Friday, November 5, 2010

The rest of the Tsunali from the First Treasure Hunt

Number on this list is 1EggMan. He's one of our few gents that can get a word in edgewise with all us hens cackling away. He carves eggs of all types with a dentist bur. Glad to know that can be used for something other than filling cavities.
He is owned by a rescued Doby named Takoda who's special in his own right.
This is Egg's prize for the Treasure Hunt. It's simple and elegant and just lovely.

Next up is JStinson. The originator of the Campfire. Her beadwork is amazing! I couldn't see half of them let alone DO anything with them.

Beading4U is a newer family member. Her beadwork is marvelous. There's more non traditional goodies in her shop, like triangles.

Her prize is Porcupine Quill beading earrings.
Brave woman to try and pluck Porky. This would SO be me...

Last up for this treasury is HeartWorks. She makes magnetic and handpainted Signs. They're always beautiful and colourful.

Her prize is a gorgeous Golden Eagle Feather. They stick AWESOME to your car!

Since we can't have the real thing, this is a great substitute. It also has a Sun Symbol on it representing the 4 Directions. And you also get the Blue Jay feather. Sweet Deal. Probably alot safer too...look at those Lee Press On Nails from Hell...

I hope you've enjoyed your jaunt through our Treasury Hunt. You still can get in until the 7th.
Our second Treasury Hunt starts on the 8th with still MORE prizes to win!

And don't forget to check out our sales also. Even more goodies. Do an all items search for "napromo" or "native forum" to see them. The sale goes until the 21st.


  1. Oh wow...great write up. Did that poor doggie survive that quill attack? Everyone should have nails (claws) like that...probably slit my own throat before I woke up...HaHa
    Who you calling a cackling hen? LOL