Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Say What?!!!
You're kidding right?!!


What the fuck you MEAN you can't say VAGINA?!

Read this and see how the male legislators in Michigan "think".

I mean Come ON!! Are you shitting me?!!!  

Are you guys for real?!!

VAGINA has never been a swear word in my lexicon and I have a quite rounded vocabulary, thank you very much. 

The only time the female parts are considered a swear word is when you call a person a Cee U Next Tuesday. 

Are these poor pitiable men so afraid of VAGINAs that they need to become the three wise monkeys? 
Hear no Vagina, See No Vagina, Speak No Vagina...

How do these guys think they were born? 
From an Egg maybe?Or the Stork or even a Cabbage Patch? 
Maybe we should check them for umbilici to see if they have one...
I KNOW chickens do, at least the Gallus gallus domesticus do. Prolly not the aforementioned human chickens. No offense to all the feathery, intelligent poultry out there.

MAYBE we should make them immune to the word VAGINA. Sort of like aversion therapy...
If we keep saying VAGINA, maybe it won't have such a frightening connotation to these poor misguided ninnies.  

This is what happened in the past couple of days to work towards this end. 

"The VAGINA Monologues" was recited outside the Michigan State House.
Isn't that too cool?

There's even a VAGINA song that the male legislators can listen to as they work to make being a female and having female issues a crime:

Or if they go onto Regretsy, they'll see tonnes of VAGINAs and Vulvas for their therapy.  

This lovely kit I found on Etsy should be required for those off days in winter:
DIY KIT - VAGINA Big Lebowski Piece
Mayhap they wouldn't be so intimidated. 

I presume that most of these legislators are married or engaged, or have at least seen, touched, been inside a VAGINA...what are they so afraid of? That it'll grow teeth?!  Oh please!!! 
Vagina dentata (Latin for toothed vagina) describes a folk tale in which a woman's VAGINA is said to contain teeth, with the associated implication that sexual intercourse might result in injury or castration for the man. 

Let's read that again gentlemen a FOLK TALE!!! 

Well, except for the lovely Aztec Goddess, Tlaltecuhtli.
She had teeth and jaws all over her body and is usually depicted squatting in the birth position with a human body hanging out of her VAGINA. 
Yep, that might be scary to those males who might wanna put a penis into a VAGINA. 

Oops, can I even SAY penis?

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