Sunday, November 21, 2010


This is our third Treasury hunt with one more to follow...
Here's the link again:

These are our tsunali for this treasury.

First up is Aneurythm. This lady's a trip! Her jewelry is magnificent! And she always makes us smile.

This is her prize for the contest an Ojo de Venado necklace. Love the colours together.

I own a bunch of her orphans. And you never know what she might have lurking in her shop...but they're always special. Because she had a run in with a brain aneurysm (you don't need to feel sorry for her at all, she certainly doesn't) some of the proceeds from the purchase of her goodies go to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation in Hanover, MA.

Next is DreamWeaver Spirit. She's rather new around the fire, coming all the way from old Blighty, but is another wonderful member. Her shop has everything from Breastplates to pentacles, chokers to wands.

This is her prize, a Zuni Peyote stitch bracelet. That's another of those hard things I wouldn't even do on a dare...bead weaving...heck NO!!! I could put the bear on and the ponys, but the others NOPE!

Nikonman is next, another of the brave men who hang out at our campfire. (Yes I skipped me) He takes photos that I have no chance of ever taking, so I drool and be envious.
His prize is called Meditation and it just blows me away everytime I see it...

Next is Soulful Stuff. shop has mostly beautiful jewelry but she also has a section honouring the Cherokee people, along with fabric arts and photographs.

This is her prize for the contest, an earring/necklace set with dyed blue guinea fowl feathers and turquoise.

Guinea fowl aren't from guinea...but they look like mini cassowaries...see?

This is another of our newer Tsunali: Beading4U. Her shop was mostly bead work, but she managed to get her hubby to make some goodies for her too. My friends' beadwork just amaze me...*shakes head* I leave it to the experts thankfully.

This is her prize, a carved bear pawprint/arrowhead ornament carved from Red Oak.

Bear is a good strong medicine in Native Cultures. Plains Indians thought that shamans with bear medicine were the most powerful of them all. It also represents direction and was considered a good omen by some. We feel an affinity to bear because we also walk on the flat of our feet not on tiptoes like most other animals.

Next is HandyAnn, the Queen of our Treasuries and our other Tsunali from across the Pond. She is a conservator. She makes antiques and other precious objects look like the day that they were made. She does some beadwork, some jewelry, and stained glass, but her niche is Temari tutorials. Temari are a traditional Japanese stitchery. I haven't tried it...mostly because I'd be sewing myself to the little ball...

This is HandyAnn's prize, a 5 pack of Tutorials so you can get addicted too!

Temari originated in China and migrated to Japan where they made it an art form. They're gorgeous when they're done...

Our last tsunali is the DH of GrannieGirt, aka RodgerandDelilasplace Lots of lovely jewelry here. And affordable too. And some neat supplies.

This is the grandprize for the treasury's just amazing

There's still plenty of time to get in on ends at midnight eastern time tonight.
Good luck and have fun.

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  1. HC, you are a great blogger! You know just how to paint a picture of our digusdi (cousins) so well by highlighting a listing that tells so much about them and their artwork. Good job!!!