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Blahblah blah...playing catchup again...
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It's been a strange sorta month...but then again it's March in New England. I've had trouble with my back too. My hips keep going in and out of the joint...they're not supposed to...but they're not listening. I even had to call into work because I couldn't even stand up.
Busy little bumble bee I've been...
I worked M-F for two weeks in a row..talk about rolling in the dough...
BUT on the other hand, I had nothing made for Chickenstock and I really wanted to go...I tried making some pendants and incinerated the lot...dammit!!!
The inlaw visit went okay. My MIL complained and I told her about Val and all her problems and that she STILL runs a horse farm/stable...and she wanted to know how she managed...I said that she work through it every day because that's what keeps her going...If she had some sort of hobby, she'd be better off but neither of them have any interests.

We had to tell my FIL ONCE again how to get his mail. Ernie changed the icon this time to a big honking envelope and if he can't find it now FORGET IT!!! We gave them a GPS for the car so that they can get back home from wherever they are and if FIL gets lost again. About a month ago, they were out running errands and he forgot how to get home... I can't even imagine. So we have their home address, ours, Magda, Kathy and John, and Aunt Jenny and Cousin George, Demoulas (two of them) Costco and another place...it's getting very scary...
Pretty soon, I'm gonna hafta go over there and drive them to all their doctor's appointments, to the market and stuff...But it's gonna be safer that way. Every Tuesday, they drive up to New Hampshire to a mall and every Tuesday on the news there's a story about some old person who's caused an accident...

Lunch was sandwiches. BLT's actually...if you could call that incinerated meat product bacon...it looked like it was at Ground Zero in Hiroshima...sigh...and I was looking forward to bacon...But I gamely ate it anyways. Tonight is hotdogs...AND I have a can of chili...so I might do chili dogs for me...
I found out the bunny that we've been taking care of in our store after her "owner" dropped her off died over the weekend. Poor baby. But Oreo's better off. I had a dream that she was dying and I told her to just go...sniffle.

It's not been a good clothing week for me. The bra I wear most for work all the hooks broke...and my favourite pair of Arizona Jean Company Olive Cargo pants, ripped today...I can't fix em either...

So I went to Kohls and bought two pairs of Zip Off cargos for $14 each and a bra for $22...sheesh. When the heck did BRAS get so expensive? It was originally $34.99, but dang! I can't even be cheap with my size...
I worked...Jiminy, another one of the rats was being a brat and trying to escape...but he let me hold him for a couple of minutes. I played with the ferret and she's just gotten so good, it's like a completely different animal since last week. I cleaned the mice again. One male was doing a barrel roll, so I had Justin set him up in a cage out back. He's not long for this world...poor dear.

One of the managers is going on vacation next week...to Poland! I wanna go!!

We have to pick Mike up at school at quarter of 4 because Danielle is taking tennis lessons...shrug...then we'll take them both over to her mother's house and pick him up around 8:30. After we drop him off, we're going to the market because it's near there.

I had a good time with one of the ferrets. She was so happy to have someone play with her. Justin really likes them and so doesn't Sarah. The last couple of bunches have been downright shitheads, shredding and chewing you to bits for fun.
But the girl one we had seemed like she had grown up alot. She was playing and making all sorts of happy noises attacking my shoes. The next day she got under one of the shelves and found a rubber ball and that was fun for her too. Until I lost her...I was like WTF could she have gone...well she had made it all the way to the cookie bar and was underneath. So I locked her in and finished cleaning her habitat.
Mike's friend Kevin has to move out of the place he and his mom's been living by April 3rd. Wouldn't it have made more sense to have them wait until school ended in June?
Spring is officially here. I have crocuses croaking and Dairy Queen is open. Yays!
Unfortunately, I've been fighting off the flu for a week or so. I had the body aches and chills, blech. Now that I feel a tiny bit better, my allergies are acting up.
We went and said goodbye to Kevin on Saturday. That was sad. He's a nice kid. Mike bought his set of Samurai Swords because Kevin was selling them.
I'm up to 4 playlists on Playlist.com Holy shit! Well I guess it could be worse...
Back on Etsy, I've listed some DreamWebs and other things. I've even traded and sold some destash stuff. Still have plenty. LOL
I'm also involved in a couple of threads:
Psychics on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6078044
Psychics-Mediums: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6019381
GhostWhispering: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6098936
A Ghost is Calling Me: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6100081
AND I snagged a Treasury West for POEST this morning:

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