Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Better Handmade Blog Ring Post #4 - Heart and Sow Designs

This week's Roastee is Gail, from Heart and Sow Designs out of Oklahoma.  No, I will NOT sing that song...unless Hugh Jackman is doing a duet with me. 

She's originally from So Cal. Lucky ducky...*I* nevah woulda move...well except maybe for the earthquakes...She's been a crafter for a long time...she looks young enough to have started crafting as soon as she zipped her egg shell...She's a Jill-of-all-Trades, like most of us are, but seems to have settled into her comfy niche of sewing things.

I like to sew...I just am not good at it...everything looks like Woodstock did it.

She has all sorts of neato sewn goodies from Turban/Headbands and Flower Clips, Scarves and Aprons, to Totes and Throws.

Her Headwrap/Turban/Headbands are very Gloria Swanson...Retro Red Turban Heaband Eco Friendly

Dang! I just dated myself badly...

Moving right along, then..ahem...
I LOVE this. I'm a big Paisley nut. AND it's in my fave colours of Olive, and Chocolate.  
Paisley headband

Her Aprons come in full, the ones that go around the neck and waist ones, that tie around the waist. She has them for us adults and for the kiddies too, cuz we all know how kids are when they "help"...
This is always appreciated:Denim Chef Apron  Kiss the Cook

And you don't have to just save them for the kitchen either. Working in the garden the pockets would hold twine, scissors and your phone. At a fair or a show, they can hold your money and receipts. I still have mine from Zany Brainy and use it at my shows.

I LOVE this one too...I KNOW noone would swipe it from me because it's bright Glorious ORANGE!!! I LOVE ORANGE!!!

Orange  ENERGY  Inspirational Lap Blanket
There needs to be an Orange Lady club like the Purple Lady Franchise...

I like BOTH of these! Decisions, decisions....Nah...won't pick...I'll show 'em both off.

Leopard Purse Tote with Fringe Tan BlackSnow Leopard Purse Tote with Pompoms

My sister is a giraffe nut so I would get this for her for Xmas. We share a taste for animal print. It's been sold...dang...but I should think that there might be a few bits left...nod wink.
Giraffe Fleece Scarf

Being a mom and having bouts of random dipstickery, I first looked at this shop name and was like Heart and Sow...mmm okay???  I was thinking:


So please forgive my dipstickery and enjoy seeing all the neat goodies in this shop.

You can find Gail and Heart and Sow Designs here:
She's also on FB and Twitter.


  1. sure are a fascinating my morning laughs again and DO appreciate all the wonderful handmade items from Heart and Sow....thank you♥♥♥♥

  2. I enjoy reading your articles. Keep em coming. Great write-up on Gail at Heartandsowdesigns.

  3. lo I was right there with you on the dipstickery! Great feature! Creative writing is not my forte! but seems to be yours!

  4. So glad I wasn't the only one, LisianBlue.