkah! to all of my Myspace buddies.

Thursday, August 30, 2007
I am still here somewhere...
I can't believe another few weeks have gone whipping by...I've returned the rental car, gotten a new car, brought my things to the fair, gone to the fair, picked up my things from the fair, had 3 doctor's appointments, and started physical therapy... Penny's gone broody. Obelisk is STILL moulting and my Aunt is moving up here to a wrinkle village...I'm still out of work because if I can't lift a two pound bird, how can I lift a 40 lb bag of dog chow? I have another appointment after I finish PT and we'll go from there...If I had just broken my shoulder or my neck, I'd be better by now. Soft tissue injuries just plain SUCK!!! And they never ever heal up as good as new either...
That's the quicky update, but once I get my pictures up from Philly and the new car, I'll post again mmmkay

Thursday, August 09, 2007
The plot thickens...
Still doing insurance stuff...
By the time that you get down, you've been screwed...How depressing that you can pay all that money every year and when it comes to pay out, it's like your stealing from them..WTF!
At least they'll pay off the car. But here they don't replace the car...and the insurance agent was telling me about how that it was a fair offer and where did I get my information and all that crap...I can't get another car like Tlaloc for less than $10,000. And all the ones that I've looked at aren't multiple CD changers, or have side airbags.
Everyone's telling us to sue...but unless I have medical bills over $2,000 you can't sue for pain and suffering.
But since she did admit that she was at fault, HER insurance company pays for me to get a rental car...They would pay up to $28 and change for a midsized a Malibu or a Stratus. So on Monday I picked up a hot off the presses, Silver 07 Focus with only 25 miles on it...I'm it's first rental. LOL I haven't told my Aunt that I have a car because I'd have to go there and drive her all over the friggin place. And I'm not that comfortable behind the wheel.
Driving down to Philly was fun...all these trucks whipping by...I was a wreck. I tried to keep my head buried in a book too...That will be another posting...
I went to the doctor because I'm still having problems with my shoulder...My shoulder tightens up and hurts and it's really doing a number on me...I'm left handed and this is my left shoulder...
The Xrays taken on the day of the accident showed no breaks, but I have arthritis in my neck...lovely...There's a huge knot in the back of my shoulder and I can feel it getting tighter as the day progresses..So I have to take Naproxyn for the pain and Flexerill, as a muscle relaxer. I was so hurting that I had a heating pad on my shoulder and neck and it was 90 degrees!
I have a get out of work note that I have to give in. I had no hours for this week either...I also have to get my fair things ready to put in by Saturday...we'll see how that goes.

Thursday, July 12, 2007
Back again...
Not alot going on here...I have a while teeny tiny tomato, a flower on my pepper plant and tons of blooms on the cukes and squash...I don't know how it's going to be come harvest time because there's not been enough rain...
I have no hours this week. Next Monday I have a Dentist Appointment in town...It's for a exam..good timing too. My golden tooth, 14 that's had the $1400 rootcanal that took forever did the old twingarooni again..damn! It's till hurting too...guess a root grew back or something.
Monday was especially fun. I ran for the phone and broke my second in from the outside toe...It's a lovely purple colour and Obelisk really wants to peck at it at which point she'll be punted for a field goal that would make Adam Vinatieri proud. I got my sandal on, but taking it off really friggin hurt!
So since it's my right foot driving's really when my Aunt called even though I told her that I can't take her every week, I told a little white lie and said that I broke a bone in my foot. Well, it is sort of true. A toe does contain a bone and it is on my foot...
I've made my reservations for the hotel room in Philly for the end of the month. Let's hope that my toe is better...or that will really suck!
The big thing is to see the KING! But I would like to see the Mutter Museum, the Polish Museumand the Edgar Allen Poe House, and I know DH the American History Major would really like to see Liberty Hall and the Liberty Bell.
Penny's still trying to be broody, and her neck has been naked, but the feathers are coming back in. Obelisk hasn't laid in over a week, and I don't see feathers all over, so maybe SHE'S trying to go broody too...just being miserable to Penny. She even plooped in Penny's food bowl! Wench!!! She'll make the "look what I found" call and when Penny comes to see what the deal is, Obelisk pecks her.
I put out 5 bags full of things for Big Brothers and Big Sisters...things that I don't wear, outgrew, just don't like etc and some things of Mike's that he's outgrown and doesn't like...and tons of plastic cups...what the heck I was keeping them for, I have no's not like I'm paving a road or making a wall out of em, so as Flylady says 27 Fling Boogie em.
Colin's still not talking to Mike, still no prob there. His buddys are doing okay. One's got summer school, so he's been meeting the other at the library. They still have plans to go see Transformers sometime. Mike and I went and saw Fantastic Four-Rise of the Silver Surfer on was very nicely done. We enjoyed it.
On A Cowboy's Prayer, I get to do the Daily Devotional on Fridays...Yes, even though I am a Wiccan/Pagan doesn't mean that I can't do a Daily Devotional. It's a nice site, full of horse loving folks. I also post at Pet Page and BYC, both of them...jeeze, where does all the time go? LOL
Harry Potter's come on in the movies yesterday and the last book is out next week...ARGH!~!~ I have one on hold at Borders, but it's cheaper with Deep Discount. So maybe we'll go to the party, and just no buy it, but I'll ask if they price match I'm cheap...
I got a really neat book out of the Library yesterday. It's called, "Never Suck a Dead Man's Hand, Curious Adventures of a CSI". Now how could I pass up a title like that... You're right, I couldn't.
Speaking of books, I was reading some of my collection and was about 2/3 of the way through Dean Koontz' Phantoms, when the danged thing disappeared. I looked everywhere. Couldn't find it...That night I said that whomever had it could finish it, but I would like it back so that I could finish it too...Didn't show up. It finally appeared on my nightstand on Tuesday night. I was Jottled!!! I hate when that happens... I thanked whomever for returning it...
In another odd turn of events, we had a Robin making a nest and she had just started to set on her eggs. I looked and didn't see her later that day. In the morning I went out and didn't see the nest. It was gone; she was gone too and the eggs were broken and eaten. So I think a squirrel got into it...I was bummed. I was really looking forward to seeing the eggs hatch and watching the fledglings learning to fly. I still have the nest and the 2 eggs. I tried putting the nest back up, but it wouldn't stay.
And a hawk got one of Frank's racing pigeons the day after Obelisk was almost eaten. I heard the hawk around 11 and went out a little later...I saw a few feathers in my yard, but next door's was covered!!!Because they have a baby, I went over with a bag and started picking up all the feathers. I didn't think that little Lola needed to see that...I found the pigeon's head under some leaves...s/he had a very surprised expression on it's face...I know the hawk has to eat and that everything else that he gets makes him not eat Obelisk or Penny.
Buddy jumped up at the feeder yesterday and almost got a mourning dove, the Bastard! I yelled and his owner's called him back...
We're also being overrun with Chipmunks..I've only seen one since we've been here and that was one that Taffy brought me as a gift. I set it loose after thanking him. In the past week, we've seen at least 5. I was sitting out back and there was a dragonfly sitting on the other chair and it cocked it's head in that dragonfly way and we watched a chipmunk run right by us and under the gate.
Ernie's seen one in the front yard a couple of times. He even saw a bunny on Monday! At least I know where my dozen blackberries went. I got two anyways. One for Obelisk and one for Penny.
That's about it from here. It's hot and muggy even though it was supposed to be cooler.

Sunday, July 01, 2007
Back again.
I almost lost Obelisk last week...that god damned dog got in. Penny was on the couch, because Miss Stubborn is trying still! to go broody and I don't want her to, so Obelisk was out...I'm at the computer and I have the blinds up to look at the robin that's building a nest in the maple sapling outside the window...I see this black bird flying down the street near Colin's dad's car...I'm like, "I've never seen a crow that close to a car..." "Shit! That's no crow! That's MYBIRD!!!""
So I go running out of the house and she's gone. The dog is heading up the street...I'm going down the street calling her name...looking under cars and in trees. I thought I heard her a couple of times, but I couldn't see her.
So I go down on Appletree and Briarwood, still calling for her. There's some folks out and I ask if they've seen her and some construction people said that she might have been up a telephone pole, then jumped down and walked into someone's yard. I thank them and keep looking. No way a domestic pet chicken can get that high up (30 feet) without help. Back to the house and I grab some food and put it in the dish and start rattling the food and I don't even hear her. To the house again. Ernie volunteers to drive me around and look. Around the neighbourhood again...nothing...I ask a couple of the neighbours and they haven't seen her and they hope she hasn't gone into the woods...we have foxes, coyotes, raccoons, skunks, possums, deer, groundhogs, squirrels, chipmunks, snakes...I'm living a nightmare...I'm at my wit's end and 2 steps away from losing it...
It's now almost an hour and it's starting to get a bit dark, so once more around before I give up. I grab the food dish and in a spot of brilliance, grab Penny, and off we go. I'm calling and rattling and Penny's yakking away...of course, she's trying to eat the food too. A couple of times she flew off my shoulder, but I scoop her up again...Final time, in the house. I'm not even on the back porch when one of the cousins come up and says that he saw her. I grab Penny and run out again. Obelisk is coming out from under a shrub...I drop Penny and grab Obelisk and hug that stupid Leghorn until her eyes come out on stalks. I thank Roger and I get everyone back home...Buddy did manage to take a chunk out of her, but he just got a mouthful of feathers, thankfully. She laid an egg the next day.
Mike's friend, Colin was giving me crap about it's our fault that Obelisk got out. and I'm telling him that she wouldn't have gotten out if Oona had kept Buddy in his yard like the law says. He then said that I should clip her wings and I'm like then she'd be dead because she couldn't have escaped...and he's going on and on that it's my fault and Obelisk's fault for letting the dog chase her... If he was my kid, I would've slapped him silly. Mike hasn't talked to him big friggin' loss at this point...Dog's still running loose too...except for the next day when he was in the house all day.
Us chicken, and poultry and rabbit and livestock folk loose more animals to domestic dogs than to predators, especially if you live in the "country". Where it's assumed that it's okay for you animals to run loose and terrorize the neighbourhood. What a crock!!!
I'm very seriously thinking of getting a paintball gun...I'm within my rights to shoot the son of a bitch dead. I've talked to the Dog Officer. It's very aggravating when people think that the laws apply to everyone else.
Another bright spot, NOT!! is the fact that DH now doesn't want to go to Philly. It's because Mike's report card sucked splort with a silly straw. He came up in one class, went down in two and stayed the same in two...and he swore up and down that he was doing better...
I've not been doing too much at work..I've done birdies for a week now, and that's fine...the Red Factor Canary was outback because of goopy eye. We've sold two of the bronze winged finches too. And one of them is laying eggs. Marc Antony is starting to be a bit more interested in people as is Slifer.
I got a call for last week that I was needed to work more hours on Wed. That was okay except for the fact that Mike was out of I had to leave him alone all day...I guess I wasn't missed at all because my chair has a permanent butt print in it. He was on the thing from when he got up until I came home...
I finally was able to talk to Durwood about my schedule for the summer. And he put me on for 3-12midnight on July 4th...dipshit! We're not even open that late. I guess it's supposed to be on the 3rd...but I still can't be there before 5...and it's to do stock...not too bad anyways. I don't mind doing it.
I spent 4 hours at my inlaws cleaning up the upstairs...I swear that the woman was shoplifter. I saw tons of things with the tags still on it. and you could've wallpapered the place with tags that had been pulled off of other stuff. And the doorbell rang and my MIL answered it. I stood next to her and the guy was asking about the tenant. And I was like she doesn't live here anymore. He wanted to know where she went and how long she had been gone. It appears to me that she was getting served! Not my problem...
Now I've been extolled to the heavens for helping my inlaws...thing was I had promised and I was having the period of hell...I was bleeding through a superplus tampon an hour...along with a pad... Worst one ever!!!
My Aunt's still stalking me about going down there and taking her to the bank...she doesn't want anyone to know her business...sounds more and more like my mother's paranoia...Not that I wouldn't put it by Eve to swipe stuff to sell. Dick's friggin' useless...if it's not a train, then he doesn't care. I'm gonna have to hit her up for money...Tlaloc's only got about a half a tank and driving all that way will put him on empty...On the way back from my inlaw's I filled him at the Hess on Needham street...It was only $2.719!!!He got a full tank for $20!! Long time since that's happened.
I have my garden done too...I have tomatoes in pots and I hung my eggplants on my shepherd's hook, cukes and butternut squash on the fence. I think that when the summer's over and things get settled, I'm going out there with the Roundup and spray the crap out of that area. It got too overgrown too quickly. I have pics if anyone wants to see them.
We went to the fireworks last night. It wasn't as good as it's been previous years, though...The music was okay. It started with country, then current, then symphony...Mike hung out with some of his friends and it seemed like there were tons of unaccompanied kids roving about, not as many families.

