Monday, November 1, 2010

Tsunali from our First Treasure Hunt

First up is Grannie Girt.
Her shop has some crocheted goods, some vintage and other goodies.
Her prize for the first Treasure Hunt Contest is this neat set:

It's crocheted with a silver feather and coyote claws. In Native American mythologies, Coyote is a trickster who's too smart for his own good sometimes.

Next is ClayDancerDesigns. Needless to say, she has clay goods in her shop. There's everything from platters to valets, magnets and outhouses.
This is the prize from Clay's shop:

Bear has the power of healing and of introspection.

After her is Litapsilverj who does miraculous things with silver and gemstones, and all types of jewelry.
This is her prize:

Eagle represents the ability to rise above things to get the full view.

And we're not sexist either. We have some gents who hang out with all us ladies.

This is one of them: CrippleCreekWoodWork. He has all sorts of woodcrafted items. They range from tables and vanities to cufflinks and earrings.

This is his prize:

Arrowheads are important to the Native culture because without them, the people would've starved and they can mean "alertness".

I'll put up the other four later on in the week.


  1. Hi HC - Very nice comments about the NA Promo.

  2. nothing demented about these scribblings....
    this blog is the perfect companion for Native American Month and the prizes for our treasury hunt.

  3. How wonderful of you to post a great promotion!

  4. What fine pieces of art - true treasures befitting this most important celebration and well worth hunting for!