Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NaBloWriMo #30~~Storm Damage Wow!~~

Compared to the rest of the coast we were spared. Water in the cellar, just enough to moisten a frog actually. Water coming in the front window, nothing that slapping a thirsty plant under couldn't cure...

This little town, with a too apt name, and  I'd never heard of, got a foot plus of white stuff. They were on the COLD front side of Sandy. 

I guess they have a ski area in West Virginia...I nevah woulda thunk it.

This slightly water-logged statue of Alex Haley reading his "Roots" story is in Annapolis, MD. My best friend  lives in Frederick. I need to call her and see if she's okay. She's more inland, so she should've been.
maryland hurricane sandy damage

I can only hope this poor mook in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, was holding on tight to his whole existence...
ap superstorm sandy wave crash rehoboth beach thg 121029 wblog Hurricane Sandy: Live Updates
Even *I* was never that freakin stupid to hang out on the beach when there was a storm, let alone a bloody hurricane!

My friend Joanne used to live in Milford CT. I remember seeing this when I lived down the beach...
The Hurricane Sandy Aftermath
This was high tide there yesterday.

The saddest thing that came out of this was the sinking of the Bounty...yeah, THAT Bounty!
Hurricane Sandy sinks ship, HMS Bounty
It was in the movie with Brando and also in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  The diesel engines went kaput and they were screwed. The waves were like 30 feet high. They rescued everyone except for the Captain, but they're still looking for him. And a lady that was recovered has since died, which is tragic.

I give huge kudos to the Coasties. They did a pissah job rescuing everyone. That has GOT to be one of the hardest saves to ever do. The helo is hovering, it's being tossed by the wind, the basket is spinning and swaying. And you're jumping into an ocean that's sending tonnes of water over you as you're trying to save a life.
The US Coast Guard hoists a survivor from HMS Bounty, to safety from the churning sea
They gotta have balls the size of Yap money.
Stone Money - State of Yap

The death toll so far in the States is the mid thirties. It could've been sooo much worse. We had enough warning to get while it was still safe or to hunker down if it was safer to do so. If you went out when you weren't sposta or did something stupid, then you deserved to clean out your section of the gene pool...

Some people don't understand the power of water. Just think of the Grand Canyon...that was all water!
6 Inches of water can sweep an adult away. 2 feet deep can take your car!
I mean look at this!!! It's on TRAIN tracks in SingSing.

That boat didn't just WALK there! It was shoved by the water!
This one didn't either and this is a TANKER!!

This one washed up on Staten Island, NY.

I can only say prayers for the folks that died, thanks to all the FEMA and local agencies that stocked shelters and helped out, along with the ConEd, and Grid and whomever else is busting their humps to get things back to normal.

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