Monday, November 8, 2010

Tsunali Treasury Hunt #2 Part 1

So here we go with our first friend(oginali) from the Second Hunt: Native Beads.
To be majorly obvious, she does stuff with beads. She's even written a book about beads and techniques...

This is her prize for the Treasury Hunt:White Buffalo Calf Beaded Earrings.

White buffalo calves are Strong Medicine to the Native Americans. When White Buffalo Calf Woman returns, the world will return to beauty and harmony.

Next is Oh Claudia. She's one of the newer Tsunali but has fit in so well around our fire like she has always been there.

She's another beader. She does round ones and flat ones and you couldn't pay me enough to even pick up all them little beads...I think I'd miss so many that Obelisk would be laying Faberge eggs.

This is Oh Claudia's prize, a Turquoise, Red Jasper, Howlite and Silver beaded bracelet:

Last of this group is SonoraKaysCreations. Her shop has Dream Catchers, Virginian Creeper Wreaths, Jewelry, and even Dog Collars...sort of something for everyone.

Her prize is Chandelier Earrings. They'd be really awesome to wear out for New Years!

I'll post the next batch on keep them eyeballs peeled, but please keep them away from Obelisk...


  1. Claudia's bracelet is the kind of prize I would love to win. I like ALL of her creations.


  2. Sure wish I could enter! These prizes are great. I want to thank you, Sage, Sweet Grass Valley, and Handy Ann for all the work you have done for our Native American Month promotions.

  3. Fantastic prizes! Those earrings are lovely.

  4. Super wirteup about out digusdi on the thread!