Monday, June 18, 2007
Long time no blog...
YIKES!!! Ddin't realize I'd not posted in THAT long!!! Holy Sheepdip Batman!!!
Just goes to show ya how exciting my life has been...LOL
The school field trip to Beantown went fantastic...I especially enjoyed the tour of the State House. All the kids got a citation saying that they had seen the place. We even got to meet our Representative and he got his picture taken with the class. Pretty cool.
The Swan Boats were neat. We hadn't been since Second Grade so you can imagine all the groans going on..The best part was a little yippy poodle almost being eaten by a Canadian Gander...That would certainly have made my day! Hey, the thing was off it's leash and heading for the goslings. I would've beaten the snot out of the thing too!
I took lots of pictures. The math part of it was shapes and how much to park and translating Roman numerals.
We ate at Fanueil Hall...which I'll have to go back for because there was food places everywhere, from fish to Greek to Thai to McD's...I don't even remember the last time I was down that way.
At work, Buddy the Leuky Ratsnake got sold...I miss him, alot. We got some more Armadillo Lizards, some Cuban Anoles, more Ball Pythons, Pacman and Pixie Frogs and a couple of more water dragons.
I've been doing birds this past week...One of the Suns stood on my hand, then went up to my shoulder and stayed there while I showed a customer where the doggie poo bags are...I was very thrilled. They also remembered how to give kisses. We've sold the Red Factor canary and one of the Bronze Winged Finches laid her first egg...
I was being cyberstalked by my Aunt again on the Field trip. She kept calling and leaving messages on the home phone and my cell... That is most annoying...All she has to do is call and leave just ONE message...4 and up just piss me off and make me NOT want to talk to her. So I wound up going last Monday to drive her to the bank and the PO. It's 20 miles ONE WAY!!! She gave me $5 for gas...didn't budge that needle much at $3 a gallon...I don't see why Eve or Dick can't drive her...oh silly me, they're too busy! Eve getting stoned and Dick doing his stuff...It's very depressing...Eve wouldn't even take her to the library to get a book even though she was taking the kids! She made a comment like now I know why Marlana, her other daughter, hates you". I think I would've slapped her if I had heard that. It doesn't matter, taking care of a person who needs it is part of your job as being a good person...
That's why tomorrow I'm driving to my inlaws and helping my FIL clean up the upstairs apartment. The tenants left all sorts of crap, from used cat litter to sox. There's gouges in the floor, and a mouldy shower curtain, missing tiles, and dishes still in the sink. The fridge smells like something died and the stove is gross too...So I'm gonna take more pictures; the first ones didn't come out, and box up their crap...According to MA tenant/landlord laws, all your shit has to be out by the time that your lease expires.Which in this case was the 15th of's a month later and they still have stuff...It's also supposed to be cleaned up to be "broom clean". There's cat hair everywhere and there weren't supposed to be any animals there either... That's why Ernie's so glad that we sold the condo...he's said that he hates being a landlord. I've printed out some things about tenant law for my FIL to read over...he needs to be really specific about the kind of tenants that he wants. Non-smoking, no pets...Oh Yeah, the husband is pissed because my FIL won't give him the security deposit back...The way the place looks, I wouldn't either. The carpets are going to have to be professionally cleaned. New paint. New shower curtain. Redo the floors...I'm pissed and it's not even my place.
Mike's got one and a half more days of school left...He missed the cutoff for the summer fun classes because he didn't turn in an essay that he was supposed to have that gave a reason why he should be selected for the thing...his reason that he wrote was "to get out of my parents' hair"... That was soooo not the right thing to write!
That's about it for now...Penny's trying to go broody and Obelisk is being a ninny and I had to chase the stupid dog out of the yard 4 times yesterday...And my garden is finally in...we'll see if I can produce anything....

Monday, June 04, 2007
Things in general
I haven't worked since last Thurs. I have a Dentist appt on Wed and a field trip to Boston on Friday...busy week and work on Thursday again...
I think I have the hotel for Philly figured out finally...maybe...
It was one of the first that I was interested in...I wound up with a stack of 7 index cards that had their features and benefits on it and what the reviews said...It looks like unless you want to shell out $300 you might as well sleep in your car. A few of the places were "creepy", "a horror movie could be filmed there", a "threat of mice" oh brother...One was next to a soup kitchen, another had a bar with local residents coming in at all hours...
And the parking is ridiculous!!!$17-$30 dollars to park for a day...YIKES!
I think we're going with the Comfort Inn-Downtown Historic District. It's right off the highway. Yeah, I know about the highway noise, but there's a shuttlebus that can take you within 20 blocks or 20 miles depending on which site you go to. You can get a city view or a river view because you're right next to the Delaware River.
I swear I didn't do this much research when we went to Disney! LOL
One of the places that was ruled out the reviewer said smelled of feet! Another had no windows...I mean I know it's in the middle of the city,but a no window?!
I've gone to all of the travel sites, but I still need to call the hotel direcly, excuse me, potential hotel.
According to my ticker on the EZboard BYC, I only have a month and 4 weeks before we leave...I'm gonna have to start packing soon. I'm one of those nuts who packs well and packs early. Must be a Boy Scout thing...
I just have to have someone come in and check on Penny and Obelisk. Make sure they have food and water, collect the eggs and make sure they haven't killed each other and that their fan is still working...all that fun stuff. I'm thinking of asking my sister because she drives by here on her way to work, so that might do. Or ask my FIL. At least, I don't have Slifer. Boy, did she hate strangers! If she didn't know you, you were sure to be crowed at and chased and a 2 foot high bird coming at you, forget it! Who needs a Rottie?! LOL
We had to redo the fish dept so that the best sellers were at eye level, just like in the supermarket. Don't tell me you haven't noticed the the Super Sugar Crisp isn't at the kids' eye level so that they can grab it off the shelf and throw it in the carriage? The fish that don't sell as well will be on the top row and the bottom row...We have to move all the signs around too. It'll probably all be done by the time I come back anyways.
I'm still trying to figure out what Math has to do with a field trip to Boston.
There's a BOGO book fair at school, so I'll be going up there tomorrow...and at the end of the school year the kids can borrow a Bag O Books for the summer and bring them back at the end of vacation.
Two of the books on the summer reading for this summer, Mike's already read, so he's like I've already done my Summer Reading... No...I think he's still gonna read something...I'm such a bookworm that I can't see why he doesn't like to read. I always have a book in my hand. That's why computers will never be found in the bathroom. Books are more convenient to carry and put down. LOL
No Heroes tonight, but it's the season premiere of Hell's Kitchen...Sox are on the West Coast, so there's really nothing on...

Monday, May 14, 2007
It's a Monday, again...something's in the air...My eyeballs are itchy as heck and I can see out of a tiny slit in my eyelids...blech...not at all how I wanted to spend my day...Off to CVS and get eyewash and Kleenex and skin cream because I'm itchy in my skin too. This stinks...
My Mother's day was good. We went to my IL's because it was their anniversary too. 62 Years...and they make each other miserable...oy...
We went to the Aegean, a Greek Restaurant in Watertown. I had the house combo platter that had Pastichio, Loukaniko, Spanakopita, Dolmathes, and a salad. it wasn't too bad. DH and FIL had the Lamb Souvlaki. My MIL had Pastichio too and SIL had Souvlaki too. My DS had a burger...He likes MY Pastichio.
I sent away for plants for me for the guys to give me for Mother's Day. I got a Scented basket from I had a $10 off coupon, so that basically covered the shipping. I got a Geranium, a Lemon Verbena, and a Lavendar plant. I bought a Lavendar plant for my MIL too and mine was better than hers so I switched it out. I got a copper planter and some scrunchy paper and a feather butterfly and attached that to the pot...It came out really nice.
I gave my SIL a ball python skin. I have plenty of snakeskins, and I can always get more...
DS was out with his friends almost all day on Saturday. That meant the house was pretty quiet. Thankfully...We did sorta miss him though.
I wound up going back to sleep this morning...even the non-drowsy stuff puts me out...but at least I feel better...I can see now...LOL
Must be all the pollen around. Birch and Maple. I have a maple in the front yard and one in the back, so there ya go.

