Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NaBloWriMo #2~~Shit That Gets Under My Skin part 1~~

I can honestly say that about 90...okay 80...dang...70% of the time, I am pretty easy going. Don't be rude, don't steal, and don't freakin LIE to me and things are all good capiche?

I've had an old bag blow smoke from her ciggie in my face as she was talking to me...this was back in a mall in the late 80's. You weren't sposta smoke in a mall either, but this old bag was "entitled" for just being an old bag. After gasping and reaching for my inhaler, which she thought was SOO freaking funny, I turned my back on her and walked away...it had been a slow night in the good old Bootery and I had been desperate for company...obviously not THAT desperate after all.

If you smoke, fine. Just don't hang outside the doors so I hafta walk through that cloud with my asthma-y lungs. I can't hold my breath that long. There should be a designated place on the roof or the basement where you can enjoy your cancer sticks.

The rudeness of today's people astounds me. I've had doors shut in my face, without an "Oops I didn't see you.I'm sorry." I told one jackass off for doing that. I was taught to hold open the doors, say "Yes, please" and "No, thank you."

I HATE people that park in the fire lane. Why? Are you that fucking lazy or entitled that you can't find a space to run into the market and get your Starbucks?*good coffee with the air of douchebaggery* These are the types that have those HUGE Mini Eating SUV's on lease, a McMansion they can't really afford and all the luxuries their tapped out Credit Cards can buy...AND work out everyday for hours...but can't walk the few extra steps...pfft.

As for the coffee...when the HADES did THAT start? I wouldn't mind treating myself to a cuppa but some folks go everyday! Don't they have coffee makers in their homes? We do...and we drink it at home, like civilized persons. Putting cupholders in the shopping carts just sets my teeth on edge. You're shopping, not socializing...unless of course you're part of the busload of old dears from the wrinkle cities who get bussed in on Mon, Tues and Wed to get their milk, bread and catfood and block the aisles while Agatha tells Lilian about her bowel movements when you're trying to get to the things on your list. Gods help you if you move their carts out of the way...it's like you just took their little yappy dog and filleted it in front of them...sheesh.

And ANOTHER thing! Cells phones! DH and I use ours in the car for emergencies. In MA you're not sposta talk or text on the phone whilst driving. Our state would be so far in the black if they'd just ticket these bastages who do it.  Driving is driving. You are in control of a tonne's worth of metal so THAT is what you should be doing. NOTHING else!!! How many accidents are caused by ijits doing everything else whilst driving. I'm not even going near the shaving, putting make up on, beating on the girlfriend(I called the Staties on that one), reading the newspaper, or oral sex(saw the passenger's head bobbing up and down and it wasn't apple season, KWIM) I've seen when the drivers are sposta be DRIVING.

I was working at an Educational Toy store and a woman's at the register...I'm waiting for her to finish up her conversation...*cue the Jeopardy theme* She finally looks at me and is like "Aren't you done yet?I'm in a hurry." *I haven't started because I need to know if you wanted gift receipts* I got the eyeroll and the exhalation of frustration. Too freakin bad! It's YOUR fault not mine, if your conversation was so damned important, mebbe you shouldn't be shopping an hour before the birthday party...

Then there's the Loud Mouth Loud Rocks who are on the phone who hafta talk louder than everyone else so you can hear them on Mars.  I really don't wanna know who is sleeping with whom, what you had at last night's party, how trashed you got, whether the contractor cut the wood to the wrong size, or how the Bruins are doing...I don't GIVE a SHIT!!!

Unless our President has given you "The Codes" to "the suitcase", get off the Fucking Phone and drive, walk, have a face to face conversation...

So ends this morning's rant...


  1. LOL I hate when people are on cell phones driving it pisses me off to.
    I really appreciate this post, you got me laughing over most of the stuff too cause it's stuff that pisses most people off but they are too afraid to say it.