Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's Better Handmade Blog Ring Post #2-Pin and Tack

Well, here I am again with another IBH team mate. This shop is called Pin and Tack. 

Her name is Corrine and she resides in Medford, Oregon...not confusable with Meffa Massachusetts. ;)  She seems to be another magpie, making the mundane shiny so us fellow magpies have some more neat things to hoard and use.  

Case in point: 
Clothespins...yah, whatevah, ho-hum...I get it, but take a peek at THESE!!!White Black Distressed Clothes Pins Gold Glitter Wedding Banner Clip

White Black Distressed Clothes Pins Orange Glitter Banner Party Favor

She calls them "Party Favours" pshaw...I'd weather seal 'em, and use 'em for their true purpose...drawing those treacherous Yellow Jackets away from your undies when you hang 'em on the line.  

I can't remember how many times I got stung in the mornings...heckuva wake up call.  And it was ONLY me! pfft.

Her Party Favour/Clothespins also come in all these lovely colours and she can make you up batches of more or less and different colours.  You can use them as chip clips, place holders, to hold banners, even organizing yourself...

But wait!! There's more to her shop than just Yellow Jacket lures!

She also has Gem Covered Thumbtacks and Pushpins. 
These would be nice for my birthday...nodwink...Sapphire Square Thumb Tacks 10pcs - Cork Board Decor Party Favor
Lucky Dice Thumb Tacks 6pcs - Vegas Gambler Lady Luck

Ocean Micro Beads Thumb Tacks - Set of 10 - Shabby Chic Glamor
Aren't these just neato?!!

And she has things to appeal to us writers too: Corkboards and Chalkboards for those ideas that come to us when we are nowhere near paper. And look at these mini journals, perfect for the nightstand or to keep in the car.
Alice And Caterpillar Mini Journal - U Pick Color - Mini Scrapbook
Alice Plays Croquet Mini Journal - U Pick Color - Mini Scrapbook
I LOVE both of birthday's coming folks...hint hint.

In addition, she has cards with envelopes, candles, tags, gift wrap, magnets, and other goodies. Come on and check her shop out.

You can find her here at: WITH a contest going, so check it out.
Her Blog is here:
She's got some tutorials on that...
She's also has another blog here:
She's on Twitter:!/craftymooncrab
And FaceBook:


  1. Cant say it enough....I love her "stuff"...right up my alley....♥♥

  2. Her work is so much fun...much better than boring tacks and pins! Love it!

  3. Thank you for featuring me on your blog! I like your humor :)


    PS - Win handmade goodies AND promote yourself here:
    Just link your entry to your shop or blog :)