Friday, April 27, 2007
It's gonna be a looooonnnnngggggg miserable weekend....I think I'll stay in the backyard and scratch in the compost heap and in the remaining leaf piles with Obelisk and Penny...
Mike got his report card today...need I say more?
He went up in Math but that was it! He got an F in English because he doesn't come prepared to class. How hard is it to have a pen and a notebook?!!
We have no idea WTFH to do! The only thing left is for me to sit next to him in his classes and make sure that he has his classwork, homework and supplies...
Ernie's thinking of staying home with him and Magda, Sandy and I drive down to see King Tutankhamun in Philly in August. It's starting to look like a reasonable plan...
He's giving all sorts of excuses. If my mechanical pencil is out of lead...Why can't he open his big mouth and let us know and we'll go to Staples? They're open til 9. His effort marks and comments say that he needs to put more effort into his work, come prepared to class, do his homework, all simple things that would make everyone's life sooo much easier.
If he wants to be flipping burgers next to Kevin Federline, then fine, that's what he's going to aspire to be...
He doesn't want to go to summer school. He doesn't want to be kept back, but unless he gets his shit together, that's exactly what's gonna happen...
He's got a math thing to do over the weekend and a science thing. I'm gonna sit over him and see that he does it well...or else.
He's already complaining that he's got nothing to do...well, tough titties! He's got noone to blame but himself.
My sister's 2 oldest girls: one has straight A's and the other has A's and B's. Now he's always saying that we're stupid, so why doesn't he put his money where his mouth is and prove that he's smarter than we are?
It's really frustrating because he's smart, he knows the material, he's just as lazy as a Snorlax-sloth hybrid. He's disorganized too. I gave him folders and notebooks that matched. Like Red is Spanish, Blue is Math, so that he could always see them...nope even that's not doing the trick...Looks like this weekend is just gonna suck Splort with a Silly Straw...
Can I have a do-over???

Sunday, April 22, 2007
Happy week....I guess LOL
It's been a long April vacation...we didn't really do a darned thing!!It's too expensive to go anywhere and Ernie had to work Monday and Friday...and I need to save my $$$ for the King!
Mike waited until the end of the week to start calling people to see if they could come here or he could go there, so of course everyone was busy...bummer of a vacation for him...but we did rent some movies from Blockbuster...He wanted Borat and Happy Feet. We got The Good Shepherd and The Guardian.
Borat was HORRIBLE!!! I don't know how he got away saying some of the things he did...
The Guardian was Pissah! Finally, a Kevin Costner movie with water that wasn't bad...I give it 2 Slifer spurs up!
We didn't get to see the other two yet though...not enough hours in the day, especially with the Yankees in town and NASCAR on Saturday, instead of Sunday...
The game got off to a late start and the race got off to a late start...dang!!!
I was hoping that the game would be over before the race started considering they were both on the same channel...I went to bed at 11 and there were still 70+ laps to go...Jeff Gordon won and Denny Hamlin came back to place 3rd...
At the Pet Page we have a weekly contest on who can pick the winner of the far I'm 100 points ahead of the second person...
When I went to bed, Gordon was in 3rd and Hamlin was 10th. My third guy was way the hell back and finished there too. Can't pick em all, I guess.
The only other big exciting thing was the Ernie bought this humoungous TV. It's a 32 inch HD flat screen. And it was delivered when we were both home to unpack it and set it up, let alone to get it in the house.
Even better, I called Comcast and I got cable for the new TV just in time for Saturday's Sox Yankees game..Go Me!!!
So I got to see a really awesome game and a really awesome race in one day, in the comfort of my dining room!
Then tonight there's the last of the series...Goddess knows, I hope we can get some run support for DiceK. I would love to sweep them at Fenway.
I spent my day outside, raking leaves and absolutely enjoying this lovely weather. It was sunny and warm and just a great spring day!
Then Ernie came home and helped me put the leaves in barrels so we can put them out for the twig trips next week...
I feel such a sense of accomplishment that I can actually see ground...mud...under all those leaves. And I had help too...Chickens love to help you garden...but that's for another blog.
I tried to get Mike to come out and get his ass away from the computer, but that wasn't gonna happen. He got mad because I didn't want to waste this beautiful Earth Day by walking around a mall.

Sunday, April 22, 2007
Today was just so friggin' nice out!It was in the 60's and sunny, not like the rest of the week was...Yesterday was nice too, but today I got to go outside with Obelisk and Penny and rake leaves for 4 hours...and NO!, I 'm not complaining about it!
I LOOOOVVVEEEE being outside and playing in the dirt.
Today was perfect for doing gardening stuff. Yesterday we did some too, but I raked along the side of Gormley's yard and along the back fence...I'm tired and I hurt but it was good for my soul.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Not starting out to be a good week...
We've been waiting on the "April Nor'easter" all friggin weekend...We got the rain, we got the wind, no snow thankfully...North and West and New Hampshire got that...I'm amazed that we didn't lose power...
Got up yesterday morning to the phone ringing at before 7:30...sorry, but unless you're dead...Doom on you..You ain't gettin' a civil answer.
Since the phone woke two out of three of us, we came downstairs and started the day...wrong move...less than a hour later, we get another phone call. Ernie's Aunt Lynn, who lives in NYC died. He was very close to her growing up. She used to have a theatre in St. Mark's Place and he got to meet James Earl Jones, YES, Darth Vader's voice!!!, Ozzie Davies and Ruby Dee and a few others...He'd stay with her and her hubby who was an artist during the summers.
Harry went a couple of years ago...they never had kids so they were it...
Ther were also Atheists, so know they'll know whether they were right or not...hmmm...
She had cancer and it went into remission and she was doing well. She visited some friends and halfway down the stairs, they shut off the lights and she fell down them and broke her hip and it was a cliched downhill from there. They sent her home to die a few weeks ago.
I had had a dream last month and I was talking to her and she said that she wouldn't be here by a Friday which was going to be a 14th, but she held out til Monday. Then Magda had a dream in which Lynn died too...Sometimes I really hate being even a tiny bit psychic...Can't get any lottery numbers, but I know when someone's gonna bite the dust... My FIL and SIL were supposed to go down today, but there ya go...My SIL is there now. She took the bus from NH...the only good thing is that Lynn didn't sign a newer will and Magda isn't executor...Hooray...That's a really shitty job...
My FIL STILL wanted to go down there, but we all talked him out of it. My MIL is having eye surgery tomorrow too and she wouldn't have anyone to take her there.
When Ernie talked to his mother yesterday, all she did was complain that Larry couldn't see, didn't give her the right amount of eye drops, he's getting senile, what am I gonna do if he gets Alzheimers?
Let's see..Miss Self Centred Wench...His sister just friggin died! HELLO!!! He, of course, gonna be out there...Hell, I even got lost going to Broad Street from Middle Street when my mom died.
Glad I didn't talk to her, because I wouldn't have been even remotely nice.
I remember when Lynn, Harry, Ernie and I went to the Met. I surprised her by being able to translate the heiroglyphics on the artifacts for them. For an anniversary gift one year, they gave us framed Egyptian Prints. They're in my living room because that's the SouthWestern/Egyptian room...I get to enjoy them every day, at least everyday that Mike's cleaned off the couch so we can sit on it...
Getting back to the first phone call, it was work of course...I get no hours then they want me to come in, in the middle of a noreaster...wasn't gonna happen...If my FIL went to NY with my SIL, the DH would've had to go drive my MIL to her eye appointment and I would've had to be home with Mike...
Can we say running around like Mike the Headless Chicken...and I forgot about the water in the cellar, and chickens that felt the absolute need to go out and get soaked to the skin...I know it's all Obelisk's instigating...
My Aunt's acting dippy...I'm starting to think that she's really not all there either...doesn't help that her 24 hour caretakers AKA her daughter and SO are always working...I don't know...I told her that I was working this week, just so I wouldn't have to deal with driving down there and having to repeat what day it was all the time...I know that's mean, but it's hard to deal with...She's so much better than she was, but it's heartbreaking to me because except for my sister, she's the only part of my family that I have left...
But that's another story for another day...a long story best told over Tea and Crumpets with a highly refine Moropus wearing a smoking jacket and a fez...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Penny and ObeliskCategory: Pets and Animals
These dippy birds love to go out in the cold and wet!!!My Goddess! Even Slifer had the sense to stay in when it was crappy out...
They took Sunday off from egglaying...must be in their contract. LOL
But I got two eggs yesterday and two eggs today...Pretty soon, I'll be swimming in eggs. DH says I gotta hurry up and eat some...
I can sit and listen to my arteries harden...JOY!
I thought of the outside birdies too...I have both Thistle sox, the platform, both tubes and the suet feeder all full. And there were birds on all of the. I even got a new bird: a White crowned Sparrow. And I got a Red Bellied Woodpecker...
Of course the tree rats are helping themselves...danged things...
I went to get Penny and there was suet on the ground and she was eating cage though...gonna have to look for that tomorrow. I've been moving it all over that Hawthorn...Pip's not gonna be able to find it tomorrow.

