Thursday, February 12, 2009

Workety Work

I've been working everyday this week...Holy sheepdip Batman..I'm tired!!! I don't remember the last time I worked 5 days in a row...
Monday was a typical shit-ass day.
I got to work as normal and sat and listened to Men from Maine on ROR. Then I start to go in and the door's still locked. I check my watch and it's already 7:30. There's another kid there, Justin. He looks like a Viking. You don't know how small your car is until you have someone who's the size of a linebacker in her...LOL He had been there since 7 and the manager was late. So we sat in Xicoh until the manager came which was 20 of 8!
So I start to do the small critters. I'm on the evil Dwarf hamsters and she pages me to the front. Can you get a box and put the finches in it? UHoh! Finches and I donot get along well. MOFO's were always escaping at Hanover on me...but I give it the old college try. I put my sweatshirt in and snag one. The other is hieing off for parts unknown...bastage! I put the one I have in the box. So we try catching the other one...nope. Stewart, who looks like he could fit right in with System, and is the tallest one in the store is trying to get the little shit. No dice.
So I go back to cleaning the evil. Then I hear thud and clunk...oh Snap! I KNOW that sound too well. I have bird feeders at home so I know when I bird has gone into a window...
I call Amanda the manager and tell her that I have one...but it's not the one that was loose...The asshat let the friggin one that I caught out! He told me that the box was ripped. It wasn't when I put her in...THEN he has the absolute BALLS to say that *I* killed his bird! WTF? I was on the stepstool, nowhere near her when she flew into the window. Poor birdie is upside down with her wings and head hanging in the cage and her feet in the air...So I get her and put her back in the box and the guy is STILL saying I killed her...OMG! She's laying on her side, but she's still breathing. I put her on a shelf so I can keep an eye on her. I heard skittering sounds about 15 minutes later and she's hopping around the box...I take the box and find Amanda and Stewart still trying to catch the other one. They finally did later on.
She wound up returning the escapee and the cage and sending him on his way back to the Needham store where he bought them with the one in the box.
Late on, he came BACK and returned a friggin canary too!!!
He said the birds were annoying...grrr...HE was annoying.

Tuesday went pretty smoothly. Thank the Gods...I even managed to leave 15 minutes early.

Wednesday was alright. We were having a visit from our DM and Amanda was freaking out. It seems that my OLD manager, Durwood, can do no wrong, but she can't do anything right...and she's always doing things in the store. We're like the bastard child of the district...we got a remodel which sucked. We were supposed to get new habitats. Didn't get em. Then they say that we need to have more blah blah blah...We don't have an assistant to help out. Some of the workers don't give a shit either. I, unfortunately she vented to me for like a half an hour...and I said basically that's why I'm NOT a manager...

Today went okay too. One more day this week. We got female piggies, one SH male hammy, one each on Lg Rats, some medium male Rats. I put 3 that were bigger up there too because they've been there for a while and aren't small anymore. Got more mice too...
I guess I'll be seeing Justin more because he's opening I guess Steve has girl is out having rotator cuff surgery.
Justin comes out of the bird room and I just KNOW what happened. He's like fucking finch got out...I burst out laughing because it used to happen to me all the damned time!! We finally snagged the little dipstick...

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