Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tsunali Treasury Hunt #2 part 2

First up is Vikotas aka Lavinia's Room. She does painting and multimedia art. She's been coming to the campfire for quite a while...bringing with her LOLcats, funny looking food and general fun stuff.

The prize from her shop is this really lovely beaded and leather piece of art called Rain Blessing.

In most cultures, NA or not, rain was considered a blessing. It helped the crops grow and the animals and people to thrive. You think of the rain dance, which DO work, I can tellya...which called on the Great Spirit to send the rain down...

Next is ForTheBrand. Her goodies are made of all sorts of semiprecious and gemstones...Turquoise, Coral and Sterling play a large part in her creations.

This is her prize for the Treasury Hunt: Hannah Earrings

I love/adore Turquoise. These are simple enough for everyday. Turquoise has been a highly valued gemstone for ages. It protects travellers, or against unnatural death. It's also a lovely calming stone.

Last for this group of talent is Sirocco, another of our gentlemen. He has jewelry for everyone. There's beaded, gemstones, Swarovski crystal, bone and sterling. Another drool worthy shop full of eye candy.

His prize is Native American Styled Tubular Peyote Stitch beaded earrings in Turquoise, White and Silver.

If you've noticed, beadwork is an important part of the Native American culture's type of adornments. You can find it on their clothing, in the ceremonial garb, as jewelry and as art on medicine bags and dance sticks. Some types of beading such as porcupine quilling was considered a form of prayer.

The original beads were natural items like antlers, bones, claws and teeth. Now the beads are usually glass seed beads, not that there's anything wrong with that. The only ancient type beads that are still made in the traditional ways are the Heishii of the Pueblo peoples.


  1. osiyo and wado for posting this!

  2. your demented scribblings are more coherent than some of our posts on the thread.
    good work


  3. Wado - I actually had missed seeing the prizes. Very beautiful and very generous! Sky and I both wish much fun to all who go hunting.