Monday, April 09, 2007
Chickens, and other critters.Category: Pets and Animals
I happen to have a pair of pet chickens, a couple of fish tanks and feed the outside birds. I work in a petshop and love all the critters with the exception of dwarf hamsters, who are purely evil vicious creatures, and scorpions cuz they're scary armored lobsters with stingers and cichlids because they can be mean.
I've been blogging for a while about my job on another blog for my family and coworkers but my poor pitiful spoiled animals need to be talked about too.
The newest thing I've gotten excited about it is a Reptile Show right down the street from me!!!
It's sponsored by the New England Herpetological Society and is at the New England Wildlife Center on Sunday May 20, 2007 form 1-4. It's a show and sell...I can't wait!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007
Easter Sunday!!!
I stuffed the Easter Basket and the Eggs yesterday! It's been cold as Dante's Inferno...Where the hell is Spring?! Some of my chicken buddies have been getting the S-word and they've cancelled 3 Baseball games in Cleveland on accounta snow!! ARGH!!!!
I worked a couple of days this past week...not enough to keep the birds in chicken feed, but what can I do...there's new people to train...
One has already quit because she was having a panic attack...My Goddess, it's a cash register and animals, not Air Traffic Control!!
Another one makes a rock look like Einstein...Dan asked her to wipe down the front tanks and she had no idea how to do it and complained when she got wet stirring up the algae...OY!!!
I don't know, but if this are these are gonna be my replacements, Durwood is majorly SCREWED!!!
This last Saturday, not yesterday, thankfully, my aunt left me 7 messages on my cell about doing her friggin taxes. Now, I have told her that I would try and do them. I told her when I could do them and I was being phoneally harrassed!
Last Friday, I managed to come down with a cold...blech...It started with the million sneezes in a row and then the scratchy throat and it was awful! I wasn't sleeping, even sitting up. I was taking all sorts of meds from Nyquil on up...nothing helped. It was one of those things that you just have to suffer through...
Finally I was feeling better and told my Aunt that I'd come down and do her taxes. So I get there and she can't find the W-2. I had asked her to put everything together so that I could do them and we'd be done...Hell NO!!! So then we decided that we'd run some errands that she needed to do...NO House Key!!! And her wallet was missing!!! I tore her room apart and not finding anything! I was there for 2 friggin hours and didn't find any of the things that we needed! I left and got chicken feed since I was that way. Asked about what chicks they were gonna be getting.(Gold Stars and Buff Orps) not that I could get any more birds but that's okay...I'm on the highway and she calls. "I found the W-2" AAAAHHHHHH!!
No way I was going back today...I was D-O-N-E DONE!!
So now we have an appointment for this coming up Tuesday. She has the W-2. She has her house key, but still doesn't have the darned wallet. I guess two out of three isn't so bad...I think her daughter has it and is playing her games again. she'll leave stuff out to see if she puts it back or puts it away. She says that she knows that my Aunt doesn't get out of bed and spends too much time in bed...She says that if she loses her kids because she doesn't get her meds it's all her fault...I don't get that one either...She hid my Aunt's breakfast cereal this morning. She takes her pills with her to work so that my Aunt can't take them at the right times...It's all too "Whatever Happened To BabyJane" to me...
And we're waiting on Ernie's Aunt to die too. She's got cancer and my SIL has been going down to see her, because she's the executor..If that's not one of the worst jobs in the world, I'd like to know what the heck is...
They gave her only like a month or so, but since she's an actress all bets are off..She used to have her own theatre up in St. Mark's Place in NYC. It's rather sad...all of the folks around me are getting older, kicking off or getting sick...rather sucks...
Well a good thing that's happened this week is that Miss MoneyPenny's not broody anymore!!! She was sitting in that cat carrier on nothing since February!!! Now today when I patted her, she did the "Atomic Squat". That's a sure sign that eggs be comin'. Yeah!!!
Today because it was Easter, we went to my inlaw's for dinner. We had Lamb and Gushy Potatoes and Greek Style Green Beans and Salad and a TV dinner version of Spanakopita, and Cherry Pie. I ate way too much but it was good. My SIL, who I love dearly, even though she supports PETA, came down and we were able to talk and just shoot the shit...which we hardly ever get to do. We had a nice dinner. My MIL didn't complain too much, either. It was my FIL's and my DH's name we wished them a happy name day too. Along with Xhristos Anesti and Althos Anesti...basically "Christ is Risen" and the reply is "Yes he has risen"..
Mike got tons of candy...DH got a Lone Ranger teeny Lunch Box and a TY Beanie Baby Koala for his name day. Back to the eggs...I got up at 6 because Ernie has been sick and needed to take more meds...It's just a cold...wasn't it nice of me to share? So at 6 this morning I'm putting out plastic eggs in my pyjamas. I try and go back to bed, but I can't so I start reading a book. Mike gets up around 8. We have breakfast and he opens his Easter basket. Then it's time for the hunt...The first one he finds has been chewed on! A friggin' squirrel has chewed into the egg and it was a brand new one I bought this year!!!I was soooo pissed!!! So he gets all of them except for one and I don't remember where I put it either...LOL I finally found it and all was well with the world...
I'm only working 2 days this week and doing my Aunt's taxes on Tuesday and watching the Home Opener too...Hooray!!!It had better not snow if it knows what's good for it!!
My SIL wants me to come up for a psychic fair that her store is having. It's on the 28th, but I think that's the same day that I have a craft fair...crud...We'll see...
We got new baby cornies at work too and teeny itty bitty iggys. One has stripes on his back and sides and tail and dewlap. He's really cute. We did lose one though which I found when I cleaned them on Friday, and a House Gecko,who managed to get their tree on his head...
Durwood ordered a glut of Koi and Goldfish and a shit load of Plecos, from Gold Nuggets to regular...oh boy.
I promised Mike that if he gets nothing lower than a B on his next report card that I will set up a "gothic" tank for him. Black gravel, black tank, black plants, black fish, and a skull and cross bones decoration. I hope that he'll get his grades up anyways.

Monday, February 26, 2007
Hi again...
Ghost Rider was better than I expected it was going to be! It's not one of the run of the mill comics like Spidey and Hulk and X-men and Fantastic Four, but it was very good...
Saturday I did my sister's taxes and then we went out to eat. We did Hearth'n'Kettle and I had a Brazilian omelet. It had Chorizo, peppers, onions, and cheese and came with sour cream and salsa. It was very good. A bit spicy, but I love spicy.
Then I had to go pick Mike up at his friend Kevin's house. They had a great time.
We had PapaJohn's for supper. I really like that place. They're not unreasonable and there's something about ordering online...We got the Chicken Club for us and the Pepperoni for Mike.
The race was exciting again! Junior's engine croaked and Kevin Harvick wound up with a flat with 4 laps to go...Lots of spinouts too.
Manny reported for spring training, either 3 days early or 4 days late..depending on who you talk to.
Ernie had to work yesterday and came home a hurting unit...he's getting too friggin old to be going up and down ladders and standing all that time. Doesn't do anything good for your feet or your hips either.
I can tell you that from experience. I have plantars fascitis and a heel spur and I have a lovely bone spur that's acting up with cold weather. Not to mention the dislocated big toe...Don't know which side to limp on first.
Doesn't help that I haven't been sleeping too well either...strange dreams and kneecaps that won't stay put...
The other night I dreamt that I was still living at home and I had a chicken and it was being bad and I put it in timeout. Time out was a large tin with a lid like a Danish Butter Cookie tin on steriods. It was huge. My grandmother, who's been gone since 91, was telling me that I couldn't get any more and where was the white one. I ran out to the porch and found my chicken dead in the tin. I had forgotten all about it...And it wasn't Slifer either. Just too friggin' weird.
Then I dreamt about Ernie's Aunt who's got cancer and just broke her hip. She was saying that she'd be gone on the 14th which was a Friday...Unfortunately, I looked it up and there's a Friday the 14th in Sept and another one in December. We'll see how prophetic THAT dream is.
And last night, I dreamt that I was sleeping in Mike's bed and there was something poking and prodding me, but I couldn't wake up. Finally I did and it was a little grey alien. It jumped out the window and I was able to catch it and talk to it about what it was doing...
Must've been that apple I had before bedtime.
Work tomorrow. Then I have to go and trim Piggy nails for L1. Almost time for Heroes...

