Friday, October 22, 2010

More of my Tsunali

JStinson is also known as Joni. She's part Cherokee and Creekand is an enrolled member of the Muskogee Creek Nation. This is her shop on Etsy:
Lotsa eye candy to be drooled over in there.
And she has a blog also.
Where you can see that she's a beautiful outside as she is on the inside.

If Joni is our Mother, then KickingBear is our Father.
He's teaching us the Western dialect of Tsalagi (Cherokee) which we've been soaking up like sponges with pretty good results.

He's also an excellent artist (but don't let Coastal Artist know I said that) One of my favourite goodies in his shop is the Corn Necklace. It represents the Trail of Tears.

Some of my closest buddies in no particular order are:

ClayDancerdesigns who lives in my lovely State of Massachusetts. This is one of my faves from her shop:

Sagehealer who has recently moved cross country. I have this goodie from her shop. Eagle/Hawk is one of my totems.

Brie aka barbie777 She makes these wonderful People:

CandyThomasGourdArts Her gourds are to die for!

SpiritBearCreations. You cannot die until you've had her Leckerlii!

PromisesPromises. She makes the sweetest horses. This one is too me.

FortheBrand. Gorgeous jewelry like this one:

NativeBeads. She WROTE this book. I am jealous.

There's also:

AnimalsandIcons, rekamepip, dalerocks, nikonman, whitebuffalo, sirocco, taxco, timberlineltd, cabinwindow, and many others. There's even some new friends like Vikotas, 4directions, beading4you, handyann, NightOwlMarket.

All of these fine folks and many more will be honouring their ancestors and our campfire family this November 1-21, Native American Month.

There will be sales and promotions and prizes galore.

So pull up a log, wrap up in your Pendelton blankets, toss some branches on the fire, have some frybread and have lots of fun with us...


  1. Cozy fire, warm and friends; Couldn't ask for more


  2. are too kind! It has been such a thrill for me to see something I never considered to live on past November, 09 do so.
    Thanks to all of our tsunali who have made that possible.