Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's Better Handmade Blog Ring Post-DaffyDill

This is my first Blog Ring Post for the It's Better Handmade Guild. It's featuring DaffyDill on ArtFire. She's from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. I've always wanted to visit seems so nice and deffo far from here on the East Coast.

She's got TONNES of shineys for us magpies to drool over, from bracelets and anklets to wire-wrapped stones, earrings and pendants.

The first thing that caught my eye was on the first page: Goldstone wrapped in Copper Wire. Deffo drool-worthy. Dontcha think?
Gold stone earrings, wire wrapped, copper, golden shimmer

I'm one of those nut jobs who LOVE orange and there isn't very many of us.  

I LOVE this Pendant also. More Copper Wire but with Dyed Blue/Green Agates. Mmm.
Copper wire wrapped weave pendant agates copper hand wire wrapped copper pendant
And it comes on a Velvet Necklace. I've never tried Wire Wrapping, but I know folks who do. Need to be a lot more coordinated than I am for sure.

I can picture wearing this next one with a classic white linen dress on your yacht sailing around the "Vinyahd" with Thurston Howell the Third and Lovie. hehe

Living and growing up on a beach makes you appreciate the ocean and we used to find Starfish alot. :(

This next item makes me wanna cha-cha with my Ford Focus, Xicohtencatl. She was made in Hermosilla, Mexico which is why she  has an Aztec name. Mexico has bright colours way back in her history and I ADORE Diego Rivera's murals. He'd deffo gift Frieda with this one:
Mexican art pendant, blue white necklace, agates, clay, beaded

DaffyDill has a blog which is found here:
Her Artfire shop is here:
She has an Etsy shop also, which has vintage goodies.


  1. I just had to come and check out your post for Daffydill. Excellent article and I love the pieces you chose to highlight. She is truly a fabulous artist.Thank you so much for supporting her with this write up.

  2. I love her art and most importantky to keep the landfills smaller by recycling...

  3. What wonderful picks and the fact that she reuses is just such a bonus. Thanks for showing off her talented work

  4. Love the article!! Amazing work from the artist!

  5. Great read. Thanks for sharing the work of this talented artisan.

  6. Thanks for blogging it's better handmade and I love blue and orange stuff too. Especially burnt orange (as in the lillies).