Saturday, January 27, 2007
Wed, Thurs, and Fri.
Had Wednesday off and Thursday too...
Wednesday Tlaloc and I took our first long drive together, all the way up to Tewksbury. He performed marvelously, like you'd expect from a new car...forget who he was didn't you?
There was a lady on HT that was trying to help her daughter with a report on fossils. Since she couldn't find any where she was, she asked for help. I volunteered my collection to be borrowed. Four or five other people sent her some fossils that they had collected. One even sent a 9 pound sea floor slab.. By UPS yet!!! And there wasn't one duplicate! She got a whale vertebra, some fish vertebrae, crinoid stems, Elrathia Kingi(trilobite), shells, coral,all sorts of things. I brought up amber, petrified wood, fern impressions,dinosaur skin and eggshells, dinosaur teeth, sanddollars, white shark tooth, Phacops, my favourite trilobite and another trilobite, a small sea floor slab, a sea scorpion, snail shells, a cave bear fang, a piece of an oreodont skull, and some other mammal teeth and a piece of coprolite....mammal crap, in case you're being too lazy to google it...
That's a great gift for the person who has everything. Mammal crap, good for all seasons! I used to sell bookends made of coprolite when I worked at Fossil Heck. I miss that store.
The girl's mom took me out to lunch because I was so nice to be helping her daughter out. We went to Cracker Barrel. I've never been! I so want one to come down my way. Half the place is like a general store and the other half is a restaurant. The food is good and relatively inexpensive. If I had had more time, I would've gone back to Cracker Barrel and stuffed the car with things. They have everything from candy to stuffed animals. Some of my Beanie friends always talked about it, and now I know why...Sounds like an excuse for another road trip!
I also brought my collection of plastic animals. I brought my pair of Moropus, my pairs of Andrewsarchus, marsupial Tapirs and Uintatheriums, a cave bear, ground sloth, a four legged manatee, a Cynognathus, and a Smilodon. I couldn't find my large Megatherium and my large Smilodon. Mike took them and doesn't know where he put them...
It helps if you can get the kid's attention and my first questions did that...Have you ever heard of a beaver that stood 10 feet high or an elephant that was the size of a German shepherd. That got them hooked, and then I passed the fossils and animals around. At the end I asked if there were any fossils still living. Some said yes and some said no and a little smarty pants in a cubscout Tshirt said yes. He couldn't remember the name, but he knew it was some sort of fish...I brought up that strange looking fish, the Coelacanth. And dragonflies, and crocodilians, and birds too...The very last thing was about that living fossil shark that was found bobbing on the surface in Japan, the Frilled Shark. They brought her to an aquarium, but she died anyways. They got some good footage of her swimming around. She was probably sick and on the way out, because they're usually deepwater fish, like the Coelacanth.
After the presentation, we went back to their house and I was able to identify some of the other fossils for the daughter. She gave me a thankyou gift of a heart shaped paperweight, some rose scented petals, and some scented diffusers. They didn't really need to do anything. I enjoy being able to help folks out.
Unfortunately, I didn't get home until almost 7...long day and the lights at night driving killed my eyes.
Mike was happy on Thursday because he got his Halo figure that he won on Ebay. I need to leave feedback, gotta remind myself...getting old sucks.
I got my Quetzalcoatl, from ToyVault that I won at Ebay myself last week, yesterday. A small bright spot in a sort of crappy day. I did reptiles and that's a good thing. Then lo and behold, I told Ernie that I was gonna be on register and he asked why and I said, because it's 20 freakin' below, that's why. And I was on the register, just like I said.
I was okay until after lunch, then the wind must've shifted because I wound up putting my fleece on. Even with a long sleeved shirt, my work shirt and my fleece, I was cold.
On the way out, Christina called me into the office. I go, so now what did I do? I got written up for not cleaning the cricket barrels! I stood over the stupid barrels with sifters and scoops separating the dead from the living...If you spend too much time doing anything, then Durwood gets on your obviously he's looking for excuses to get rid of people...I did that job the best that I could. Maybe if someone had showed me how to do crickets correctly, hint hint Dipstick, then I wouldn't have been written up...doubt it though...He said that you turn the barrels so that the deads all fall to the bottom and the lives climb to the top...doesn't work in practice. They were walking all over the deads and the deads were stuck to the bottom of the barrel. I was scraping bodies for over an hour and a half!
And next week's schedule friggin' sucks!!! I'm on on Thursday and Friday ONLY!!! Whatever!! Noone's getting any hours, but jeeze, some of us have bills to pay! He took M off of Sundays and she has rent and student loans also...Even Janice asked what the scoop was.
At least my birdies were comfy yesterday. I put the heater on for them and they were fine. Got an egg from Penny too. Ernie had me put the water dishes close to the door so that if they froze he could add water without having to go all the way out there. He said that they were warmer than he was... He should've stayed out back with them then...
It was the coldest it's been in 2 years, since Slifer (sniffle) got frostbite on her comb and wattles. Really bitterly cold. Obelisk only had a tiny bit that year and nothing this year. I have a tarp on the floor, up against the door, and a braided rug down too that I scrounged from a neighbour's waste pile. I stuffed them in their respective cages/boxes at night so that they'd stay warm. Obelisk used to hide under Slifer when it was really cold, and they'd both stay warm in the box, but Obelisk doesn't want Penny in the box with her. So Penny goes into Coco's carrier and Obelisk goes into the box. I even gave them cracked corn which is supposed to keep their metabolism going.
There was nothing good on the boob tube last night and Mike was on the computer, so I was channel surfing. I stopped on the Travel Channel. Now you KNOW there's nothing on when I'm that high up the channels. They were doing a thing on Museum Mysteries and were at the buildings of the Smithsonian. The first thing was the Postal Museum and the packing that wrapped the Hope Diamond when it was sent by Harry Winston to Washington, DC from NYC. Then they went to the Natural History Museum for the Soapman, a Coelacanth(how deja vu is that?), a Giant Squid, and a Triceratops that had the wrong feet when it was originally put together...OY!!
Then off to the Aviation Museum where they had Amelia Earhardt's flight jacket and her radio. I finished reading a book about her a couple of weeks ago! And an envelope from the Hindenburg, from the Postal Museum again. They were all over the danged place. Makes me wanna go there so bad...
They even went to the American History section and showed about Lincoln's assassination. There's like a whole assassination section! And they did a thing from there about the Francis Scott Key flag and the National Anthem. They're trying to restore in and they're doing it so that the public can see them working. Now that's really cool..
I really enjoyed the if there was something else on, I never would've seen this...I'll have to keep an eyeball peeled for more of this show.
And they repeated, called an Encore Presentation, of Dresden files. Not bad. The first one was about a boy who was being chased by monsters. Come to find out, there was a Skinwalker after him and the Ravens and Crows that he and his mom saw all the time were protecting him. The head of the Ravens was talking to Dresden and the nictating membrance went across his eye when he blinked...that was the bomb!!! I'll have to watch that too, but everything's against the things that we watch regularly...crud...This means I might have to start taping shows. Ernie says that's sooo 90's. I can watch the shows on the computer these days...
I now have a whole dozen off eggs from Miss MoneyPenny! I am so proud of her! I can't wait for Obelisk to start again...For reference, a Standard egg equals 2 bantam eggs. Can't wait til breakfast tomorrow! Yummy!
It's been a rather long day. Still nothing on TV. I've been watching the Xgames with snowmobile motocross and snowcross which is like Roller Derby on snowboards. I've liked that since I saw it at the Torino games. I actually sat and watched Urban was okay...Didn't really figure out who the bad guy was until the last 5 minutes of the movie. I don't remember if there was a sequel or not..probably. If the first one makes money surer than shit they'll be a sequel.
I really wanted to see Final Destination. I loved scare you to death movies growing up. The best memory I have of my grandmother was us watching Terror Train together. She couldn't sleep and I had it on and we sat and watch the movie. Pretty scary, if that's the only good memory I have of her...did I ever mention that my family was dysfunctional? That's another story for another day...
Goddess help this computer if my blog gets eaten up again tonight! You'll be able to hear me across the globe.

Sunday, January 07, 2007
It's football, football, and more football this weekend! But I'm not complaining at all!
The Indy game was sooo onesided, it wasn't funny. The second game was a nailbiter! I was hoping the Seahawks would win...Sick of Dallas.
The Pats game was Awesome!!!! 7 1/2 left in the Giants/Eagles game and Eagles are ahead by 7. Never really liked the Giants even though they have Tiki and Placxido Burress. I grew up watching Broadway Joe...
New England didn't have team back then...and Gillette Stadium was Schaefer Stadium and the Banknorth Garden was Boston Garden...Goddess, I am soo old...
It was a rather relaxing weekend. The only place we had to go was the his parents'. They got Comcast on demand and had no idea how to use the remote and all that. Mike took the remote and had Transformers-Cybertron on so fast your head would spin. then he found "Mind of Mencia" and all was lost. My inlaws were laughing along with Mike, but I know that they had no idea what it was all about...My FIL was saying about CRUD!!!Burress just got a TD from Eli it's a tie game with 5 minutes to go....Do we have a hair pulling out smilie?
My FIL was going on about all these channels that he many hours of Home and Garden can you watch before you want to fill a squirt gun with Agent Orange? Their yard is the size of a postage stamp! I at least have an eighth of an acre and that's one of the bigger lots. I have a veggie garden on the side next to the fence and perennials on the sides and in the back. I love to garden and dig in the dirt.
BYC is having a chat at 6 Pacific and I want to join, but I think I'm gonna be in bed before that...I didn't sleep well last night and the night before, I dreamt that one of my friends died of the cancer that he's had for the past couple of years. It was so real that when I got up, I had to check the online obits to see if he was there. I hate those dreams. They're scary and sometimes they're true.
I had a dream the night before 9/11 where I saw a policeman on the sidewalk with his head in his hands and then a parade of firemen in their turnout suits. I saw all these things on the TV later on...
I have to work tomorrow 7:30 to 12:30. I have a feeling that that's all I'm gonna get this week. Oh well, if he's trying to force me out by cutting my hours, he's gonna have a tough time on his hands...I've seen too many managers do crap like that to get rid of employees. You don't know how stubborn I can be, if pushed. The list goes Mountain, Ox, then a Pollak...I'm a half Pollak, so I can be really really stubborn. Just ask my DH.
According to Massachusetts state law, you have to have an employee's schedule posted in an area accessible to the employees. Not locked in the office so you can't see it easily. You can't change an employee's schedule after it's been posted without informing the employee in writing. He did that to me 2005's Black Friday. I wasn't on when I left on Wed, but I was called and asked where I was on Friday...
We'll see how things go...
Argh!!!It's still tied and 21 seconds to go...Will they kick? Yep, they're going for the 3 pointer...oh boy...nope they changed their minds again...Jeevus Crisp and his brothers Rice and Coco...Stopped the clock at 3 seconds...I wanna shake these guys! If he misses, it goes to OT...38 yds...looks so far away...Eagles beat the Giants by 3!
That was really down to the wire and it's Tiki's last game...well at least Marion and Rhonde are still playing...That was a great game....Next week, it'll be Pats, Chargers (we've got the toughest game), Ravens/Colts, Eagles/Bears(?) and Seahawks/Saints(?)...
Let's all dream of Pigskins and Brats til next time...

