Wednesday, November 17, 2010


There's 11 awesome shops to look through for this one and one where it's a raffle prize.

Here's the link:

So here we go!
First up is SpiritBearCreations.
She's a Down-Eastah! Her shop has a great mix of items. She has bead work, totem/medicine bags, herbal goodies, fetishes, and her cookies are to die for!!! I think almost all of us tsunali have gotten some.

Her prize for the contest is a full dozen of her Leckerli.

The Name Spirit Bear refers to a rare type of Black Bear that is found in British Columbia. Instead of being Black, their fur is a creamy white with dark eyes, dark noses and light claws. They're not albinos or Polar bears even though they're white. It's a double recessive gene particular to these bears that gives them the odd colour if both the parents carry it.

Next is Sagehealer.

Her shop is full of wonderful and helpful shinies. I have one of her Totem Talismans as does my son. She has minerals, smudges, all sorts of goodies to help and heal.

This is her prize for the Treasury hunt, a Quantum Quattro Crystal:

Isn't that a gorgeous blue? Sorta reminds me of an iceberg...The stone is great for meditation, and clearness of thought, along with healing and communication.

Sage is one of the four Sacred Herbs of Native American culture along with cedar or juniper, lavendar, and sweetgrass. They help to purify a person, place or thing and bring in the good spirits.

Next is KickingBear, our Teacher.

He's teaching us Tsalagi...I hope we're coming along okay. We know one of the most important words.'s a necessity of life.

This is his prize for the contest, a Selu Ayatlidi (Corn necklace).

According to Cherokee myth, Selu was the Corn Mother or Maize. Her consort was Kanati, the Lucky Hunter. They were First Man and First Woman.

KB's necklaces commemorate the Trail of Tears, when the Cherokee people, along with the Muskogee(Creek), Seminoles and Choctaws, were forced off their ancestral lands and left to their own devices in "Indian Territory" also known as Oklahoma. 4,000 of the 15,000 Cherokee died along the way. Most of the Native Americans leaders and the people themselves never acknowledged the landgrab.

Last is WolfMoonTraders.

She has pencil drawings, Smudge feathers, jewelry, Medicine bags, rattles and other neat items.

Her prize is a Turkey and Pheasant Smudge feather. It's lovely!
Smudging Feathers are used for wafting the smoke from you smudge sticks around the person, place or thing you're smudged and lifts the smoke to the Great Spirit.

They say to use a feather from a bird that you feel an affinity too. Feathers that are gifted to you are the most powerful because they came from the affection that the bird has for you. Never pluck your bird to get a hurts them. It's like if your bird pulled out your hair by the roots. Except for dyed turkey feathers, the ones that I myself use come from the year's moult.

Don't forget to play and send off your answers. This treasury hunt goes until Sunday. So there's still plenty of time.


  1. As usual, you have done a wonderful promoting our treasury hunt

    Many thanks


  2. i need to take the time tomorrow to participate...creator, please - give me more time?