Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's Better Handmade Blog Ring Post #9 - CatyAnn

This is our last victim...sigh...I've enjoyed getting to know my team mates and checking out all the shineys. Her name is Cathy and she lives in NW Ohio! A BuckEye, if I remember correctly. My cousin went to Ohio State.

This is SOO Springy looking.  Look at the details in the glass flowers!  The flat disks remind me of Caramel Bulls Eyes. mmm.
Lollipops and Daisies Necklace

This is just dreamy! Look at that Focal...Love the deep green. And  it's got Orange!!
Village Green Necklace - N028
She's got matching/complementary earrings for both of those necklaces. I like to do that too. And a bracelet for the yellow lollipop one you can be completely stylin'.

These are very rich looking especially as we head for fall. 

Amber Drops - E085Cream Puff Earrings - E023

This bracelet is a could wear that to see the Queen or the President whilst carrying your Chanel bag.
Red Hot Golden Charm Bracelet - N054

She also has things to showcase your new bling...Gods, I dislike that word. They're made of old picture frames and have screen to hang your goodies...what a great idea! Wish I had thought of it. ;)

On another note, she's a Breast Cancer survivor...
Can I hear some applause from our audience?!
Damn Straight! It's a HUGE accomplishment. Two women from my son's grade school died from it, another friend's sister has it and my hubby's aunt had it.
She has some charms in her shop for that too.
Pink Hope for a Cure Purse Charm P007 4-5Pink Hearts of Hope Breast Cancer Awareness Charm PC006 4-5

She can be found here on Artfire:
On Wordpress:
On Blogspot:


  1. Another great article from Howling Caterpillars. Love your picks from Cathy's shop.
    Am loudly applauding.

  2. Love your posts! Thanks for the great promo. And I am now a FIVE YEAR survivor!! Woot-Woot!!!