Saturday, January 06, 2007
Not alot going on these past few days...Thursday was more in the cellar stuff. I freecycled my Electronic Godzilla and Thrasher T-Rex, and an old Aircraft carrier toy and some plush. I can actually see a tiny bit of floor...
Friday was migraine/weird dizzy I spent it sleeping on the couch...It felt like some one was drilling in my skull, then would blow it up like a balloon. I felt really lousy. We went out for pizza. Didn't really feel like cooking anyways, but DH had said that he had had a dentist appt at 5:30. So I didn't take anything down for supper either. Come to find out it was FEB5, not JAN5...
We went to Papa John's. Not bad and it's a brand new place. All I need is a Sonic Drive in and I can die happy...except for that I need a Long John Silvers again. There was one, way back in the 80's and then someone started a rumour that they were using shark instead regular foodfish and their business dropped like a rock. Bummer. Good cheap fried fish and hush puppies...Yummy!
Hope Papa John's makes a good go of it...The Domino's down the street has gone out. The closest one is Quincy Avenue, which I try to avoid at all costs.
Today Mike had 2 of his friends over. Jayce and Sasha. They played video games for a while, had mac and cheese and used Mike's nerf gun collection. They had a good time.
I cleaned the chicken room finally...New papers and all. The birdies got the boot, not that they minded. It was beautiful outside. They were out for most of the day...Obelisk must've been really tired from all that fresh air. She came in, perched on the arm of the chair and went to sleep.
This weather is something else; it's 26 degrees warmer than it should be. The "experts" are going on about global warming, but it's just El Nino being itself. This stuff is bound to happen. I feel really bad for Colorado. They keep getting hammered with white fluffy crap. They also just had an avalanche today. 15 feet deep and 100 feet wide. Took out some cars too and I think they're still looking for a couple more. Hope they find them.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007
A day off...A night spent with strange dreams...hate those types of get up as tired as when you went to bed and scratch your head, wondering what the heck was I doing all night?
I started on the cellar. Got rid of a bunch of wet and mouldy boxes and a whole bunch of just papers and junk. I have a box that is supposed to have all his StarWars, StarTrek and Stargate stuff. My Mastage was on the floor and some of his fur got mouldy...I'm so upset! And my book of "Put me in the Zoo" has mould on the back cover... I'll have to take care of those things first when I go down again tomorrow. Dang!
I also made a Moussaka for lunch and supper and for later on in the week. I love to cook. It's not a successful cooking session if there's one clean pot or pan left. LOL In the past week, I've made Pastistio and Stifado. I'm a Pollack cooking Greek food. (Shrug)
I put some things up on FreeCycle and had 2 bunches taken today. Put more up today and have another nibble for tomorrow. With me doing a 27 FlingBoogie and a decluttering in the cellar, there's gonna be lots of posting on Freecycle from me this week.
On HT, a lady posted looking for fossils for her daughter's report. At least I live in the same state. Most of the other posters don't. And I have a whole bunch that her daughter can borrow. I have my display board and everything all together. She's trying to get me permission to go into the school and do a talk...I'll have to get that day off. WooHOO!!! I love to do things like that. I have everything from Amber, with no bugs, to a Cave Bear Fang, to a Fern, to a Sea Floor Slab. Thank the Gods, this has been something I always loved. I so miss Fossil Hell. I got lots of good specimens from there. I also bought a few online from a guy in Bridgewater. His garage was hipdeep in fossils. And I was in HEAVEN! LOL
I tossed the birdies outside because it was nice out. Miss MoneyPenny took her first dirt bath here. Obelisk kept pecking her, because that was HER spot. I was so worried about Buddy getting in the yard that I kept going back out there and looking...Goddess help that dog if he caught one of my birds. I have permission from the dog officer to shoot him if he does.
A guy in NH shot a neighbour's dog that was harrassing his chickens. He complained to the dog's owner and they didn't do anything. They said that the kids kept opening the door and letting him out. Well how about a door that they couldn't open? or a lock? Or even a fence so the little shit couldn't go running around the neighbourhood. He was within his rights to shoot the dog. There a slogan on another site that I go to. It's a good way to deal with predators and it's called SSS Shoot, Shovel and Shutup. This guy forgot the 3rd S.
I know someone on another site that has lost his whole flock of chickens and I think some other poultry to a trio of loose dogs. There were bodies and feathers everywhere. He shot two of the dogs and the 3rd hasn't been seen since. A dog will kill just for the fun of it.He won't eat what he kills...unlike most other predators. This same gent also lost a whole brooder full of chicks to a dog that broke through HIS screendoor and killed all of them. He also shot this loose predator, while the neighbour screamed at him and called the cops...He was also within his rights. We have a right to protect our livestock. That is why most places have leash laws also. In the past week, there have been at least 5 stories about loose dogs biting people, some even doing some serious damage. So stands my rant for the night.
I used to have a dog many moons ago, but Lightning was always chained outside. Maybe 2 times a year he would get loose and run on the beach. He never was a nuisance to anyone.
Most of the problems are just people being lazy. If you can't be bothered to walk a dog,or clean up after a dog, then don't GET ONE!!!
Seems like I had a bit of a rant left after all.
We'll see what delights tomorrow's sojourn in the cellar brings. Maybe I'll find Jimmy Hoffa! or buried treasure...I'm more likely to find mould and desiccated carcasses of mice...(sigh)

Sunday, December 31, 2006
Not a very busy weekend, thank the Gods!
Friday we went and saw Eragon. Not bad, Mike said it wasn't really close to the book at all...Hadn't read it yet, sooo...Me bad.
I said it took two JP films before they put the Compys in to eat the little girl...
I got some movies from the library. MIB 1 and 2; RV and the new War of the Worlds with that nutjob starring in it...
I got my heater for the tank and my fishies are happy.
RV was hysterical. We thought it was really funny!
Watching football all day today. We won, but barely. The Titans weren't playing clean either. Lots of iffy plays and rough stuff.
I got a birdie in the face this morning, complete with a sharp talon in the lip...lovely!
I got Obelisk out of her box and then got Penny out of the cat carrier. Then I hear, bagawka gawka, so I turned around and Penny's in my face. Holy Shit! I'm not used to these things flying...LOL
She'd rather fly than walk and Slifer would rather have taken a bus than fly...amazing animals these chickens are...
Everyone's schedule sucks this upcoming week. I only have 10 hours...
I work until 11 tomorrow and have a full day on Tues, then am off for the rest of the week. M has all the way up to Wed off. ((shrug))
I made Stifado for supper last night and Patischio tonight. Maybe I'll make Moussaka tomorrow. I'm a Pollak and I'm cooking all this Greek food...oh well...Plenty of leftovers for the week too...
I have to work tomorrow so I'm not going to stay up and watch the ball drop for the first time in YEARS! Won't be a big loss because Ryan Seacreast is doing the Dick Clark show...
I'll just be early for my timezone and wish all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2007! Just be careful of too much of this

Thursday, December 28, 2006
I got to sleep in!! All the way to 8:30!
Considering at 6, I was wide awake and I was like nope, not gettin my rump roast out from under these nice warm covers...
Mike had a friend over and they played on the Xbox and the other game machines and she brought her DS over and a couple of her games...We've known this kid for years! Since they were about 6...YIKES! Half of their lives!
The only good thing is that Buddy, the neighbour's GSP ran into the Hawthorn chasing a cat. I probably would've been sued for vet bills because he got hurt in my yard, not that he's not supposed to be running loose anyways. I was gonna put Obelisk and Penny out too, so they had to be in all day...
I still have to clean their room, but at least I got the fishtanks cleaned. Just need to add more water to the community tank and I got a Petco coupon so I can buy another heater for a back up or maybe for Long John Silver the Koi and Julian Bichir, the Dinosaur Eel. They're lower to the floor so they might get colder than the others. I started up the bubble wall and am sort of disappointed. I only have one place that's really bubbling...
Going to the movies tomorrow. Mike wants to see Eragon. I want to see Pan's Labyrinth...We'll probably see Eragon and I'll see the other when it comes out on video. Mike invited Alex to go too, but she and her parents were doing something else.
And he's gonna spend his Gift card from WeBToys that he got from his Godparents and his allowance. I'm saving my Xmas money for our trip to Philly in the summer to see King Tut-Ankh-Amun. I missed him the first time around. Tried to run away from home and get to NY to see him at the Met...didn't work obviously, but definitely going this time, come Hell or High Water...I've even reserved the tickets already.

Monday, December 25, 2006
Merry Christmas!!!
Well I survived it!
I went to bed after 11 because SOMEONE decided that they needed to stay up late. And he was up before 6! Yuk!
DH got West Wing Season 7 and Bob Dylan's new CD and Meatloaf's too.
DS got his Xbox 360 and a couple of games. I gave him a couple of sweatshirts and some books.
I got a rooster hanging tart holder and a Charles DeLint book, and a Kokopelli nightshirt.
We actually survived Xmas dinner at the inlaws. My MIl was complaining that people should be waiting on HER! Well, shit!! We said not to cook anything. And it was supposedly a 20 pound chicken...maybe with the feathers still on it...
She was yelling at her husband about Goddess only knows what and when my SIL and her daughter came, it was only 10 minutes before there was more yelling...
At least the food was good. And I love my SIL. We have alot in common and the only thing that we disagree on is PETA, the animal rights psychos...

Sunday, December 24, 2006
Saturday and Sunday
Day before the night before Xmas and Xmas Eve!
I have everything wrapped and ready to go...Cookies are done...just need to finish cleaning the parlour...yuk! We didn't get a tree because Mike never cleaned up and we've been asking him since Turkey day to do it....nope, not done...still looks like downtown Beirut.
That's what I've spent my weekend doing...
I rented a movie from Blockbuster, Fast and Furious, Tokyo Drift. No plot, but lots of cars racing and crashing...the car parts were the best of the whole thing.
So I went and dropped the movie off and went to use another coupon, because they were expiring Sunday. Today, they DON'T take them!!!
I was like you took one yesterday! Well, we're not supposed to because we're a franchise. I've been using the damned coupons since JUNE! So I asked which one would and they told me the one across from Dunkies. Looks like I'm never getting a coupon book again with my Discover Points and I may not ever go back to that Blockbluster! What a crock of Splort that was!
At least the one across from Dunkies took the coupon and we got to rent a movie. Seems like it was a car race weekend. I got Talladega Nights. It was a really funny movie. I enjoyed it. Some parts were really adult...
I went over to my Aunt's new place. Way out in South Jeezus and you can hear folks doing target practice. DH was pissed because I took Obelisk and Miss MoneyPenny in the new car...Only embalming would've covered the seats better. Obelisk had her leash on and Penny was in the crate. Sue was happy to see them. We had a nice visit. I brought cookies and the carolling Chicken...She gave Mike a feather owl and me a Feather chicken that looks like a frizzle cochin. She hadn't gotten anything for Ernie, so I stopped and got a couple of scratch tickets for him. Unfortunately none of them were winners...there's a surprise for you.
I took a wrong turn at Albaquerque and made a big huge loop to get back to the highway...I didn't go far enough on Old Washington...oh well, at least I made it home anyway.
Mike was determined NOT to go to bed early. I really wanted to go to sleep because I knew that he was gonna be up at the buttcrack of dawn. I wound up putting out the presents around 11.

Sunday, December 17, 2006
Sunday, one week til Xmas Eve.
Hope everyone's done! I am, thank the Gods...maybe a couple of things for the fishies and something else for the birdies. Yes, this sap gets Xmas gifts for the animals...gotta problem with that??? We're all guilty of spoiling the ones we love...
I went to the SSP to look for a last gift for DH. Sharper Image had them, last month, for $17. None to be had today...crud...Brookstone has them, but for $25. Wasn't that big of a thing...much...It would've been a nice thing for him to have driving back and forth. It was one of those bajillion in one tools. It had a seatbelt cutter, a window hammer, flashlight and stuff like that...Goddess knows, him driving into town all the time with the rest of the would've been a useful and practical gift. Not romantic, but practical...Heck, we've been married almost 20 years, practical is the name of the game.
Mike bought a toy at KB. There's a surprise.
I came home without spending a cent...Yankee Candle was a madhouse, and some of the last resort stores were busy too...Would rather not go to the mall the week before Xmas for danged sure.
The Pats actually played like the team we know and love. Kicked the crap out of the Texans. Lots of turnovers and interceptions...a good game.
I got the pics of the birdies taken. I took the memory chip to CVS. The machine I used last year wasn't working. So I went to a DIY one, and I had no idea what I was doing. I watched the people next to me to see how they were doing it.. I figured I'd get the pics and mail the cards tonight...No luck. It's a 2-3 hour wait. I can still get them in the mail tomorrow. I need to go and get them, caught up in the Giants game. I think I did copies of a picture last year...don't think either one is easier.
Tomorrow is Baking day...I always bake for Xmas. Don't know which one's I'll start with though. I now have a craving for Cherry Winks, now that I sent the recipe off for that exchange...Just need walnuts. Have to check the flour and sugar situation...I use every bowl and measuring cup in the place, but I enjoy doing it.
Oh well off to get the pics.

