Friday, November 12, 2010

Tsunali Treasury Hunt #2 part 3

This is the last bunch for this Treasury Hunt.

First up is CandyThomasGourdArt. This gal really IS out of her gourd! I eat pumpkin and squash pies and she makes ART out of the shells of all shapes and sizes of these magnificent fruits.

Gourds were one of the earliest plants to be cultivated by humans and were used as containers even before clay or pottery and are sometimes referred to as "Nature's Pottery".
Gourd skins were sometimes used as replacements for skull pieces in the NeoLithic period.
There's an old tale called "Follow the Drinkin Gourd" that tells how escaped and fleeing slaves would follow the Big Dipper to reach freedom in the North.

This is Candy's prize for the Treasury Hunt, the Turkey's Token pyrographed gourd with turkey feathers and horse hair.
Turkey was called the Blessing Eagle in many Native cultures because he gave everything of himself when asked.

Next up is SweetGrassValley. This gal does wonderful hairpipe and gemstone jewelry, and she paints too!!!

She has another shop called BumperstickersnMore, which has

Hair pipes were introduced in the 1860's when the Native Americans saw the whites smoking pipes with bone pipe stems. The Native Americans made it hair pipes there own using them in breast plates and jewelry. Original bone pipes really were bone. This is QuannahParker wearing a hairpipe breastplate from the Smithsonian Collection.

Here's Sweet's prize for the Treasury Hunt: a leather anklet with silver bells and a silver feather:

Last friend for this Treasury Hunt is NightOwlMarket. She works with Pendelton fabric. And her goodies are just gorgeous! She has Christmas stockings, small goods, totes and possibles bag.
Pendelton Fabric is still made in Oregon in the good old US of A and has been since 1909 when the first Indian Trade Blanket rolled out of the factory.

If you go to the Pendelton site and click on the Legendary Blankets section I PROMISE you will be as speechless and overwhelmed as I was...
Pendelton is made from 100% virgin wool: wool that is sheared from the live sheep. It does not hurt the sheep. It's like when we get a haircut....

This is Owl's prize for the Treasury Hunt, a lovely turquoise with sun design possibles bag. You can put almost anything in them: roots, leaves, stones, feather, endless possibilities.

You can still get in on all the lovely goodies for this week up until Midnight eastern on Sunday.
Here's the link again:

Here's all the shops that are in this Treasury:


  1. wado for all that info on gourds.
    these prizes are such beautiful pieces.

  2. Wado for the info about hair pipes & gourds ~ boy our wild (Eastern) turkies sure need to gain some weight ~ very special and unique prizes!

  3. That was very entertaining, you're pretty good at this blogging stuff!