Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Better Handmade Blog Ring Post #8 - Wyvern Designs

This week's victim is a fellow BayStater! W00t!! Think I'm a bit State-centric? hehehe. She hails from Auburn, which is way way way northwest of me, out by Woostah.
File:Auburn ma highlight.png

She's also a Pagan, as am I. We don't bite and we throw the best pahties 8 times a year.

Dear Wyvern is a Jill of all trades. She paints, works with Polymer Clay, knits, crochets, and makes jewelry and house stuff too...

Off we go to see some wicked pissah (New England Speak for really cool) goodies in her shop.

Oh boy oh boy...the first things I see are ORANGE!!! W00H00! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Orange!!!
Tangelo Orange Bulls Eye Dangle EarringsTangelo Orange Dangle Earrings

Utoh she's got Flamingos and a Crow too... I'm a bit of a bird brain myself...
Pink Flamingo Earrings Hand  Made in USARaven Pendant   Made in USA

These are really neato in her supply department: You can NEVAH have too many Scarabs...or Wolves either.
Howling Wolf CharmEgyptian Scarab Beads  Hand Made

She makes very intricate and interesting greeting cards too.

Boxing Gloves Breast Cancer Awareness Greeting Card
Youre Hot Valentine Day Greeting Card

She sends them in puffy envelopes so the "Post Orifice" doesn't squish em or otherwise wreck them. Good idea...They can manage to mangle magazines...pfft.

I love her Rune Bracelets too. This one's for guys:
Rune Bracelet Mens

She has some SteamPunk and some Pagan-y goodies too.  A very neat and cool shop to take a wander through...I hope some of our Team Mates will take the time and have a peek.

Wyvern can be found here on Artfire:
On Twitter:
And on BlogSpot:

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  1. Another beautifully written article highlighting this multi-talented artisan. Good job.