Saturday, December 16, 2006
Not a whole heck of anything doing...not that that's a bad thing...I had to go to Kohl's and return some foundation undergarments...That's what you get when you don't try them on in the store...Not that that's something you really want to do in this day of video voyeurs...
Derby Street was a mess! There were people trying to get in that were blocking the people trying to get out. Hingham assholes jumping off the sidewalks in front of you...Yeesh!!! And the cop that was supposed to be directing traffic was hanging out at Baja Fresh...must be nice.
At least my letter is printed out and I only have a couple more cards to go.
Tossed Penny outside yesterday...Obelisk chased her all over the yard...Oh well...she'll have to get used to her and put on her big girl feathers and DEAL!
Mike made up some of his missed work. He did a really good paragraph on Pangaea. I was most impressed. Hopefully the teacher likes it. He's also got a C- in History. He missed some homework and did crapppy on another one and did really awful on a 300 point project that I never remember hearing about.
Merry friggin holidays...

Friday, December 15, 2006
This week is over, thank the Gods! I just can't believe the it's 10 days til Xmas and I haven't sent out one card!!! So I've got a letter typed out and needing to be printed tomorrow and I need to get a pic of Obelisk and Penny dressed up for about waiting til the last minute. Jeeze
They sent two people home early today so of course it gets busy as Hell...I was dippping fish, putting away crickets, ringing register and putting away feeders and mealies. BaGAWK!!!!
But at least I got my sticker for the new car...still unnamed...Too bad I fell asleep on the couch waiting for it...I woke up because I dropped my book... At least I didn't drool on the leather furniture...
Mike's got his midterms...just in time for the holidays...great timing...He's giving us a line that at least his grades have gone up...D to a C- isn't that great!! He can get A's and B's, but he's just too damned lazy to do it...Maybe a cattle prod will get them grades up...Gonna be a long weekend for sure.
My Xmas card list is getting shorter. I have 3 written out and need to print out my newsletter...that's 3 pages. And write out the rest of the cards by tomorrow before the PO closes. Maybe by Monday anyways...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Wednesday...Field Trip!!!
I really like this field trip...I love old motheaten taxidermied animals that haven't been alive since the 1800's...I'm being facetious...
I wanted to be a paleontologist since I was 6 years old...I eat all that stuff up...I got a group of 6 boys...and our first stop on the scavenger hunt was..."GLASS FLOWERS" Just great...that wasn't my first choice either...we made a hasty exit after answering our questions, then off to arthropods. There was a vinegaroon, another scorpion and some millipedes.
My DS wants to tell a joke about the flowers..."I hate glass and I hate flowers. Putting them together allows me to hate 'em in half the time."
We got to look at a Dodo and the world's largest Frog and the Kronosaurus and look for a Wombat and a Chinese Water Deer...That deer has fangs!!!Yikes!!! We looked at some early mammals. I took some pictures of a Coelacanth and a Moropus and an Archaeopteryx, a Dimetrodon and a new found fossil that's a link between the sea and life on land. It's pretty cool, but I can't remember it's name.
If I can figure it out, maybe I can post them...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Mike went off to school...If he didn't go field trip tomorrow, no Coelacanth, no Kronosaurus, no taxidermied animals...nothing.
I went back to bed for a while...damned hand was throbbing all night. I took the bandage off and it's green gunk, no black crud, just a hole and a bit of a bruise...hurts to pick up things and tender to the touch...Didn't help that Obelisk thought that the bandage was something to peck at...dumb bird.
But my Xmas shopping is done and I wrapped it all now hand is killing me...but it's done! Yeah!!!
Next is Xmas cards. I wanted to get pics of Obelisk and Penny and put them in the cards. I wasn't able to find the antlers, elf ear hat and Slifer's bandanna til a couple of days ago...I put the elf ear hat on Penny and it was so damned cute!!! Obelisk won't stand still for any of this foolishness. But maybe I can wrestle her stationary for long enough to get a shot.

Sunday, December 10, 2006
It really is Sunday. I didn't change the date from bad...
I can't believe that the Patriots did so friggin' bad...Holy Shit! We got shut out by the Dolphins...It was bad enough that we almost lost last week to the Lions, but Jeeze!!!
We had to go to the Inlaws' today for Sunday lunch...I really do love my in laws. They're nice people...87 years old.
My FIL has a computer. He's one of the people that should've stayed in olden days. He has a tendency to buy the cheap $10 software and then fuck up his computer and call my DH to frantically fix whatever he's screwed up. This past week's adventure was the telephone. We tried for 2 WHOLE days to get in touch with them. All we got was the voice mail message for RCN or DigitalTv or whatever the hell he switched to to save a couple of pennies. DH calls them every night around 5PM. Any other time, if they haven't heard from us by 6, we get a phone call that goes something like this..."You haven't called. We're worried...Is everything alright?" Not this week...We were getting ready to drive the friggin hour over there to see if they were still alive or dessicated corpses...
But everything was okay...he was switching back to whatever the previous company was and they had cancelled the one service and the other one hadn't kicked in...ARGH!!!!
My MIL is nice...when we go over there she drives me crazy though. If you talk to her, the first words you'll most likely hear are: "I'm Suffering." Sometimes I wanna take an icepick and dig out my eardrums...It could be the best day ever, birds chirping, gas prices the lowest in decades, sunny,warm and she'd friggin find fault with it...It's too hot, cold, what's wrong with the gas that it's so cheap, the damned sparrows....on and on and on...
Her hobby is complaining and she really good at it...she has to one up you. If you say that you just got over pneumonia, she'll say that she had DOUBLE pneumonia. My mother fell in the bathroom, broke her neck and MIL says, I ALMOST fell and died...Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, honey...DH was so pissed that she had the nerve to say that that he bawled her out...I, for once, was speechless.
There's alot of folks who are worse off than she is. She can still get around by herself, knows who the hell she is and who we are...A lot of folks her age can't say that...Some of them are stuck in wheelchairs and are completely crippled. I'm sure that she does have pain. Hell, we all do...DH needs his hips replaced and limps. I have stenosis in my back, a bone spur in my right shoulder and a torn labrum, carpal tunnel and Dequervains in my left hand, arthritis in my knees and ankles, but you don't hear me bitching about it. The past month I've been living on Tylenol Arthritis, because I've been hurting, but I still go to work, and cook and take care of the house...FRIGGIN' DEAL!!!
At least I get to drive the new car tomorrow

Sunday, December 10, 2006
Not alot going on. Had to put the lawn things away for the winter.
At least it wasn't anywhere as near as cold as yesterday... That was awful. With the windchill it was zero or damned close to it. ((shiver))
I played around with the car a little bit. Open the hatch, look for the spare tire, play a CD, use the tail wiper...
DH doesn't want me to drive it anywhere except to work and back until we get the insurance papers...It handles alot like MoonShadow, so at least I'm a little bit more comfortable than if I got a different car.
Watched a really bad adaptation of a Clive Barker novel...I like Clive Barker but this was really bad. You never quite figured out what caused the Zombies...

Thursday, December 07, 2006
Well, what a fun week this has been!
The only good thing was getting Penny!
I called the car place and the guy said that they pushed her into the shop and put in that pipe and filled the tranny fluid, started her up, put her in gear and nothing happened!
The guy wasn't happy, so he pushed her back outside and worked on her today too...It looks like it's a tranny pump. I asked how much and he said $1500...shit! DH went on line and her book value is only like $500. My poor baby...this sucks.
So I know what I'm gonna be doing...looking up cars...Yeah!
Too bad Murphy's Law has come into play...I've gakked my intestines up all day...and I have the headache of Hell...3 Migraine pills have finally taken the edge off...I couldn't drink my coffee and when I made soup that made me sick too...damn!
The only good thing is that I took today off. I feel like my head's been drilled for oil and even my hair hurts...
I haven't done my recipe cards and my poor HT penpal's gift isn't done yet either...I spent the day praying to the porcelain god and sleeping...
I'm so sad that they couldn't do anything for MoonShadow...Monetarially it doesn't make sense to do work that's gonna cost 3times what she's worth. Considering I just had her oil changed and her radiator flushed and filled...
This really just sucks.
DH is thinking of another Taurus.
I'm pricing a Focus, and a Vibe. I want a smaller car because I basically go back and forth to work and occasionally go somewhere else...
Mike has put his foot down and said that I can't get the Orange Vibe that Ricky Smith has...but at least you can always find it in the parking lot...
Half a day tomorrow, then car hunting. blech

Wednesday, December 06, 2006
At least I didn't have to work today...because I'm carless!!!
I was by my lonesome except for Obelisk and Penny and the Finny Buddys...and BYC...
I had some things to do...I had to get my recipes for the exchange printed out...then they wouldn't print, so I'll have to do that again...crud!
And my gift for my HT Penpal, I need to finish that...Obelisk likes to eat the gooey glue from the hotglue gun so maybe I can finish that when she's on the other side of the table...
And I have a lovely collexion of feathers on the floor that I need to vacuum up...wonder why?
Moral on the vacuum...always look to see if there's a bag in the damned thing BEFORE you turn it on...I got a big faceful of dust that smelled like Slifer...
Chickens do not like vacuums...they bagawk and run around frantically...
Penny didn't know what to make of it...
Crap! I need to call in for tomorrow...they won't be able to get to Shadow today...
I called work and Dan had me called Frances to see if she could cover...thankfully she could...
Let's see what tomorrow brings...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Been one of those weeks...already.
I was driving to work on route 3 and around exit 14 I saw some grey/silver smoke coming out of the back of MoonShadow. I thought it was because it was so cold, but noone else's car was doing it...hmmmm...
So I got off at my exit and got the red light. Suddenly, I'm surrounded by a big cloud. WTF?! I get through the next light and I've got steam coming out from the hood and the back and I was like HOLY SHIT! They had said something about the water pump, so that's what I figured it was...NOPE!!!
When I opened the hood, yeah I should've waited until it cooled off some, but I was really concerned about wasn't water or anti-freeze, it was tranny fluid...crap!!!
So I go into work and ask if there's anyone to cover for me...I WASN'T WORKING TODAY!!!! shit!
So now I'm stuck at work, waiting for AAA. At least we have towing up to 100 miles. So I got MoonShadow towed from Petco to Weymouth.
That was the first time I rode in a flatbed truck...I sort of like looking down on the little people.
So I'm carless for the next two days...argh!!!
Hopefully, she'll be done tomorrow...fingers crossed.
It was me and Obelisk and Penny today, all day by ourselves, reading mail, playing on Pogo and watching TV.
They think it's just a steel pipe that leads from the radiator to the transmission and that's it. If not, I'm looking at the ads already.
That'll suck big time...she's only 10 years old and only has 76,000+ miles on her.
Guess I'll find out tomorrow.
I talked to my best friend, Retta in Maryland today also...we yakked for 2 hours, 16 minutes and 43 seconds...and that's not a record. I only get to see her only a couple of times a year when she comes up to visit her parents. She lives in Maryland now and pronounces her "r's"...Her DH works for Bechtel, the nuclear reactor part of the company...not the ones that make tunnel ceiling collapses possible...
My Aunt's getting sprung tomorrow and I can't go and see car...
I guess I'll just have to stuff Obelisk and Penny in the car and take them on a road trip...but I'll have to get the address first.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring...Maybe I don't wanna know...

