Saturday, November 27, 2010


This is the last part of our Treasury Hunt. I really hope you've enjoyed seeing all the lovely items we've made.

First is HollyStorm She has fabric clutches, very interesting fabric bracelets and some jewelry.

This is my fave from her shop...I'm one of those odd people who happen to LIKE the colour Orange...

I'd wear it every day too. I still have a leather bracelet I made in 72 and all of the studded bracelets I wore in my metal days in the 80's...ahem...moving right along...

Next is another wonderful person. Barbrie777 This shop has her jewelry, and her famous EarthMotherCollection. These wonderful people can even be found at our illustrious Smithsonian Museum. She has a supply shop too, but I'm not gonna give you the addy cuz I just saw some neat goodies for ME, so there...
This is one of her people:

Isn't he just handsome?

This is her prize for the contest, some lovely lavendar sachets:
Can't you just smell that? Oh you can't? bugger...Computers should come with scratch and sniff options or smell-o-vision...

Third on this list is my alter ego, AKiwiSilkie This is my mundane shop whereas HowlingCaterpillars is more on the magickal side of things.

This shop has DreamWebs, destash that have been lurking in the cellar, jewelry and other goodies.

This is my prize for the contest, a Zodiac Bottle of your choice:

Our last tsunali is Promises,Promises Her shop specializes in horses of all types along with some paintings and neat scrollwork ornaments.

This one of her horses is soooo me!"Do these wings make my butt look big?"

Her prize for the contest is a set of wooden scrollsaw horse ornaments.

That's it...darn it!

It's been really fun for me introducing the NA forum folks. Hope you've enjoyed your treasury hunting...


  1. Although my butt is small, I love this horse by Promises


  2. Lovely prizes - best of luck to all the hunters!

  3. great post, what a generous collection of fabulous prizes!