Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Tsunali (Friends in Cherokee)

This post is for my new, as of last November-ish friends. They say that Like calls to Like and Birds of a Feather and all that...but these people have become even more than friends. They are more of a family...

Last November there was a thread started on the Etsy promo section. A lovely lady who's known as Jstinson there posted this:
"President Obama has declared November to be National Native American Month and November 29 to be National Native American Day."

Sirocco was the first person that she promoted. He does wonderful work with beads and Turquoise. The next person she promoted to bump the thread was herself and her gorgeous beadwork. It rather snowballed from there.

Joni had expected just to have a month where the Native Americans on Etsy, and there's a BUNCH of em to let you know, could promote their items. I came in about page 400 of the first thread...and now we're about halfway through our SIXTH thread.

As we show off our goodies, we've showed off others' goodies too and they've joined in too. We have a core group of a dozen or so that bring kawi (Cherokee for coffee) and eats to our virtual campfire. We have a story time at 8PM-ish Indian Standard Time on Wednesday nights and a Roast of one of our friends every last Thursday of the month.

Some of us lucky folks have gotten to meet each other. That's one of my aims for next summer. I have two tsunali that live in New England. We talk about our families, our pets, our joys and sorrows. Many of us may never meet face to face and we may not all be Native American...but believe me, we walk the Pollen Path/Red Road together and it is all osda.


  1. What a nice Tribute to the NAT thread....

    This is a family ......

  2. Although I was not able to distinguish the print in yellow, it is an excellent synopsis of who we are.... and now you have made us famous.....I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille.


  3. I fixed it Victoria. That's one of my niece's names.

  4. HC....
    Great that you are getting a head start on our November events! The forum thread is a wonderful group. One does not to be Native to participate. Just enjoy and respect our culture and you will be most warmly welcomed there.
    Mvto and Wado (Thank you in Creek and Cherokee)

  5. wonderful promotion of our thread. Great Job.


  6. Very Cool!....& you're right - we are family.

  7. Thank you... Now I can read that paragraph