Sunday, December 03, 2006
DH had to work...Mike and I went to NEBC for the Chicken Show! I brought my digital camera so that I could take tons of pictures of the different breeds. I got 5 pictures before the batteries went dead. I was sooo pissed! I had a Salmon Fav in my sights too. And the other batteries I grabbed out of DH's camera were doornails too! Crap!
I basically went to see the chickens and to meet up with some of the people that I see online...Where else do you get to see birds with feathered feet, Raptor legs, one with Phyllis Diller crests and ones with fur instead of feathers? I also like to see if I can pick the winners...I did really well last spring. I picked the right black Cochin.
The only problem, except for the dead batteries, was the fact that we brought a birdie home with us. Her name is Penny. She's a coppery orange colour with very pretty lacing on her back feathers. She's got black skin, blue ears, and an extra toe from Silkie relatives. She's got a teeny single comb from being part Cochin and no tail from an Aracauna in the woodpile. She's very sweet and likes to be held. And Obelisk absolutely hates her!
I'm on DH's shitlist as well as Obelisk's. I can't wait to see Penny's first egg! Goddess knows, I'm getting more eggs from Owlies and Geckoes than from Obelisk who looks very put out when you shove an egg carton under her beak and tell her to fill it up.
This is Penny.
On Saturday, I got MoonShadow's radiator done, but they mentioned a water pump may need doing also.

Saturday, December 02, 2006
A day off! Yeah!!! But wait, I have to get MoonShadow's radiator flushed and filled...crud...I get there at 9 and there's 3 cars ahead of me I decide to go home. Yes fat lil old me walked home...only took 20 minutes and I wasn't dead when I got there either, surprisingly enough...
So I managed to completely fuck up DH's plans. We were going to the market after I got done. But by coming home, we could go earlier...that was my first mistake...
It sort of snowballed from there. We forgot the cans and bottles to take to cockroach bros and the plastic bag o' bags too. And we only managed to find one coupon...
DH wanted to go to the movies. Mike wanted to see Happy Feet. Ernie wanted to see Casino Royale or Deja Vu. Ack!!!
There was a major arguement over that...aren't weekends just loverly?!
We finally agreed to see Deja Vu. Hell, it couldn't be too bad. It had Denzel in it! It was actually pretty darned good. We all liked it except for the ending which I will not give away even if Slifer eats my liver.
I have discovered that the Phantom Gourmet is soooo unfair...they show all these restaurants and there's no way that you can eat at all of them before you die! It's just not fair!!! WHINE!!!!
Saturday's was all pizza...I love Pizza and it's one of Mike's food groups also...they did Pizza Hut, Dominos, Sbarro's and PapaJohn's. We're getting a PapaJohn's right down the street...Hopefully a Sonic DriveIn will be on it's way...
And noo we didn't have Pizza for supper.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Wow a day off! should've worked...too much running around to do...Went to get the radiator flushed on MoonShadow. Needed an appointment. Brooks didn't open til 9, so I went to Walgreens and CVS instead. Got my Aunt the powder that she wanted and a really cute chicken that sings Jingle Bells and at the end says"Happy New Year" but it sounds like Crappy New Year LOL
I got Mike sox at Kmart and got Ernie the new Meatloaf, Bat Out of Hell III. It's pretty good, considering he's finally back with the bunch that he made the first two with...
I also got to talk to one of Mike's teachers even though we didn't get a conference. She says that he needs to do the homework because extra credit won't cut it... and she says he's gotten better so that's good news.
I saw my Aunt. She still doesn't know when she's being sprung from the rehab place. I thought and she thought that it was going to happen a couple of weeks ago...didn't obviously...
But I dropped off her powder and went looking for her at the "gym", what they call the PT room. She walks fine, no limp or anything. And this was her last appointment with them too. So that's a good thing. I got talking with her speech therapist and I have another convert to the Poultry Side. I talked her into going to the New England Bantam Club show on Sunday...hehehe...
I'm really behind this week...seems like I've just been running non-stop... That smilie just about says it all.

Sunday, November 26, 2006
Football and more football and then some more football!!!
The Pats/Bears game was a nailbiter...
Indy was really good too...Missed the end though...Hell, I'm old, what do you expect? LOL
DH had a computer thingie to go to at the Jillians near Fenway...he kept calling because he couldn't find a space, then found one, but resident's only...then he had to limp two blocks
At least he brought me home a Pen. It's two colours and can be hung around your neck...I love pens, even if I have to steal them from the doctor's office...
Dh also brought Mike home a picture of him and Mike's real dad, Homer Simpson...LOL

Saturday, November 18, 2006
Day off.
Not working today...not for pay anyways...Plenty of yardwork though...Leaves, leaves and more damned leaves...and most of them aren't even off of our trees. I think it's a conspiracy. We have hemock, ash, pine and hawthorne, but we're raking up Sycamore and Oak...I wanna go to everyone's house and say, Keep your damned leaves the hell out of my yard. We have enough of our own!
DH did most of it, including the gutters...don't do ladders and you can't make me!
Then I had to get a flu shot. Yeah! The town was doing them for $5 so it's better than spending 15 for a doctor visit...Have a lovely dimesized bruise..
Then I had errands to run that I didn't get done on Wed. If today is any indication how the Xmas season is gonna be, I'm gonna call in dead until New Years. I went to Michael's, Joann's, AC Moore and Wallyworld and it took me over 2 hours...Too many fucking impatient people! I had a person beeping me as soon as the light changed. Too bad that it wasn't my fault that I wasn't moving...there was an SUV in front of me. Where the hell am I supposed to go? UP!? and it happened twice! Christ!!!
I forgot to tell you about my lovely field trip on Thursday...You didn't hear about it??? That's because I was DISSEd by a first grade Girl Scout troop!!! I was so excited when Amanda asked me to do it and then they never showed. No call, no letter, no carrier pigeon!! HOW WUDE!! As JarJar Binks would say...
Then Mike's report card...
Need I say more?
D's in English, Math, and History. And it's because he's not doing the homework..He's lied right to us! We ask if he's got homework and he says he's done it and he hasn't! Dh is ready to spit. He's grounded for the weekend anyways. And no hours on the computer or TV either.
Tomorrow we're going to the inlaws for an early Thanksgiving dinner. None of us want to leave the house on the real day...considering the next day that some of us have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn. Shiver
Stupid me asked to see the schedule and I was on like usual...I asked and durwood now has me on at 6!!! Might as well not go to bed AND I miss the library booksale!!! ARGH!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Not working, but...Current mood: listless
Damn! I just deleted what I wrote...
some days it doesn't pay to dig yourself out of your grave...know what I mean?
Busy anyways. I had my day all planned out. I was heading to Kingston to go to We Be Toys and then to the Mall to window shop. Then to Hanover to hit Michael's, Joann's and ACMoore's to use my coupons.
Never frigging happened.
Dh wanted me to go to Shaws for a couple of things. that was relatively easy THIS TIME...usually you wanna take some heads as trophies by the time you leave. They people have been there since the last Ice Age, and move at the speed of glacier.
I was too early for Building 19 darn it. They had all sorts of hair things last week...LAST WEEK being the accurate phrase. I'll be damned if I know where the heck they put them...And according to their circular, they had toys like at the mall...Must've been invisible, cuz they weren't where they were supposed to be either...At least I got some new wrapping paper so replace the stuff I can't find because Mike is always knocking stuff over downstairs and not putting it back...
Mike had done something to his shoulder last night and it was still hurting today. Being a bad mother, I sent him to school anyways. So DH convinced me that he needed to see the doctor. I was sitting at SSP and managed to get an appointment. I went into Macy's and saw an old friend and then went off to Newbury Comics to pick up something that Mike wanted for Xmas.
I had plenty of time to stop by the house, get the checkbook, go to the school and get to the appointment in time...but no....the world conspired against me. I called the school and said that I had an appointment and would they have him waiting for me when I got there. They said sure...I got to the office and no Mike...WTH?! I waited for 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes...WTF?! He was supposed to be waiting for me! After 10 minutes he finally appears...The nitwit who was supposed to tell him to get his butt to the office didn't So now I have to make it from North Weymouth to South Weymouth in 7 minutes...
Sounds really easy doesn't it? did I say that I was being conspired against? got behind a Tbus, and a creepin' Jesus and another idiot that crawled up to a green light and stopped...I guess on his home planet that you go through the second green light, not the first. AAHHHH!!!
We made it to the Dr's only 4 minutes late. come to find out, if you swing your arm in a circle very hard, you can pop it out of the socket...whatever possessed him to do this, I do not care to speculate on, but the Dr. said don't do it again. I second this. I stuffed him on the couch, gave him a pill and made a sling out of his Webelos kerchief with an icepack. So he can yell at me from the other room.
During this all, I'm making a whole "Fake Beef" for supper. You can't really say Chicken around here because Obelisk always manages to look at you when you're preparing it and making you feel like you're doing something wrong. Even though it's not really a relation... Sort of like comparing a Mastiff to a Greyhound...Cornish/Rock crosses are what the meat birds are. Obelisk is a Leghorn, maybe suitable for soup, but that's about it...Not that I'd ever eat her anyway. EWWW!!!
I wonder what went on at work today. I hope the Day Gecko has made an appearance...If not maybe the snake that got loose last month will. There's plenty of crickets on the floor for him to eat...