Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nano 2011

I sorta started a bit ahead. Not really cheating, but not in line with all the rules. I only did because I KNEW that I was going to be a mess after the surgery, which is another post for another day...

This story I based on my walks in Pond Meadow Park and my friend, Mr. Joe, and the critters I'd see and what might happen if there was an entrance to the Land of the Fae there.

I LOVE urban fantasy, especially Charles DeLint and Jim Butcher.

I've read almost ALL of Charles DeLint's older stories except for the Fair at Emain Macha and the Riddle of the Wren, but I'll find em somehow and be able to enjoy them.
He's a very prolific writer as you can see.

Jim Butcher, only two words apply here, Harry Dresden...My SIL got me interested in him and Sookie Stackhouse. DS even did his Halloween costume as Harry Dresden, and it was AWESOME!!! He did a really pissah job on it.
Notice the resemblence?

He even made his own staff and shield bracelet:

He was trying for a good mix between TV Harry and Book Harry and did it almost all by himself. He asked for advice a couple of times and I was able to do it. Don't tell him, but I'm proud of the work he put into it and how it came out.

Now, where was I? I can only blame that informative tangent on the Oxy's...hehe.

I really LOVE walking Pond Meadow. I'd see all sortsa birdies, chipmunks all over, squirrels,both grey and red (which I didn't even know that we had)
I've even seen a Green Heron once and flushed a regular one from it's nest...Talk about a pterodactyl looking beastie with that wingspan...Yikes. And I can't forget to mention the battery sucking Great Blue didn't matter if I had just put batteries in the camera, as soon as I tried to snap a picture of the SOB, the batteries were dead...

We also have Swans, Canada Geese, Mallard Ducks, Snapping Turtles (I think the one that almost got DS is gone by now; he was old and huge THEN) Eastern Painted Turtles, and Red Eared Sliders. I've also seen Ribbon/Garter snakes, and there's some sorta fish in the actual pond, prolly like carp or some such.

I'll hafta write more tomorrow...I hurt too much right now...

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