Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Better Handmade Blog Ring Post #3 - My European Touch

This week's victim is Monika of My European Touch. She was born in Germany and came here, Yays! She now lives in the Orange State, in Jacksonville, She's a bit closer to the ocean than to Disney though. She's a life long crafter. Her work shows it too.

She does tessarae, which is a type of mosaic work. Most Tesserae work can be seen in ancient Rome, and and the Eastern Part of the Roman Empire, like Byzantium, or whatever it's called these days...
This beautiful piece is in the Hagia Sophia, a Hang out for the Greek Orthodox Patriarch, then a Mosque and  now a museum.

File:Hagia Sophia Interior Virgin 2007.JPG
Our clever teammate uses vintage and new china and porcelain plates in her designs...Hades, I can destroy Correlle and Melmac dishes, so I strongly avoid anything that I can break by looking at it. hehe 

She calls her goodies, Shabby Chic, but I don't see a danged thing shabby about any of it.
Wall Art Wall Hanging wall decor Mosaic Window Pane Shabby Chic stained glass cut broken china plate rims Cottage beach Custom made
Isn't this gorgeous?!
Wall Hanging Wall Decor Mosaic Violin Shabby chic Wall Art Mosaic Center Piece Music Gift Chic broken china plate rims cottage chic mosaic
I LOVE this one too! It's made from a REAL violin too! Of course you can't play it, but wouldn't it just be nice hanging in your bedroom or music room or conservatory?

I've actually TRIED doing mosiac tiling stuff...I don't have the patience for it.  But I commend anyone who does.

She also has some Vintage Goodies, like Cut Glass Decanters and Upcycled Dress Hangers.

I also think these are awesome items too.

Ice skate Decor, Wall Art Door Hanger Mantel piece white Shabby chic, light blue, tatted butterflys
Nancy Kerrigan would be pleased to see these hanging in her room next to her last Gold.  I used to ice skate...I was NEVER good at it, more like this poor gal.

This is also pretty.
Night light Candle Holder Table light handmade frosted pearls white shabby cottage chic
And it would look really nice with this in your little Cape Codder on Nantucket Island.
Shabby Chic Table Lamp Lighting Decor Cream White Lace handmade Clay roses, pink decor, millenery crystal teardrop ribbon

Right now she's having a sale in her shop, 15% off of everything.
Soo check it out! 

You can find Monika here:


AND she's on HGTV!! So she's a celebrity in MY eyes. Martha can go pound sand! Monika RULES!!


  1. Delightful write-up. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love it! Love Monika's work, I agree, there ain't nothin shabby about it! Beautiful shabby chic!

  3. Definitely interesting and something I had never heard of until I joined Artfire.

  4. You made me laugh so hard, tears are running down my face about your fabulous blog post. I am forever grateful for that and the free hardy laughs I caught reading it. Thank you dearly....♥♥♥ Monika

  5. You just made my day! Wonderful post about an amazing artist